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  3. That is your problem i was talking about how you are more likely to find money when you are in the moment and conscious of your environment I gave the example of finding a purse while looking in the gutter At the time any average Australian kid would have returned the purse intact because that was the almost universal morality of the time. There was nothing heroic about it. However i was struck by the sheer joy on the woman's face when she got her money back. This affected me in the future and, unless a reader understands just how much money that t was in real terms, they might not appreciate what a big deal it was. Imagine a young person today finding a wallet with $700 in it and no witnesses to the find. Some would still return it without hesitation, but many no longer would.
  4. My special talent is avoiding dangerous situations altogether. Being raised in a bar, I can smell trouble a mile away. I can't tell you how many times I've told my husband we need to leave, for no discernible reason, and all hell breaks loose soon afterwards. A police raid or major brawl within thirty minutes after leaving. He no longer questions me.
  5. well would you kiss this erm.... woman? yes....its a woman
  6. BTW, Commodus, welcome to UM! I probably wouldn't have joked about your post if I'd noticed you're a newbie - I consider that to be bad form. It was a low, slow ball just begging to be swatted, though! As I read the first few sentences, all I could think of was that it was a gag and you were personalizing the plot from The Bourne Identity...
  7. Well we will just have to see which one of you is Battier. jmccr8
  8. You answered your own query there. No dude, you're not a closet ninja with hidden super-human combat abilities.
  9. Dratt ... I missed the memo again ... ~
  10. No, not possible. I'm Batman!
  11. Except Jerusalem was acquired through the act of war, which makes any claim to it inadmissible in international law. It's not their land. Only one country in the world has recognised the claim, and this was done for political reasons and condemned worldwide.
  12. Hey, that's just sexist! Ew!
  13. Being a political hack - for either party - is one's own business unless they try to appear reasonable and unbiased while engaging in said hackery. Every reasonable person on this site knows that if Herr Mueller or Rosenstein or any other person in the chain decided to write a report of exoneration several months prior to the end of the current investigation, you and Farmer would need counseling just so you could climb down from the ledge
  14. Actually all I could gather from that might as well be you claiming to be the Batman and the Character Bruce Wayne was actually loosely based on your life story as a vigilante crime fighter returning a lost wallet to its rightful owner ... ~
  15. I don't mind my hairy lips, arms and legs just don't find them overly attractive on women. jmccr8
  16. I told you, Ruby, you can have all of ours in Chicago. But I can't find my stamps for postage, so yo'll have to come here and collect it. You can borrow my snow shovel. Just take all of it.
  17. What do you have against hairy lips? And arms? And probably legs? And...never mind.
  18. I'm glad to hear it's been working out. I've been wondering.
  19. The Northern Phoenix has his hat on backwards and a Cygnus hanging out of his mouth. Harte
  20. You'd be surprised. I love pens, the fancier the better. And Shadow's pens are beautiful.
  21. Please READ my posts more carefully I said the modern equivalent of about 500 dollars in it ie it contained a weeks salary for an office assistant of the time (probably about 10 -15 pounds ) The modern equivalent of this is about Aus $500 dollars (actually probably more now) I just checked and it would be a bit less than $700 this year Perhaps i used the wrong expression, but clearly the sum was so wrong for the fifties, that a reader should have known what i was saying. I was making the point that this woman had lost her whole take home weeks salary and what that would be in modern terms An Australian reader would have picked it up because we used pounds until 1966 and only converted to dollars then. I didn't think some readers would have understood the value of 10 or 20 pounds in the late fifties early sixties So, in the modern equivalent (2017) , i found and returned 700 dollars, which explains why she was so happy
  22. Good to hear. I briefly ran a children's program at church every Wednesday, so I know how it can be.
  23. I survived the Camden, New Jersey school system then the Southwoods State Prison Gang Max. I don't remember what I did but it had to be right. I'm here.
  24. Banned for that's sacrilegious.
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