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  2. He's looking for a golden age, from the darkest source there is.
  3. This should be fun ... ~ [00.01:34] ~
  4. tcgram

    Feeling mellow and blessed today.  :)  


  5. Yes DNA does degrade completely by that time due to environmental factors (read Allentoft et al. 2012). Amber does not actually provide any preservational advantages for DNA and it degrades even more quickly than in bone. Copal (resin that is not fully fossilized into amber) with insect inclusions that was less than 60 years old was tested in Penney et al. (2013), which failed to find any DNA in a sample even that young.
  6. STILL WAITING AREA 201 Whats up? Is is that YOU KNOW I will debunk your images?
  7. Why are you so hostile? What do you mean adult themes? I don't see any adult themes on those sites. Maybe your getting advertisements from what you were looking at.
  8. Again, brings the question: why do you need God?
  9. What are the legal implications? Why would a digital trip be legal when a chemical one isn't?
  10. Haven't occurred to you that I've already read that? Are you imagining yourself as some kind of sole info bringer? What a pompous schmuck. Any signed papers on "not to advance East"? Well, we have signed paper by Russia on Budapest treaty. The only one thing you got right is bolded one. West should had stopped imperialistic Russian thoughts right in 2008, when Russkies advanced on Georgia. BTW, NATO knocking down Bosphorus would render Russian South fleet playing Marco-Polo in Black sea...
  11. Where did you get my picture from (2nd pic)?! And I'm not even wearing my red and black makeup. Not happy!!!
  12. Did you know you CANNOT link to articles that have "adult themes".... scroll down on your top link.....mind you, it shows the type of trash you read doesnt it?
  13. Not unless you go to the Actual Source Itself. I mean, have you tried to create a real time, constant communion with God? Perhaps then your thirst for knowledge will be satisfied?
  14. how cool. using technology to disrupt the illegal drug trade.
  15. An opportune time to revisit an old tune ... ~ [00.03:54] ~
  16. Sure no problem and good point:
  17. Xeno: A similar thins when there are waves of ghost movies and tv shows. Seems like paranormal claims spike on UM. I need data on this bit. Do you have the figures?
  18. Because I want to elivate myself out of ignorance and away from all the unnecessary suffering that follows like a shadow. Why do you care?
  19. My name isnt google, and Im not a search engine....dont be it for yourself
  21. Well it wont be for a lack of trying.
  22. still waiting for the link/source where this image comes from
  23. Free will. Instead of shifting the blame onto God, humanity should try taking responcibility for their own actions. We might start to solve a few more problems! We are made in His image. Yes, we have Life and Consciousness.
  24. You miss the point of backing up claims. I will ask again. I was hoping you could provide me a reference of UFO sightings from 1940 (or whatever the new date you have set is) to when the shows aired (or articles).., so I can see the correlation.
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