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  2. As far as I know there are 3 truths eekers active on this forum. I say the more the merrier! I'm not not sure Jehova and his angelic mafia appreciate that though!
  3. I fast forwarded the vid to see that part. It was what appeared to be a tomb cut in rock, the face of which had later been repurposed in the 4th Dynasty and afterward. The statement was made that maybe it was a sunken palace. I certainly saw no such thing in the vid, but the excuse is (apparently) quarrying. Looked to me more like the rock face of a quarry that had been cut into the bedrock below the tomb, making the tomb appear high up (maybe ten meters) on a rock face. There was a wall attached to the rock that had been built later. The tomb wasn't "discovered" by Reader. He presented an old tomb that predated the sphinx, that's all. It's not like it wasn't already known. I've read Reader's ideas. I don't have a quarrel with the guy. He asserts the sphinx is a few hundred years older than the consensus date. He could be right. But it still doesn't explain the angle on the southern wall of the enclosure. The vid also had a guy drawing a lion over the sphinx, trying to see if the explanation of the too-long body is the fissure just in front of the rear haunches. His drawing showed that - put to scale - a lion's body matching the head size would have that fissure right up next to the rump of the statue. This I already knew, and I've always thought it was obvious that the fissure can (and probably does) explain the too long body. Yet this guy just said he's sure the AEs could have patched that up. That's all I watched. Probably there were other, less ignoble, parts. Harte
  4. It's important with discoveries like these to look at scientific articles rather that sensationalist journalism. So, what is the paper actually arguing? Here's the abstract with certain parts highlighted: So basically, the authors are contending that one of the two teeth has some similarities with hominin teeth, and wonder if there may be a relation. That's it. No claims that these are hominins or that they're definitively related to hominins. Now, let's consider what we already know about human evolution. Hominins are defined by bipedalism--we can't classify remains as a hominin unless they show definitive evidence for bipedalism, which usually requires postcranial remains (though sometimes an argument can be made based on the foramen magnum of intact skulls). Genetics tells us that humans are very closely related to chimpanzees and bonobos, and that we share a common ancestor with them, who logically would have lived in Africa. Estimates from the genetic clock (which isn't very accurate, but is still worth mentioning) put the most recent common ancestor between us and chimps somewhere around 5-7 million years ago. So if these teeth come from a human ancestor, then it must have migrated into Africa and was the ancestor to both chimps and humans. Of course, the most likely explanation for these teeth is convergent evolution--this ape happened to develop some features that developed independently in hominins later on.
  5. Right now I am wearing a T-shirt that is older than you are.
  6. Looks like while I was gone, the beast with a thousand tongues emerged from it's den atop Uluru.
  7. Lol I hand out the real stuff lol. Jacks anyone
  8. Ah yes it may seem that way but it is an imaginary brick wall. jmccr8
  9. But it's Saturday night! Why's everyone so listless? We should be partying. Ruby, come on, hand out the Fosters.
  10. As a 23 year old I always find it kind of amusing when older people say things like today's youth are crazy and society is falling apart. But I'm sure when I get old I'll feel the same way about the youngsters
  11. A lot of it is suggestion. It's kind of like all of the people who fall down when a televangelist touches their foreheads. They may really be feeling a jolt that knocks them over, but is it the Holy Spirit? I would posit that if the Holy Spirit actually existed, it would have better things to do. I do think that sometimes people under extreme circumstances can actually produce phenomena, but I think it's rare and unruly. If it does occur, it's a symptom that things are out of balance.
  12. Slack... Well, you know. Sleep well.
  13. I dunno, i have seen alot of folks keep running into the same brick wall face first hoping for a better outcome. Maybe we should outlaw sweet talk!!
  14. Lol I do, mine and the I had one for the dogs. Dog one was because a lot of people on my friends list I know from a just for fun dog website
  15. Lol that’s what inbox is for
  16. That's why you need two accounts.
  17. They’re so cute
  18. That's a good idea. I just put it on mine.
  19. Do it. Just don't post it to my wall, my mother sees that.
  20. I just love this. I want to cover myself in kittens!
  21. This really does work. In our Egyptian exhibit we have a modest-sized pond from which grow living papyrus plants. In the water are teeny-tiny fish, just minnows. I used to be able to shine my laser into the water and watch the little fish chase it around. Ostensibly this was to entertain little kids...but, really, it amused me. Most of the poor fish have died off now.
  22. Lol, I get tempted to send you the non um ok ones
  23. Ugh. It's been a long day, I'm goin to bed. Night yall.
  24. Lol, that ones goin on facebook tonight.
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