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  2. Hey, what happened to my edit? It's "Singh"
  3. This is a joke, yeah? Fox still haven't acknowledged that they ran with 'fraud' in their headline as an attempt to discredit one of Moore's attackers. You can't even argue that this was a mistake, either - it was used in the same article that was about the independent verification of Moore's hand-writing - it was pure propaganda. And the last I looked other right wing establishments were still using the word.
  4. Nuclear Wessel

    Gotta love putting a ridiculous amount of work into a project only to receive a 50% on it. Actually ridiculously p***ed the **** off right now.

  5. I'd agree with much of that, ExpandMyMind, but I'd take issue with the last bit. Consider that ISIS probably represent (currently) the most virulent and fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. But even THEY, when listing the reasons they want to kill us, put "intervention" as the very last reason. They also stated that even if we withdrew all troops and stopped ALL interference (including diplomacy, or even the presence of an ambassador, or ANYTHING that could 'intrude' on their Islamic Spaces), they would STILL hate us, specifically, explicitly and precisely because we where not Muslim. So I think this "intervention" meme is a red herring at the end of a blind alley.
  6. Yes I know the Math for this and large companies in the Artificial Intelligence Sector as well as Academic still do not fully understand. Until AI is mathematically understood correctly (there is a missing link so to speak) - then man can understand why limiting and custom tailoring the genome is a BAD idea. I don’t need to get used to anything. You probably thought Trump would never get elected in the US and he did - defying all odds - so I would say to you, get used to it. God Bless!
  7. I had it happen twice in 1 thread. I ended up referred to UFOs as "the remaining 10% of unexplained cases" . I'm guessing that would be the standard for the Airforce, NICAP or MUFON. They would receive UFO reports (UFO defined by the witness).., but if they determined it was a star for example.., then it would be a solved (IFO) But NICAP/MUFON/USAF, would still have the remaining cases of advanced flying machines that are unsolved (UFO).., so for them UFOs are unsolved objects reported, that look like advanced flying aircraft. (metallic/polished metal, sometimes glowing or with lights, the size of cars or planes.., with no sound, exhaust, fuselage.., an object that does not stay stationary like a star, or move too rapid like a meteorite, does not fly like a bird, float like a balloon going with wind, does not fly or sound like planes, jets or helicopters, is not slow like a drone, and moves faster than anything man-made etc..). I guess we cannot adopt this "UFO list" approach.., because as soon as a new member comes asking for advice about a UFO picture they took.., they would be barraged with comments saying "Its not a UFO" There will always be the personal meaning of the word.
  8. I wonder what sort of "citizens" the table refers to ? "citizens throwing firebombs at security forces", "citizens shot in the process of killing Israeli's", or "Militants with bombs". "Minors killed whilst participating in riots, surrounded by adults throwing firebombs", and so forth ? Bear in mind that the Palestinian statistical authorities classify suicide bombers as "civilians killed by Israel"... or have been caught doing so in the past. So I'd be interested to know how Btsalem got those figures Perhaps you could give me some statistics for Israeli' soldiers (or citizens) deliberately trying to firebomb a mosque full of uninvolved civilians, in a foreign country ? Also, see Whataboutism
  9. The Planet will be destroyed while humans live here, just not due to natural laws. The paths mankind take are not unknown nor are they new. History is not bound to this planet alone. God Bless!
  10. Genetic engineering - It's here and it's the future so get used to it. If it's all in the math then you must clearly have done said math to know this. If so then why do we need artificial intelligence to show us why?
  11. Nice to know that bugs bugged dinos as they do us.
  12. A photo of an Australian police officer encountering a python has drawn a large reaction on social media. The officer and his partner were on a night patrol in northern Queensland when they came across the "monster" scrub python on a road, police said. Spotting an opportunity, the officers snapped a picture with the reptile.
  13. This is probably among the best threads I've read on UM. It's just so out there, but also really well written.
  14. I imagine they're probably a tad preoccupied (not pun intended) with the killing of their own citizens: Wouldn't you agree?
  15. They were favoured back then (and possibly even now) due to the perceived incompetence of the PLO, PA and Fatah. The reason for Hamas' rise is quite complicated and it's the peak of an escalation of support for violence against Israel. Remember, for decades after '67 the Palestinian protest was almost entirely non-violent - but you should check out the statistics on the violence Israel regularly employed in response to such protest. It was the correct view that that was getting them nowhere that led to escalating violence and the rise of fundamentalist Islamic groups. The Palestinian people aren't inherently violent (or fundamentalist. They are far closer to the secular Syrians than any other Arab people), and, like the Israelis, most just want to live their lives in peace and safety. But there's only so long you can keep kicking a man already on his knees before he fights back. My point about Sharia was that it's not as extreme an adoption of Islamic Law as other countries in the region, and it only came as a result of Hamas' rise. I truly believe that it'll die away once Hamas aren't in the picture. I actually believe that within 100 years Islamic law and the fundamentalist views of extremists will be almost entirely gone from Arab culture. You can already see the signs. If you look at western culture 150 years ago, you can see that many of the same laws and punishments existed for Christians (and still do in some places and cultures). Modernisation will come to all eventually - barring some sort of worldwide catastrophe - and Arabs have had various periods of enlightenment (one main one in particular), before war and destruction put them backwards again, so we know it can happen. I think the main obstacle for this though is foreign intervention. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism and jihad is a direct result of Western intervention in the region (not to mention the Russian war in Afghanistan). There is a clear cause and effect. Without this, they lose their most powerful recruitment tool.
  16. Odd isn't it that all these recent 'factual errors' have only gone in one direction?
  17. Er no. What's happening there then?
  18. Er ..... I'll pass on all of that, thanks. But a pint of Baileys would be nice.
  19. Well, that’s pretty easy. Do you have evidence that a “god” did…? The answer is no, or people would have brought that forth long ago. Another way to look at things: archeology has dated the existence of the first humans back to about 300,000 years ago. Claims made in the bible show intervention by a “god” back around 2,000 or so years ago. So that begs the question as to why did “he” choose to make a showing at that time? What about the other 298,000 years….? No doubt there were plenty of human struggles/issues/sins etc during that period that would have required a "godly" intervention. That’s a helluva lot of time to sit idly by up in his throne and do nothing............ So I’d say that if the Bible is proof of God, then Action comics #1 must be proof of Superman.
  20. Barring the double negative you wouldn't be the first to do so. Apart from altering the weight of the person what affect do you think they are having? I don't think you can force belief on a person and that belief be effectual. You can convince someone to believe but that isn't forcing them. The following tells you all you need to know about the protective power of Black Tourmaline: Whilst the quality can sometimes be poor I've always found Skype to be a more effective method of long distance communication than magic crystals & psychic powers. I also believe Skype to be unaffected by Black Tourmaline.
  21. London's Euston station will be turned into a shelter for the homeless on Christmas Day. The station concourse will be filled with decorations and tables set for a festive dinner on 25 December. Rail workers and charity staff will serve food to 200 rough sleepers invited to the event. About 30 volunteers from Network Rail will work alongside charity St Mungo's and Streets Kitchen to provide "some festive cheer".
  22. What research lead to you conclude a UFO nut is an expert in cryptocurrency? The video says the programming shows inhuman programming skills.. yet it uses cryptographic methods invented by humans.
  23. Yep not in Human lifetime, but why it's always all about human ?
  24. What are your views about Israel and the apocalypse? I think he's the grounds-keeper.
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