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  2. It's a hypothetical discussion on outlawing faith. If it was just a discussion on faith I'd agree. Those permutations have become endless only since we strayed from topic.
  3. It comes from a passion for debate combined with a love for the medium. The virtual world allows opportunity for discussion with people I would never usually meet.
  4. Well, this is plain wrong. Either there is an agenda, or the Town's legal department has made a serious mistake. It is illegal in Texas for a state institution to engage in BDS against Israel. However, these applications are for individual people to get grants to repair damage etc arising from the Hurricanes. To attempt to comply them to forego personal BDS protests is a HUGE violation of the Constitution. Curiously, nobody has found a way to blame this on Donald Trump yet... but.... early days
  5. Ok, I probably ignored your point here because the thread is not actually going in that direction. Moving on... I totally agree and critical thinking was taught in school here and I'm sure it still is today i just is not what we are trying to talk about in this thread. i.e. indoctrination is not critical thinking. From my point of view you simply framed yourself as a victim; as if I have to pander to your whims after such a stunt.
  6. Hi Sherapy. Personally I nurture faith by putting it to the test, or applying certain ideas and strongly held beliefs anytime I find myself facing a tough decision or a difficult moment. Or seeing what transpires when I lack the moral fortitude. So my belief systems are being reinforced and redifined and fine tuned almost constantly, yet there are a few ideals that are fundimental. The belief and faith in Love and Freedom for example are in my opinion crucial for humanities evolution. As for uncertainty, the unknown and the unanswerable, I guess these are the mysteries of life. We can look at these with fearful eyes or we can rise to the challenge! Personally I like to play this game with as much skill and verve, love and laughter as possible, setting a new "personal best" whenever possible. One level of attainment simple becomes the foundation for our next build. And it is OUR build.
  7. Manfred von Dreidecker

    “No one could fail to be moved by the pain on your face at that moment [of the inauguration of Trump] … Do you remember how visceral it was for you?”

  8. What is the punishment for apostasy?
  9. And if Kelly had called her “that woman” she’d be decrying his sexism. Congratulations madam, you are now the person who cried wolf. Irrespective of anything that really happened, you’ve gone and given the detractors everything they need to ignore you.
  10. No it is complete truth. it is physically impossible for something to react before it is stimulated. We might argue about the nature of the stimulation or the nature of the brain's subconscious compared with conscious response times, but it is impossible to react to something you are unaware of LOl ^6 years caring for two people 24/7 with increasing dementia until the y could not even eat unassisted (technically alzheimer's but still classed as a form of dementia) until both died at home with us And during that time a LOT of intensive study on the causes effects and ways to manage the disease. You have just described both my parents in law but i don't get your point or your argument You are making mine for me. Once we lose a conscious connection with our mind and our sense of self awareness we lose the qualities and abilities that I am talking about which is why i often preface my remarks with things like " adult" or a " functioning mind " While technically still human and just as much, loved pop and mum, were no longer functioning human beings They didn't know who they were, where they were, or how to control bodily functions. Try living for 6 years with people you love, who dont know who each other is, and yes can be either violent or dangerous, through simple forgetfulness; washing them toileting them feeding them. Calming them, trying to keep them happy and content and with some stimulation and enjoyment. When we put them into a home for a short respite the y came back black and blue were tied to beds or chairs and on a couple of occasions escaped out a window because there was not one on one supervision of them, so we looked after them without respite, with a couple of hours a week in house help, to let us both get out together for an afternoon What have i missed that you are annoyed about. The human soul is our self aware consciousness We grow and evolve it from birth or even before in the womb and we grow it through life, shaping it for good or evil. When we die it also dies and if we are brain injured or have end stage dementia then we can lose our soul before our body dies In my reckoning, dad still had his soul when his heart gave out, and he died in his sleep but by the time mum died, in a much less aware condition, she no longer had her soul. It had gone with her self aware consciousness, leaving an empty, but still living, shell. Ps these were the words i used intha t post EVERY adult, functioning, human has the physical abilty to control,their body by application of mind, will and discipline Alzheimer's/dementia suffers are no longer functional and are arguably no longer "human" In a similar way, neither are very young children fully functional because their brains and minds have not yet matured just a s an older person's may deteriorate below a functional capacity You can tell when a person is not functioning as an adult because others restrict its abilty to act independently .
  11. There are some brave young men and some brave parents who are speaking out in this sensitively directed documentary that has been released for free viewing on Vimeo - showing the way the Entertainment Industries' sexual predators and paedophiles carefully and craftily groom their young victims and their families - I watched it last night and can highly recommend it - It's called .. 'An Open Secret' here's a link to the documentary -- and a bit about it ---
  12. I absolutely agree this is wrong. I have been involved in the topic before when we discussed Berkley. I am aware it is a real problem. I am not disagreeing with the fact that children should not be indoctrinated in any way shape or form. You may want to go back and actually read my posts with out your prejudgment bias. My first point was that the topic would naturally diverge towards how politics should be taught. A point of view you seem to not care for. My second point was that critical thinking should be compulsory. Do you have issue with that? My third point was to ask you if you thought my post was indoctrination at which point you childishly attacked me by repeating John Rogan bumper sticker slogans. Perhaps you should take a moment to ask yourself why you feel you need to attack other posters who do not absolutely agree with you or offer even slightly different options.
  13. Whoaaa.... I have a lot of catching up to do in this thread. I had no idea it was still taking off since March. Looking forward to see where this thread went, hopefully still on the same subject matter lol. But I’d guess it veered off at times lol
  14. I overlooked your first question. I immerse myself in the Faith of others, as disparate and unique as I can find. I stand in the light of the Grace they bestow upon others and are, thus, bother humble and exalted. Understand, this is from my personal perspective, not a sermon, not a preaching not an attempt to proselyte. If there is a God, it matters not if you know Him or believe in Him/Her, however one is comfortable relating to their creator, as long as that Creator, that God, believes in you. How do I know this? I don't.
  15. Just a response to your comment that Abu Simbel is 1,300 BC old. Please note that I am trying to put perspectives of distances, not literally meaning Abu Simbel and when it was built.
  16. I think it's ridiculous to even try to make the point in this setting. There is no way the government in Houston or Austin could even KNOW who was refusing to buy Israeli goods. As to the BDS crowd, they should have the right to boycott Israeli goods but they should be shown up for the hypocrites they are if they use cell phones, PCs or storage media like SD chips - most of the best of those products are developed and manufactured in Israel. Israel is a tech powerhouse but they could literally CURE all cancer and they'd still be hated.
  17. Seek only truth provided it falls in line with your preconceived beliefs. We saw this when you refused to accept the scientific method and it's impact on the study of the natural universe. Blame the materialists that there is no evidence of God. You're really not that different to these creationists yourself.
  18. Well, since nobody else will say it ... Kudos to you for saying so. And yes, it used to be that Teachers kept political OPINIONS out of the classroom. We are having this thread and this trouble because it is no longer the case. If it weren't for those tiny cameras, it would be totally out of control by now. But, don't be thinking that this is all there is here. There are MANY who know there is a better way. Like they said, you have to watch this one to the end.
  19. Religions don't cause wars, bankers and politians do. Religion may be used as a tool for either good or bad, but that all depends on the strength of the individual practitioner, their morals and ethics, wisdom and compassion. It has nothing to do with faith, ignorance is the problem here. Anybody guilable enough to buy a lottery ticket expecting, knowing, that they are going to win is setting themselves up for a fall/fool. Hopefully experience will set them straight. I have a faith in Love born of personal experience and a common sense. I have a faith in Humanity, in our collective future working together. I also have a faith in God. The point is, my faith helps me overcome lifes difficult moments. It helps me to see the good, the positive, the way out of suffering. So instead of trying to ban faith, lets try to enlighten folk with wisdom and compassion.
  20. I do not see myslef as shifting position but others as misunderstanding my responses and indeed altering the nature of the original proposition. my god connection and psychic powers have less to do with this issue than basic human psychology and cognitive processing, which as it happens i actually have a university degree and post graduate diploma in, and 40 years of on the job experience You can OBSERVE the electrochemical response typifying a response like anger or hate or fear In a brain And you can measure the connective response of the body to the brain's cognitive awareness, and construction, of fear or anger or hate as the body responds with chemical and other changes, to the brain's evolving electro chemical state. The abilty to control emotional responses is not a god given power it is an evolved condition of the human mind caused by the evolved connection between mind and body. i began practising this about 3 years of age, for a personal reason i dont want to go into again God never entered my mind at that age i knew that humans choose the emotional states they experience, as i had observed my parents, and others, abilty to do so, and so i simply decided i would always have conscious control of every emotional response to every stimuli i encountered, to ensure i never hurt another person by losing control .
  21. If Sphinx was built earlier than believed, then probably it was not built by the Ancient Egyptians we know of. Must be a different culture. Giza was densely populated and was center of mind boggling constructions during Old kingdom. It must have mostly wiped out evidences of earlier society. We need to be really lucky to find any evidences of earlier society there. It is as simple as this. Do you think that four thousand years from now anyone will be able to find any evidences of 100 BC society in the current day Cairo? Yes, you may find major construction sites like Babylon Fortress. But potteries etc will be almost wiped out from the city. This is specially true when the population starts increasing and covers almost the whole area. You can expect to find current day evidences four thousands years from now, if only the city crumbles today or the current day artifacts are preserved properly. Additionally, in the case of Giza plateau, the climate changed drastically as compared to 10,000 years, converting it into a desert and making it even harder for anybody to find earlier evidences.
  22. Apparently, no. Blowing children up while they are trying to pray isn't the first thing I think of when contemplating a peaceful religion.
  23. Also please inform yourself. This is a fact in the U.S. not a belief.
  24. Don't even bother with your "ding ding" when I am the one with my finger on the buzzer. Remember that little blue word under my title, it actually entitles me to respect. In the same way I post respectfully towards you. It's a discussion board not a Slam match. And I am here to make sure it stays that way. Only a fool would disrespectfully post towards a Moderator.
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