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  2. acute

    The Phrase of the Day is...

    Nominative Determinism.

  3. Good Um. Morning.
  4. I suppose the '''little people'''' are the last to know (officially) about stuff like that -- and by '''little people'' I don't mean leprechauns although I'm not sure if you're one of the '''little people'' after your remark the other day about not fitting up a chimney but to be fair I wouldn't fit up a chimney either ----
  5. I'm off for the night. Goodnight/day
  6. Perhaps, who really knows.
  7. Boise St. over Oregon 38-28. More results from yesterdays bowl games
  8. Perhaps the two are in fact the same nowadays...?.... or at least the Military Industrial Complex could be in the pocket of the Globalists ..? Largely owned by them like they seem to own most of the Main Stream Media outlets - dunno I haven't listened to the speech for a while but from memory he was warning against powerful forces working outside government and the democratic process - and this would fit in with the Globalist agenda - ??
  9. I dyed it regularly cause of 3 grey hairs that appeared starting at 18
  10. After two games Sweetpumper, Bama13 and Myles are leading. Good luck today guys. Championship Bracket 7.14 238.61 Rocky Mountain High 8-5-0 | 2nd 15.56 159.68 Sweetpumper 7-6-0 | 3rd 44.47 195.74 Toroballistic 6-7-0 | 5th 43.86 229.67 The Jacobites 10-3-0 | 1st Consolation Bracket 0.00 192.65 Brooklyn Maulers 7-6-0 | 4th 58.16 218.16 Myles 5-8-0 | 6th
  11. Lol. My mother once forced me to get blonde hilights in my hair. I've never been much into hair coloring. Some people can pull it off. I looked like I was that Flavortown guy.
  12. cluey

    ooohh....and a new fence around our house...and a new stove and oven...

  13. cluey

    lunch with my parents,my nails done,hairdresser,designer handbag,new sheep skin seats covers for my sports car,coloured my daughters hair,blue,green and purple,puppy to day spa....can't wait for 8 sleeps till santa comes by.....merry christmas to all.....

  14. Nah you look better then he did. Lol well currently my hair is natural dark brown (plus the 2 natural blonde strips on each side are coming back, with the natural dark brown) and deep red/plum colour. An at home hair colour disaster did once make my roots orange
  15. Hi and welcome to UM
  16. yes it looks like it - if the reporting is accurate - we are told that they were 'banned' .... link “related to the budget and supporting materials that are to be given to the CDC’s partners and to Congress”, citing an unnamed policy analyst:' but we aren't given any details as to why... "The Post reported that Kelly did not tell the group why the words are being banned, and said that she was merely relaying the information." that was from the link Lilly posted because the one in the OP is now restricted and it says -- >>>>Get access to this story, and every story, on the web and in our apps. Try 4 weeks for $1, then just $6/4 weeks after that.<<<< you'll have to excuse me not screaming blue murder about Trump and Fascism and Nazis and totalitarianism etc etc over all this because we have seen too often in the last year how a negative spin can be put on things - and how things can be twisted - to get the message across - the message being - Trump BAD - you GOOD - (well .... you GOOD if you go against Trump but you BAD if you support him in any way)
  17. I dunno, if my hair goes a bit more ginger I'll be able to pull off a great Bozo the Clown.
  18. Well what can you say. As for tears no my friend no. I was telling everybody that would listen to me to vote leave. But my reasons for doing so were the polar opposite of yours. Good luck with Brexit - you will need it.
  19. Exclusive survey for the Independent, Shock horror polling company tells their customer what they want to hear. whatever next. There is no going back Brexit is happening. Its time suck it up, wipe away the tears and put away the titty lip. serious question, these people who are unable to accept the result, are they same people who came last in school sports day but was told they were still winners as not to upset them or scar them for life? and now as adults they are looking for that authoritative figure to tell them they are still winners.
  20. And you know who is to blame for that?
  21. Hi everyone, This is the story of two of my friends, I’ll call them Scarlet and Tanya, and I using a ouija board. Although I am a believer, I’m not sure that we really contacted any spirits. In fact it felt like we were communicating with our own subconscious. The first few conversations we had came out jumbled. We’d ask questions and get nonsensical answers, or letters stuck on a loop. When answers did make sense, they all seemed to be related to Scarlet. Everyone we talked to had her last name, or was a distant relative who passed or something. Halfway through, Scarlet’s step mum came into the room, let’s call her Karen. Karen asked what we were up to, we said we were using the ouija board but that none of the ghosts were making much sense. “Stupid ghosts,” she laughed, and left us to it. The second she shut the door, the planchette (well, the shot glass we were using) starts flying around like crazy. It kept spelling out over and over ‘Kill Karen, Kill Karen.’ If we were talking to something, it was ANGRY. We talked it down, apologised for it, said we had to go and closed it out. Now I’m freaked, Scarlet is loving this, and Tanya wants to keep going. I’m too scared. So I say I’ll sit this one out and I’ll just take notes. So it’s just Scarlet and Tanya and they keep going. The next round, we decided to experiment around and see if anything came up for me, or for Tanya, because everyone we talk to seems to just be related to or know about Scarlet’s life. It’s weird. But when we try it just Tanya and I, we get nothing. In fact the planchette doesn’t even move. So we go back to all three of us. The last conversation we have is still so clear to me. We were asking typical stuff like if it knew any gossip about people that we didn’t. Then it’s telling us that Scarlet’s step mum has or is going to get breast cancer, and that her Dad is going to get cancer and die too. It tells us that both Scarlet and I are going to die. When we asked what we were going to die of, it spelt out ‘Heartbreak.’ It knows exactly what Scarlet is wearing, how many instruments she plays. Now some of this stuff we have no way of knowing, of course we don’t know if her parents are going to get cancer, but stuff about Scarlet could be known by us. So we ask about what her little brother is doing in the other room right now. It spells out ‘Turkish Delight.’ We go to check on him and what do you know, he’s eating a Turkish Delight. Im going to have to go and dig up the journal where I wrote all the conversations down, but that’s all I remember for now. I don’t know what to make of the whole thing. Some of the conversations felt so garbled like it was just heads babbling away. The one that got angry, it’s like you could feel it’s anger. But the way everything seemed to relate to Scarlet and her life, and that it ONLY worked when she had her fingers on the plachette has had me thinking all these years since it happened. She’s an incredibly intense person, someone with a LOT of energy swirling around them, good and bad. Is it possible that energy can dominate it and make it move? Could it just be all her subconscious wanderings and gunk? Or everyone’s energy moving the thing? No-one has turned out to had cancer, and neither of us have died yet. Some stuff turned out to be true but who knows. Thoughts?
  22. I dont like Trump, but like someone sad " give to Ceaser what is Caeser", criticizes whwt needs to be criticised, praize what needs to be praized. Unfortunatly the amount of things to criticised "trumps" the amount of praize...
  23. Congrats. You're only about 5 days behind the conversation. That doesn't make the referendum legally binding. It means the government will try to implement the result. MPs of any party are not legally compelled to vote the way the government dictates. And since May threw away her majority, there's even less of a government to 'implement what you decide'. Again, in our country, parliament is sovereign, not the government and certainly not the prime minister. When they had a decent majority they could say they would implement what the majority of people voted for. Now they can't make any such promises.
  24. I thought the only person in the country with the authority to end the investigation was the Attorney General? Or Deputy in this case. Congress, as far as I was aware, has no say in the matter. That's supposed to be the whole point: the investigation is removed and protected from the entire political process.
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