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  2. Have I really? In all honesty. Can you really speak for all of those people?
  3. So much cringe. I've said it as a joke, but this really does look like a descent into a kakistocracy, does it not?
  4. This article makes some suggestions as to possible causes but I have to admit they all have their flaws.
  5. Well you've made it, and insulted plenty of people who use the internet while doing so.
  6. I think backing up what you are saying with a source is imperative, in most cases, but doesn't the source matter as well? If a person posting on a thread, who considers just about any source credible based solely on their deep insight into the character of the experimenter, uses a source is demonstrably fraudulent, is that source worthwhile?
  7. So you think that all the casualties were human shields? First, that's simply untrue and so obviously ridiculous. Second, in Gaza, going home for your dinner would be counted as using "human shields". There are no military installations or places for them to hide. For your reading: Since you seem to be under the impression that human shields is a Palestinian phenomenon. It was literally IDF policy and they still do so, as Operation Cast Lead made abundantly clear.
  8. The Rake, in Borough Market, London, charges £13.40 for a pint of Cloudwater, brewed in Manchester. My local (Birmingham) pub charges £8.70 for a pint of Trials & Tripelations, brewed down the road in Coventry!
  9. There's a method to my madness and a point I'm making.
  10. Why you...SEAHAWKES FAN!...Yeah i said it what? Actually i'm a Libertarian...somewhat conservative and somewhat liberal (if going by the original meaning,and not the revised "make a cause outta anything meaning")
  11. You're right. Thanks. I've gotten in trouble here before by speaking my mind on politics. Gots some rather strong opinions towards opposition. So you're right, I'll refrain.
  12. Listen very closely bud, you are being taken to school!
  13. Ideally the free market would allow for a new ISP that ran on a platform of "no throttling". However, because the big 3 (Bell, Telus, Rogers,) have a monopoly on the market, that needed competition isn't able to surface. Hence the need for the Gov't to step in and regulate.
  14. If you don't care about this subject and clearly have nothing productive to offer to the discussion, then why do you keep posting? At this point all you're doing is flame-baiting.
  15. The question lies in whether or not there's any sort of inherent consciousness in nature or not. Then it's less anthropomorphism and more a descriptor.
  16. Let's not make this about politics because, apart from the GOP, this transcends political lines. Citizens in general agree with Net Neutrality. Also, I don't think that @CrimsonKing is a Trump supporter. A dirty conservative by the looks of things, yeah, but not a Trump supporter (Couldn't resist).
  17. No i keep saying LIFE WILL GO ON,ON PLANET EARTH WITH OR WITHOUT NN...GET IT? How is NN working out for the homeless? about those dieing of disease in 3rd world countries? Nope i have empathy and compassion i just don't see how you folks are lumping "NN" and not having a service you want into REAL human suffering!...when one really thinks about this complaining is some real 1st world problems!
  18. Agree with what? That extremist thugs are using civilians as a shield? No doubt about that. With all $millions (if not $billions) being poured to palestinians every year, they could have built Singapore II (in Gaza) and Singapore III (in West Bank). But they chose to waste money on armaments and tunnel digging... You make bed? You sleep on it.
  19. Oh I see the problem now. Big bad man took someone's favorite toy away.
  20. If "god" is simply an anthropomorphism of "nature" then that is indeed the case That we know of ......
  21. And people wonder why Millennials like myself overwhelmingly support socialism.
  22. This place is truly fascinating! "Hey you disagree with me huh?....well,well,well TRUMP SUPPORTER!!!"
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