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  2. In this case there has been 10 years of research to get to these results. I do not understand how you are skeptical about this, you also do not accept these findings either: You are questioning and disregarding scientific findings and yet fall for claims about telepathy etc which have not been proven. Seems odd.
  3. The cake orbiting your head finalized its deorbit burn right now.
  4. Yes but there's a difference between changing the politically correct (that's all it is on both sides) terminology and refusing to use scientific vocabulary when discussing science. Although personally I hate 'science based' anyway. It's either evidence based or supported by scientific research. Saying it's based on science suggests you may have added things. Like all those films 'based on a true story'.
  5. My guess is that it's old family recipes. She has to protect those secret ingredients, especially from the Chinese.
  6. Trump when launching his security plan Mr Trump also said that wealthy countries must recognise that they need to "reimburse" the US for the costs of defending them. Probably another factor encouraging the EU down the path it has seemed to have chosen.
  7. Nothing unusual about one administration changing hot button terminology after taking over from another. The Obama administration changed a lot terminology, too. As I recall, they didn't like the term "War on Terror" and changed it to something else.
  8. You are right about it. The consciousness of it will grow anew in each generation, in each individual too, until it finally supplants everything unnecessary. This consciousness we're talking about is God-consciousness, (superconsciousness) and it is real. It will take a supreme devotion to the doing of God's will, which is easy, always in service to others, the same way Jesus served and loved us all. When more and more of us (and more will) take on this daily responsibility (cross) to follow him, follow him in the manner (way) that he lived his life, then slowly we'll grow up to become more and more like him, like God, because we are all already, the sons of God.
  9. Wondering if they will make any connection to the similarly aged "life" from a rock allegedly from Mars.
  10. Just because it makes no sense to you does not mean that the cut had no obvious purpose 4500 years ago.
  11. What intransigence? As Steve basically mentions, Brexit is off topic here, but it seems that everyone else can talk about it. You mean their competitiveness to look after their own Business? What were your expectations that the EU, scrub previous agreements and zero all costs (debts), maintain Free Trade and offer the UK a seat at the EU table as a non Member with no commitments but the power to make decisions? Maybe you guys should get ol' Nige back. Nothing holding him back with his ludicrous requests in his discourse post-Brexit (see from 4:52 to 6:25). How about the guy sitting at 123, hilarious.
  12. Let's say that telepathy is real. Would it not be easier to simply will someone to kill themselves? Steal bank codes? Hell, if someone could truly do this 'amazing' power. Who's to stop them from influencing someone to launch a whole nuclear arsenal? Once you start accepting this 'super powers' you open up a can of worms. Who's going to police Thought-Crimes? Do we have a psychic division out there hunting thought-criminals? The problem with any psychic ability is that it skirts self-responsibility. Even if Psychic Sue was morally upright, who's to say that with one bad day, boom, brain jello all over the place. What I see is "I want it to be real", without ever considering real world applications of such power.
  13. acute

    Brexit Whinge:

    The countries of the EU say... You can't have an open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland without convergence. (ie: staying in the customs union)

    After the problem of the Irish border is solved (which it won't be) they will eventually move onto the Gibraltar problem.

  14. *Sigh*.....He beats me to the punch again..... Another article with added theories...
  15. having a stomach bug that makes it impossible for me to drink tea
  16. I won't stand up for cops completely as i'm not their biggest fans either and some i'm sure have "earned" their notoriety but we still have to have them and no way in hell would i want anyone to have to go through todays media condemnation and public guilt perception on a worldwide scale just because the whole story wasn't released right away!
  17. The case workers aren't targeted though. Remember the Cabrini Green high-rise apartments in Chicago? Responding Officers had to wear helmets because the residents would drop bricks on them from their windows and balconies. The Officers weren't acting cowardly by wearing protective gear; they were trying to avoid getting their heads caved in.
  18. That when tested and not proven, the believers will not accept it but still can not come back to prove it does? It really should not be that hard to prove it does, i But it is harder to prove it does not when people are making these claims, as not only do the testers have to show the flaws, they are also up against the frauds. Scenario: A scientist and a skeptic meets me and xeno for the first time, we show up to do this test, and we say we do not know each other. No doubt we will not be using our user names from here i " send " a mental image to xeno, and he comes back and says i sent him an image of a unicorn and i said yes thats right. Now thats the easy part over with, now can you see how difficult it is for the scientists / skeptics to prove it is a fraud or even flawed .....AND YET THEY STILL DO.
  19. guess it is? cool never knew that
  20. i do believe that there is something there. i don't have prove but it's suspicious the way it looks like. people back then had different mindset, and that's why they were not interested. why would ancient cut a squared looking hole on the side of sphinx head? it makes no sense. i read that egyptians explored the area beneath sphinx front pawns where the hall of records supposedly is and now they placed wooden floor in this area so noone can see what they did there, or what's underneath. maybe now they will explore this chamber under the sphinx ear? anyways..what's really makes me mad is that they will not tell's all kept in secret.
  21. Yeah, people will believe whatever spiritual nonsense that makes them 'happy'.
  22. And it's a good song too.
  23. Quote from article: A video shows an encounter between a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. It was released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. utter BS! if this were real (as in something the authorities don't want us to see) then there's no way we would be seeing it!
  24. LOL, so much for the "12th man" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  25. I'm not skeptical of fossils or Evolution, just scientist's supposed dating methods since there are numerous examples of discrepancies. Plus the idea that it is a fossil and not just random rock lines. Could be, but it just as well couldn't be. They say it's 3.5 billion years old. I'm skeptical that it really is. May be younger, may be older, who knows? I just don't blindly accept what scientists say because they say it.
  26. This reminds me of a scumbag I know. Burns peoples cars and property if he suspects they spoke to the police and runs to the cops if he is approached pyblicly and asked to stop. Actually claimed to be threatened. Oh how the Officer laughed. It is a massive issue, poverty and a disenfranchised group of people with few good options. For many of the youth, gang culture is the only way they see to get money/fame/notoriety. It would not be fixed over night, but education and proper job opportunities are the key to a slow turn back. Edit to add: Proper mental health treatment and the ability to institutionalise people with violent mental health issues would also help.
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