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  2. whatever.... Im not interested in having personal dialogue with you... I will just exercise my freedom to read any post and offer my comments..
  3. Not that i know of bud... Think it's me,you,zz,and harte are the only ones. Bama's gone into hiding,sakari hasn't answered back,farmer hasn't answered,and Myles i dunno lol
  4. I think you're going to be in for a shock if you really believe this investigation is in any way crumbling.
  5. I remember.., that was retaliation. I am abiding by the forum rules from now on, and will not be involved in this type of stuff anymore. My style is also very blunt.., but I am not rude about it.
  6. He might only doing so to try to delay the seating of Jones, thereby allowing the Republicans to get their tax bill through without any problems. Or maybe he genuinely wants an uprising? One of the main reasons for concession is so that supporters, in seeing you accept defeat, take it a bit better themselves (a bit difficult to claim an election was rigged or whatever when the candidate themselves accept the result). Can you imagine if he actually called for an uprising? Given what we know about him, I wouldn't put that outside the realm of possibility.
  7. says the person who sent me threatening personal messages.... Hey son...theres a reason for the proverb that states you reap what you sow... think about it and I havent attacked you.... my style is blunt and factual.... if you cant stand the heat....dont stand in the kitchen
  8. Not too shabby, high of 64 and 43 for the low. Nice clouds out there, sun is hard on my eyes.
  9. Perhaps. But, on the other hand, who would be willing to step up and take over such a crumbling mess from Mueller? Even frogs are smart enough not to get into the water after it's already boiling.
  10. I want to look at the UFO phenomenon from the beginning, and work my way up to the present. This will give me a better understanding of the topic. I do this with everything.., from computers to electronics, mechanics and basic chemistry I am slowly getting into. I agree that there will always be hoaxers, and mis-IDs, nor will there be proof in any of these documents. Please stop with the personal attacks. Please stop trying to harass me out of doing UFO research.
  11. No animals do not pray to God. There is a reason this is the Planet of The Apes and not Planet of the Kittens. God Bless!
  12. Today (12/14/2017) the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality. For those that don't know how this will affect us, here you go: Lord knows how this will affect UM, but it'll affect everything else we do online. Today is the official death day of the internet. Welcome to a new Orwellian future.
  13. Off topic - @RoofGardener Just out of curiosity, what are your views on climate change?
  14. I really wouldn't know, I was being silly when I made that reply.
  15. As requested by so many members here, Ive decided to leak a small bit of the script (before some poacher puts it on Reddit) Big Vics missus is a dab hand wit printin press onnit. I think you`ll agree after just reading the small offering that you almost feel like your there with em. Grade A writers! A Mi racle on Candlesti ck La n e Jonny (clocks summit like building) Whas thah then moffer? Marlene (boat looks distressed) Oooh, Jonny my darling. Jonny (looks back at his bird) Wazz up lass? Marlene (rubbing belly) We must hurry dearest one. The extreme levels of temperature in your northern abode are most rude indeed for a lady such as I, who is with child, at this time of year. Jonny (lights up a fag and then nods with agreement) Here! Marlene (loving glance) Yes, my little pumpkin? Jonny (points) Whas thah then moffer?
  16. I don't see a temple to Tsathoggua
  17. Thats at least 2 threads youve been in now that have been closed..... do take the hint wont you? 2 threads closed and youve only been here since Monday
  18. No gaelic, although a lot of Scottish sayings, and especially attitudes to life, seem to have been passed down through the family I am not sure that even my Scottish ancestors spoke Gaelic, as they were lowlanders rather than highlanders, although they were historically Scottish (and some Irish) for the 400 years i could trace their lineage back in Scotland. For a time they for a lived a few houses down the street from Robbie Burns. (54 The Grassmarket) My great great grandfather was born in the stables at the back of Edinburgh castle. While there were a number of skills in the family, including woodworking and formal drafting and construction of public buildings, my great, great, grandfather was a school teacher, one of his brothers was a minister, and the other two established a large printing company in Australia. Since then we have divided primarily into farming and aquaculture, public service jobs, including teaching and politicians, and jobs requiring the abilty to design and create, or skilled mechanical work. like drafts men and engineers. Four brothers came out to Australia from Scotland in 1879. The minister returned there, but 3 remained . We have been Australian born for 4 generations, or 7 if you include the younger children of the family, (my great grand nieces and nephews) and for 120 years all but one branch of the family have mostly lived within one small section of country Australia, while another branch lives mostly in Sydney. In my opinion animals while conscious are not self aware like humans, and do not thus know good from evil or understand the nature of consequences Thus they are not affected by karma because they do not consciously and freely choose to do good or evil and aren't responsible for their behaviours Karma can only come back to bite you, or reward you, if you are capable of being aware of its effect . even if you personally are not aware of its existence, because karma only applies to actions (or attitudes) which you choose in life and thus are responsible for But that is my opinion /understanding A hindu/ buddhist, for example, might have a different opinion. because they believe animals have souls which transmigrate .
  19. Manfred von Dreidecker

    The sky seems to be falling in again

  20. You don't know that CO2 causes any major positive feedbacks. Be honest about this.
  21. Proof of a crime would make a great insurance policy.....
  22. We don't know wether animals pray to thier gods or not So mote it be, in the light of our father the Pastafarian.
  23. It's simple really in my eyes: a truly massive amount of uneducated voters have been getting their news from the extremely cheap right-wing daily rags but with the evolution of smart-phones and wifi there's no need to buy a physical paper, so the indoctrination ends. And those rags' entire business model has revolved around sowing fear and discontent and blaming social programs such as benefits as the Great Evil in our country, allowing the elites to mug us off for hundreds of times the amount of money. It's incredible really. They blame the poor for cheating the government. The poor.
  24. To the effect of CO2, you need to add the effect of feedback loops. It takes only a tiny nudge to move the climate. Doug
  25. It’s recommended that tin foil hats have an extra two layers added to shield from the new AI. So, six layers total is the current generally acceptable minimum. Although, that sounds a little bit conspiracy-y, I’d personally go with 13 layers.
  26. Now he is saying that he won't accept the results because the election was tainted by "outside forces". He's beginning to sound a lot like Hillary! Maybe he would like to start a collusion investigation?
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