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  2. Wow, you look like you might lose to a guy who hasn't updated their team. i look to lose as well. Tonight's game is very meaningful for us.
  3. Are you an illegal Dreamer? Or just a disillusioned Hillary Lost Dreamer?
  4. Worth a read. NatReview - Did Trump Beat ISIS? Moral of the story is this: Trump didn't personally defeat ISIS any more than Obama killed Osama Bin Laden. But if history is going to remember Obama as the victor, then it's only fair Trump gets credit for victories under his Administration.
  5. Rather than microbes raining down from outer space, its much more plausible that the outside of the space station became contaminated by earthly organisms, many of which can survive in the harsh environment in orbit.
  6. I do find that ironic in a way. I'm the 'pessimistic suicidal nihilist' yet I'm always there to encourage those in need. Weird if you think about it. The happy kitty cat thought crowd doesn't do that.....
  7. Lol they are terror Terriers. Tiny demon is asleep
  8. My pessimism extends only to knowing that not everything works out the way you want it too. I keep low expectations on nearly everything. For some reason this makes me 'negative' well that an a rather existential view of life. But meh.
  9. Don't worry. Mueller will bring an airtight case of obstruction against him and then you will see him reveal his true nature as he fights for his life against an impeachment proceeding after the Dems sweep to a majority in the House next year.
  10. Nuclear Wessel

    Apparently a good friend of mine may have ALS. The doctor told him that he has all of the symptoms of ALS... but further testing needs to be done. If he's diagnosed with ALS, that means that he will likely only have 3 - 5 years left to live.

    I really hope it's not ALS. :(

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    1. XenoFish


      I'm with you on that. I hope he doesn't. If so, then I want to encourage you to make it the most memorable 3-5 years with him.

  11. What on earth did it do? I certainly plan to. Whoever said you were a pessimist Xeno? You're rather encouraging ya know that?
  12. I promise you habits are good think. Living in a house full of women, the toilet seat was always down.
  13. Fur kid, Harley the Dal. Aww we have Harley the Dal and then Cooper and Keg the Mini Fox Terrors
  14. Then create order from chaos. Start small. Make your bed every morning till it's a habit.
  15. She's enrolled, it doesn't start until Jan 8th. Plus home training is happening. A friend of mine had her little one expelled from puppy school
  16. You had a kid? Talking about the dalmatian. I got Chi Chi's, a prince charles cavalier, and two mixed pups from one of the chi's and the cavalier. He looks like this, but he's dumb as dirt.
  17. I suppose it's an indication that I read biased rags that I never have seen any of those quotes. Plus just the sheer number of petty non-news stories about trump makes me reluctant to even want to delve there. Did you here he wore the wrong shoes to the flood? Oh my.
  18. Guilt brought on by doing nothing about 'Savile' (though it appears everyone knew what he was doing) caused the witch hunt, one of the sadist victims was Leon Brittan who was hounded to his death though he was completely innocent, i watched an interview on tv of a middle aged woman saying her life had been ruined because her breasts had been touched when she was 17, i thought to myself it's a good job i'm not rich or famous.
  19. I guess it's from years of a chaotic and random home structure growing up that makes routines of any kind difficult for me.
  20. Not really.. He isn't a racist or a sexist...and he has speaks fluent English do those of us who support him...
  21. We've so needed to bring ours to training school when they were little. Just didn't have the money.
  22. Habits, simple little things that can change everything. First things I do on waking is make my bed (up at 5 am), then I sweep, make breakfast, gather anything together to be washed. Go to work, work, get home at 4 pm, feed dogs, wash dishes. Make dinner, get fat, and then goof off. A daily routine will save you soo much time.
  23. Ok, that was funny ...
  24. My main one is cleaning up after the tiny Demon, shes still learning to leave things alone.
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