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  2. Recent article on the appearance of the Temple.
  3. I wonder why? I'm trying to think of a way to make a point about the name of the almas in a different context. Speaking of which, it's interesting to note that the Mongolian word almas is strikingly similar to the Caucasian word almasty for the same sort of thing. I wonder which way the story spread?
  4. "Skeptic" implies you have reached a different conclusion from the same research data that others have examined. In that case, you should be able to make a case for an alternate interpretation of that data. So let's see one. Using published peer-reviewed articles, write something that produces an alternate interpretation of scientific findings. Then you will be a true "skeptic." Or, for that matter, do you know of something that has been written by someone else? Impressive. Doug
  5. that's possibly. another scenario is a smaller EU with the Baltic's, Poland and other central European countries leaving the EU and making an independent alliance with the U.S. or even Russia. But that does nothing for British security.
  6. Up until WWI, we used to be the biggest allies. Actually, there has never been a war between German and British forces prior to WWI. Heck, even the British Royal Family is of German descent.
  7. You grab the little ****er by his stupid little horns then get his neck a swift twist listen for the crack then it's job done ...... oh no sorry I misread it i thourght you said"goats"
  8. I have no idea...where does it say they are going to deal with faith? Frankly, the CDC should only be dealing with science/medicine/epidemiology...not with social issues like abortion, transgender issues, social entitlements and so forth.
  9. Perhaps there will be further clarification as to what's going on at the CDC regarding Policy Analysis. My hypothesis is just a potential explanation.
  10. What is it with you British and your inherent fears of Germany? yes i get the Germans started two wars but at some point you have to review this Churchillian ideology and decide whether its still relevant,t which sounds more like paranoia than any downgrade of NATO. Just because NATO has kept the peace in Europe doesn't mean that members should take that for granted, Britain included. The balance of power in Europe has changed with Brexit and saying that it won't change the security situation is short sighted. No one is saying that America and GB will be outta the security equation just that things won't be the same again and over time a new power structure will develop. and there are no guarantees that this will be good for America and GB.
  11. A newly described troodontid dinosaur from Mongolia has been named Almas ukhaa after the almas, a legendary Bigfoot-type creature from Central Asia. As far as I know this is the first case of a dinosaur being named after a cryptid.
  12. Weeeeell.... perhaps Lilly. But... doesn't that mean they are putting faith on the same level as science ?
  13. Some apples can weigh about as much as a half gallon (2L) of milk...... thats bloody big old apple
  14. "This could well be a pearl here" - comment on the Pentagon's U.F.O. program quote: James E. Oberg - Former NASA space shuttle engineer and writer of 10 books on space flight and speculator of U.F.O. reports.
  15. My grandma used to say this to my dad in front of my mom.
  16. @PsiSeeker I just got done reading your OP and post #6 in full, and I think I understand where you're coming from. I will say though, I feel like all this could be simplified into a debate over idealism versus realism, or subjectivity versus objectivity. As well as a discussion of what role human language has to play in limiting our understanding of the world and others.
  17. No, the government is disallowing certain politically based subject matter (highlighted by the use of words) by those who are Policy Analysts at the CDC. When these people do a Policy Analysis for the CDC (which is the job they are being paid to do) certain politically charged subject areas (highlighted by use of words) are not to be entered into. The CDC deals with nation wide health issues not with politics and lobbying for various social causes. Look at the words again, these words all carry the potential for political issues on gender, abortion, belief based vs science based claims. Seems to me more of push to keep politics out of the CDC.
  18. More likely just another cover story. What's going on in reality is probably much scarier than aliens.
  19. If you can take the time to view... also, it gets "heavy" at about 4:25 on the vid.
  20. Welcome to the religious section of UM. Grab a seat and a cup of coffee. It's going to be a long day.
  21. Excellent suggestion...but I figure that V.P. Pence will remain tight-lipped on the subject at hand and just doo-doo in his pants!!!
  22. Occult Mafia 2000

    OLD is NEW !!! Teatchable moment for both parties Teatcher and Student by rethinking his choice of words ...

  23. Then you know for certain? Heaven, Hell? God, the devil and the host of demons and angels? Or do you assume in their existence?
  24. So the government banning words from their employees, because they don't want to give the impression of freedom of speech or independent or political thought in their employees isn't a bad thing?
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