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  2. No, a lack of this type of evidence does not form a conclusion. Because you don't need "solid evidence that science can work with" to prompt an investigation. When you refer to solid evidence.., do you mean DNA, piece of wreckage or technology etc? Or.., just really good video footage? Because DNA / tech from a UFO would be proof they exist., not just evidence. Also the conclusion comes after the investigation.., or experiments. Maybe I can explain it like this. When someone is robbed at home.., they don't need to search for clues to prove it happened. They just make a report to the police.., who may come and check for fingerprints (looking for solid evidence after reading the report) and look at the data to figure it out. The UFO witnesses are the same. They don't have the skill set that the police do (scientists) who can make attempts to look into it (Hessdalen). If we cannot identify the thief with a fingerprint match, or DNA because they were careful enough to wear gloves and sealed clothes.., then that does not mean the case is closed.., or solved.., or must have been something else. A believer in what? You may need to quote this for me so I can see what you are talking about. Because I am not seeing it.
  3. Very best of luck to them. Wasn't that originally what the good Mr. T wanted, before he was nobbled by the Establishment into supporting the military-industrial industry? I think "NATO will diminish" is a bit paranoid; are you envisaging that Britain would stand aside as Putin's tanks rolled into Poland? If only they had done in 1939, rather than making an utterly pointless "commitment" to Poland that they could never possibly keep. Or are you worried that the EU Army (centered, of course, around the Germans) will itself want to exert its power and expand the European empire by force? Who do you envisage they would try to exert force against?
  4. I dont have to know you.... a man is known by the beliefs he has
  5. you must have misread the post, the very first guy to propose it called it science fiction.... later authors suggested it was fact
  6. That's pretty extensive reply/ with links. I've been up all night and it's 3 am here. I don't have time to do atm. Maybe later.
  7. oh wow, your ego feels better now thinking you showed me wrong? The fact remains in mass media first guy was Stitchken, and even if you updated my info better you also showed you were wrong in your first assessment, so you proved yourself wrong
  8. and kindly answer my post where you claimed the human brain changed very rapidly?
  9. Nope, you are wrong again youre not very good at this are you?
  10. Manfred von Dreidecker

    It's got jingle bells on it!

  11. To many, IMHO, but it continues and just like the boy who cried wolf someday even the believers will not believe and then.....
  12. You don't know me. I've been looking into this for a couple decades myself and engaged in discussions. Not here maybe. New developments arise such as managed disclosure etc.
  13. I see you have a lot of quotes under your posts. Again you are wrong. The father of AA theory who Erich von Däniken based his book Chariots on was Zecharia Stitchin. The fact someone makes money off of DVDs itself, does not say anything if what they claim is real/valid/or have merit. The fact that you can't seem to grasp that, not a good sign to take you seriously you can't get a simple logical statement like this. We don't live in a socialist state, people make a living. You are attacking the wrong aspect and it's irrelevant. There's lots of people who were jailed for crimes they did not commit or falsely charged with.
  14. Take a moment to watch this video.... and you will start to realize why the left is so fanatical to blame Trump and why there is so much violence as well as blame game going on.
  15. Oh well I will have to google further My point was, Why ask god ? i assume there is some doubt about how to grow such crystals perfectly and you would like god to tell you. As a kid i wanted him to show me how to play a perfect game of tennis. No luck there either . is this any more helpful? You can grow a perfect gallium nitride crystal if not more than half the iron is substituted by aluminium.
  16. Historical and current human experiences indicate this is not true There was a smiley showing this was, in part, a jest, but it is also true. Throughout history, and into the present day, god has continued to speak, to appear to, and work with, humans; guiding, protecting, empowering, and mentoring You might not believe this, but there are thousands of accounts from individuals which have been published. So where is my lie? Where is my misconception.? They only exist as products of your disbelief. Quite clearly god not only wants to, but still IS; talking to, working with, appearing to, and empowering human beings on a daily, basis.
  17. I didn't mentioned titanium oxide, I specifically said GaBi (gallium bismide), nor did I had in mind nanocrystals. I'm talking about cubic inches sized monocrystals.
  18. undersea cables needed for the world and the internet to STILL work
  19. I'm also unconvinced. Russian disinformation, I suspect.
  20. World indeed could be better, though I don't see the need of God in it.
  21. Never wrap a gift when angry at the person said gift is for. The temptation to wrap it in a crap ton of paper and tape is strong
  22. we can connect to satellites with satellite phones you know.... and mobile phones dont use cables.. and Google uses hot air balloons to provide internet over parts of Africa where there have never been phone lines
  23. How does that differ from most of the last ten pages or so of this thread which, while potentially interesting, you have to skim through pages and pages of irrelevant bickering and squabbling and people piling up on one particular poster to get to any matter of interest?
  24. This is as good as "Because snow is white".
  25. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sidestepped a question Friday on whether there's a need for a second special counsel to investigate the Justice Department, instead using the opportunity to detail the rocky past two weeks for his department and suggesting "things that might appear to be bad in the press have more innocent explanations." Source: CNN
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