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  2. I like the Mark Twain quote when geologists still thought the Mississippi was a million years old. Not around 12,000 years old.
  3. Is there any aspect of ANY problem which he isn't to blame for? Be honest. That's your go-to response. I'm sure you're being genuine in your remarks but it displays a mindset that's not at all fair. As to his take on limiting the influx of refugees/immigrants from countries that couldn't properly vet them, only a fool or a hater would stand in the way of such common sense. This morning we seem to have yet another demonstration of the truth of this. BTW, I don't CARE if you or others here think I'm "Islamophobic" any more than I'd care if you labeled me with some other "ism" or "phobia" A phobia is an unreasonable expression of fear towards a totally harmless agent or situation. Not all Muslims are terrorist murderers but damned near all terror is perpetrated BY Muslims. Deal with the facts. Those who slaughter coworkers, random people on the streets and attempt to blow up crowded venues where people are simply going about their lives more often than not are proud of their actions and declare that "allah is greater" If he's greater, what/who is he greater THAN? Do some reading, farmer.
  4. Trump said he believed that Comey was pro-Clinton (due to his rulings on her case) and that the Russia thing was BS (so why investigate it). Now, Trump could have been lying just to end the investigation into his wrong doings...or Trump could have been truthful and simply felt that Comey was out to get him when he'd done nothing wrong. In order to know which one of them (Trump or Comey) is being truthful here we're going to have to have some actual hard evidence....not just this 'he said, he said' stuff. Also, conspiracy theory can come from either side.
  5. Reality is different. Have you seen Palmyra and how isis retook that city, in time of SAA operation to liberate Aleppo, check that. If one aspect of making America great again is to destroy public opinion about the US than fine, you should applaud Trump as if he is doing some divine patriotic thing here. But if we follow such logic than we would distort values by replacing that which is right with wrong. Regarding Israel and Palestine issue i have to add one bit of information which i didn't provide in my earlier post. Trump did what many before planned to do, especially Obama but Obama wasn't brave ( or stupid ) enough to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Jewish state.
  6. Since when do we pay non-citizens to come here? Exceptional foreign students may get a scholarship, but most have to make other arrangements. And even scholarships may not be very big and usually come with conditions, like working in a lab or working for a big company. The companies use that as a recruiting tool, taking the "best and brightest" of foreign students. These then work for the company, either in America or in their home countries - making money for American companies either way. But most foreign students have to pay their own way. As a matter of fact, we do spend money to send "financially challenged" students to study abroad. That's how my daughter was able to spend six months in Russia. The University of Tulsa sends a whole contingent to Russia every other year. Most of these programs depend on a teacher with foreign connections - usually somebody who came here to get an education. Our department has regular trips to South America - the Andes - handled by a prof (He was born and raised in Oklahoma.) with friends in South America. Colorado State had a large group of Mexican students, paid for by the Mexican government - enough that the university hired a special prof to handle them - paid for by Mexico. That prof was my major professor for my Masters. Doug
  7. I understand you now...Disagree but hey, each to their own...
  8. Killing a man for collecting sticks on the wrong day is justice? God is all knowing but doesn't know how he created.. well anything. This god is a testament to human ignorance.
  9. BS by any other name is still BS. cormac
  10. It's even funnier because only Hannity and Limbaugh are right wingers...Maddow and Joe Scarborough are left wingers.
  11. That's always been my opinion. I also think that bad things happened in many of these places like they did in Indian residential schools and demolition gets rid of some of the bad vibes.
  12. Once again I defend my coniction that IF there is anything to hauntings they are non-sapient echoes of departed people rather than the "souls" or "spirits" of those persons. So there's imho not really a concern involved in potentially destroying an echo just like there's no harm in cremating a body.
  13. In forest inventory the tree is usually assumed to be round, unless there is an obvious eccentricity. With a caliper one measures the long dimension, then the short one and averages the two. The big problem is a massive scar, like a fire scar. Then the tree is neither round, nor ellipsoid. In USFS inventories, the cruiser pulls the tape out to where he thinks the bark would have come to. If that produces an error (almost guaranteed), it is "slabbed off." In milling a log, sawmills first cut off a slab to produce a flat surface. That slab comes from the "bad" side of the log - the fire scar. So if there's an error, it gets cut off in milling. Dendrometers either estimate diameter like a D-tape by measuring the circumference, or measure the arc the tree tapes up on the horizon and convert that to a diameter estimate. There are high-tech dendrometers out there that can do all the calculations and have the estimate ready before you can blink. When I first started cruising, we carried trig tables with us so we could do the arithmetic on paper in the field. Doug
  15. Let's see, where should I start. Not in any particular order. To late for me to look up names but you'll know who I mean. 1. One of the investigators used to lawyer for Hillary-DNC. For the cloth wiping of the server. Oh, and the hammer thing. 2. Another referee (lawyer) messaging with another (his girl friend) investigator, their dislike of the person they are investigating (Trump) and their affections for his political opponent. 3. And yet another investigator messaging his admiration to the acting AG who was just fired for not complying with the person being investigated. Which if same order was given by the previous President, she would have had no problem complying with. This is what I mean by cheering on the other side, Farmer. Are you that high that you can't even see just the slightest bit of a conflict of interest here? I actually had a lot of confidence in the validity of this investigation until last week. You can't tell me Mueller didn't have a clue of any of bias with some of these people. I'm sure I left a few other things off the list but I'm tired.
  17. The defect that causes the neurodegenerative disease Huntington's has been corrected in patients for the first time, the BBC has learned. An experimental drug, injected into spinal fluid, safely lowered levels of toxic proteins in the brain. The research team, at University College London, say there is now hope the deadly disease can be stopped. Experts say it could be the biggest breakthrough in neurodegenerative diseases for 50 years.
  19. Despite what people who never listen to Rush say about him...he is right when he says that a huge reason Trump is hated on the left is because he is Undoing...Unraveling...the Obama Administrations Successes one by one. And that Hillary was meant to be Obama's third term in which She...would implement the rest of his borders, single payer, etc. doing so...he is implementing HIS agenda....which is, has been and will be to make America Great Again.
  20. For an agnostic like myself, "just be" is a no-brainer. The meaning of life is procreation end of...
  21. Good morning. About a year ago, I connected w/ a female from the hometown I grew up in. We new of and seen each other regularly in school but never became friends, though many of my friends were hers and hers mine. We are 2 years apart in age. At the time we connected, she had recently been in a relationship that didn’t work the ways she thought. She had been struggling when I came along. We talked on the phone long distance and she is still on the east coast & I am in the midwest. Something told me there was something different about our connection. The more we talked, the more I realized we had in common. As a matter of fact, many times when we talk today, it’s as if she’s telling my story even to the day and minute and I’ve been trying to understand why. I’ve gone to God and asked that he show me signs or at least help me to understand what I am feeling or what I’ve gotten myself into. Immediately, I’ll get a call or text from her or a previous conversation w/ her wil be on the tv or the radio. In our conversations w/ each other I’ve told her things I’ve never shared w/ anyone else. When she began on quite a few occasions that she didn’t know why she was telling/ sharing w/ me I also assumed that perhaps she was experiencing some of the same things. Our timeline is odd also and for some strange reason; she was always near (like right next door in the town over) on the many moves I’ve made throughout my life. The Germany and Hawaii ones give me the goosebumps. It’s like the minute we connected, that I’ve felt I’ve known her my entire life. That said, I’ve never experienced a connection like this and I’m still struggling to understand it. I stated that we have a strong connection (supernatural) IMO but for some reason, we clash on certain topics (religion mostly) as we are both Christians and we are both so rigid on some of the issues we so firmly believe in. I’m just trying to understand and get some feedback because many of the friends I have, I can’t talk w/ about this. They just don’t understand. At the moment, I still don’t think I’m anything she ever imagined in her eyes because I just don’t fit the idea of who she had been expecting or anticipating. I’m wondering if this is just a friendship or something else because of the immensity of the highs & lows that happen in whatever this is that we have.
  22. Add that to the fact he has stopped them from selling us out big time.
  23. so the Tax plan would have acknowledged that fact, and make the corporate tax system more transparent and less bureaucratic ? (and eliminate layers of parasitic tax lawyers and accountants). Wow, what an EVIL man that President Trump is TRULY ? I find that hard to believe. Low taxes per se are good for a country, as it means that the "act of governance" constitutes a lower burden upon peoples resources. Of course, deliberately starving a country (or state) of investment by cutting taxes TOO much CAN cause problems. But that is not the fault of "low taxes", that is a problem with "inappropriately low" taxes. So what about Kansas ? Well, it had one bad year (2014) that was due to federal tax changes, and has subsequently rallied. The tax plan may not have worked exactly as hoped, but nontheless Kansas has had both better private income growth, better tax revenue growth, and better commercial growth, than any of its neighbouring states.
  24. Come over to the Dark Side then...uh...I mean...the Light...yes, step into the not be afraid of the Light...come, come into the Light Tiggs... Join the Light Side!
  25. This is amazing lol. Lets run down the events of Russia gate. The Hillary's campaign pays for evidence of anything Russia Trump related. Now keep in mind, people want Trump in prison for his son simply meeting a Russian with no money or information exchanged. A report comes out that is obviously ridiculous, and again paid for by Hillary. Hillary's crew gives this completely made up crap to the FBI, and THAT is used to get warrants for spying on the Trump campaign. smh
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