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  2. 8n my case, I'm ten years behind music, dress sense, and most of my hobbies were much more popular ten years ago.
  3. Got to go and get the rum cakes made for my friend's birthday tomorrow. I will probably enlist the help of my hubby, who is an excellent baker. LOL
  4. Lol, I'll admit I could've worded it better. Typed it and hit send real quick, but I made my point. Net Neutrality is not 'control of everything', if anything it's the opposite of that. It prevents corporations from controlling the flow of information on the web. And as for government control, if this was truly a democracy, then it would be a government of, by, and for the people; which means we are the ones who would be in effect controlling the internet, by electing officials to legislate laws the American people want. Not for profit, not by screwing us over, but for our own benefit since we would in essence be writing said laws. Of course that's the ideal scenario. Unfortunately our politicians do the bidding of their corporate donors, so this 'big bad government' you conservatives are always scared of isn't the one screwing us over. It's the corruption that's fed by the corporations who control the politicians by gigantic campaign contributions (bribes basically) to act in the best interest of these millionaires and billionaires and big corporations, and NOT in the best interests of the American people. To put it simply: The government is only screwing you over because the corporations essentially run the government. Not the American people. If this government functioned as it was supposed to (of, by, and for the people; a true democracy), then there'd be nothing about the government to fear. They all pretty much do the same job if you ask me. Doesn't matter to me personally. Kind of a subjective preference sorta thing, really. Again, the corporations are the ones screwing you over through the government. I'm not saying corporations are inherently evil, they're just all money making machines. Therefore they only care about one thing: Profit. It's simple. They give huge sums of money in campaign contributions to politicians (which are basically bribes), and in exchange they expect the political favors that benefit them and screw over you. If you fix the corruption in Washington by getting money out of politics and put the power back into the American people, then there's nothing to fear of the government since it's essentially run by the people to work in a way that's best for them, not just the corporations. And btw, when we pay taxes, that isn't the government 'taking' our money like a thief (or at least it shouldn't be, kinda is now, but that can be fixed by doing the above), that's us as Americans paying into things like public roads and bridges, schools, military, etc. WE THE PEOPLE are funding this s**t. It's not the government 'taking' our money any more than we let them take it. The only reason our taxes are so high now is because the corporations control the politicians to suck out tons of taxes on the poor and middle class, and give MASSIVE tax cuts to the fabulously wealthy. This isn't just unfair, it's insane and immoral. This is just factually incorrect. Obama fought to uphold Net Neutrality, he didn't 'found' it. You seriously want to complain about the government controlling the media, while opposing Net Neutrality? This decision is the ultimate control of media right here. Now the dissemination of information in controlled by people who want to maximize profits, and will therefore censor anything online that hurts their business. Under Net Neutrality anyone could post anything anywhere online, and had the same internet speed so no one could control what sites you go on. It's literally total equality! If you're worried about corruption controlling the internet, then you should be fighting to maintain Net Neutrality here. You're arguing against yourself. Sure, trade Communism for Fascism. Sounds like a fair deal.
  5. Per the discussions about gods parentage of humanity a few hours back Either some posters genuinely don't understand this argument OR they chose to ridicule it God is the father of humanity in at least 3 respects First if you believe in god as a creator being it created us and is thus our father in that sense. Second in the relationship between god and man god holds a position parental authority as the holder of wisdom knowledge and power. One can disobey a father but this is fraught with dangers Lastly,, one part of god is its spirit In the biblical sense this was the father of Christ the man and is the father of each one of us The spirit (consciousness and power) of god is like the seed of god, it impregnates us and grows within us, shaping and creating our own identity and our own human soul or spirit It is what makes us human and thus makes god our father, in the spiritual sense that we are only as we are, because of its presence. One can deny this and walk away from it. Hence the many parables on this in the bible. This rejection of parentage causes grief to the father but also much loss to the son who is separated from his father. In Christianity the writers combined all these, and other, elements of parentage to explain god's relationship to man.
  6. A lot of people identify that way
  7. If you don't know why then you should probably read the thread.
  8. I redard everything as fake news...sad...but true...their track record isn't very good.
  9. I know! That's their job. They do it with the electricity, natural gas and water. They used to do it with land line phones.
  10. I tend to think of myself as someone who was born a decade late.
  11. I agree, for me it has come to mean attaching to the meaning, clinging to it, defining myself and my life by it. Of course, meaning adds depth to an experience, the bling of the moment for good or bad, what I try and be mindful of is any experience has its peaks and valleys a time to be something and a time to let go and move on, or go with the flow. I like your optimistic nihilism too, for you, at this moment it suits you. One can actually live a mindful life, but what that means will be tailored to the person.
  12. Funny. In reality, all it does is show that I can admit when I'm wrong. You on the other hand? Not so much.
  13. We know you're not one
  14. Why? Do you really think they all asked Obama to fix it?
  15. of course a god is accountable for its actions it is a sentient self awre being with free will and conscience Thus it knows good form evil and is accountable for its own actions However it is NOT accountable for the actions of other self aware, free willed beings, like us.
  16. I've been to big cities a few time. If I were pressed to describe my clothing as a style I'd say 90's grunge. But since most of the difference is how tight the clothing is, I get classified as hipster. And since my only defense is I was wearing it before it was cool...
  17. Keep up the research, you will eventually learn the truth.
  18. Lol better then a hipster talking about coffee
  19. seeder

    "Japanese monkeys are learning to have sex with sika deer",,,says the headline, and yes, it seems they are - having now checked other sources...I wont make a thread...but us brits have been doing that for years- The Missus says: "Are you coming to bed now seeder" and I give the typical UK male response... " Yes Dear"  :lol: .. the story is true by the way...but I wont post it...knowing the types of silly responses I get to my jokey threads it wont last long if posted by me :lol:

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      You should all know by now you get no BS from me.... so heres the link...feel free to post it!!


  20. The goats milk makes it nice and creamy, which I've always found brings out the flavor more. I sound a bit like a coffee snob right now.
  21. If the Federal Government doesn’t exist to stop the people being exploited by corporations, then what good is it?
  22. God is not a crutch. It is a bionic enhancement Connection to god fulfils and extends human potential and empowerment I will get criticised for this but anyone NOT connected to god is less complete than the y would be IF connected. Adding a power, a strength, knowldge or wisdom, from outside of self ADDS to a person rather than detracts The problem is not with your logic it is that you do not believe such a being exists and can link to humans to empower, strengthen, and totally re-form them into new beings. Most humans don't need gods in that the y can survive in a minimalist sort of way without a god. However add a god, and not only are their abilities immediately enhanced, but,their potential is also greatly enhanced Rather than being a 44 gallon container, which can contain no more than that, they are expanded to a bigger container, with room for more inside them. room for more growth, more strength, more knowledge, more understanding, more love etc. God is like a massive external hard drive which, when you connect to it already contains a lot of new knowledge but also has room for far far more.
  23. Wow, what a revelation, Democrats and old guard Republicans think badly of Trump.
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