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  2. IKR!? I wanted to quote him there but couldn't. Twas comedy gold.
  3. That's because the US wasn't a sh÷thole then.
  4. Peace to you My friend... Thankyou for responding. I admire honesty and you are that indeed.. Yes walker. Be you.. I would never impose on you a directive, and in all honesty you would not allow that..... Lol. I like you walker, and I love that you have experienced life in all colours.. Thankyou for understanding that I was coming from a place of Aroha (love) because I am... OK, enough of that...haha. Back to topic... Karma exists whether its recognised or not.. If a blind person can't see the colour blue, do we deny its existence... No... Animals are alive too, which gives them consciousness, therefore, karma applys to them too.. It applys to life. Some may find this hard to accept because they see animals as just that, animals.. If you are alive and have consciousness, then your part of the "Big Plan".... Thankyou for sharing some of your life with me, you are lovely.. Scottish aye.. Do you know much Gallic?...
  5. Aquila King


  6. Sorry if that happened. I hate it when it happens to me. Please point it out, and I will retract my statement.
  7. So -- for the bits you've bolded -- the short answer is "dunno" for the first, and that I think that the second one isn't really an issue. I'll start with the second one, because that's the easiest. Comey had decided that the public statement should do two things: Firstly, give Clinton a bit of a slap, and secondly -- not accuse her of doing anything criminal. Several people worked on drafting and re-drafting that document. The wording change is in line with Comey's intent. If Strzok hadn't made the change, someone else would have. The first one -- I really don't know what they're talking about. I can throw a few guesses at it, but they could all be wildly wrong. The phrase "It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40" looks like a metaphor to me. I'm not sure why he wouldn't just say "It's an insurance policy in case he wins," otherwise. As a metaphor -- it has a "We need to cover our ass, just in case the unlikely thing happens, but it probably won't" feel to it. Taken altogether, it has a "It would be nice if we didn't have to do X, but we can't risk it" feel. What X is, is the question, I guess. Presuming that they're talking about Trump -- then X is dependent on Trump being elected. Could be anything from having to run a deep background check on the Trump family members, to sharing all the data they've gathered on the Trump Campaign FISA warrants with FEYE, in case they're expecting the department to be purged and all Trump-related evidence destroyed. Could very possibly be something entirely different. Need more information, basically. I'm not particularly convinced it's the Steele Dossier. When you only have a few bits of a jigsaw puzzle, there's a natural tendency to want to stick them all together. I'm just not sure it makes much sense, since I think they're talking about something they need to do, rather than something they're going to keep in their back pocket.
  8. It is called sarcasm, but it comes as no surprise that it went sailing right over your narrow mind. And so will I, as often as I like. That really gets on your nerves, judging by all the all the school-yard baloney you just threw at me like a spoiled little monkey throwing it's own feces all over the place. Tell you what, you make a great case for US Isolationism. If we have to avoid your brand of crypto-Imperialsm and gross interference in our own domestic affairs, all we have to do is abandon all our treaty obligations and have Trump re-negotiate more favorable terms for the few we want to keep. Just as he said. You all can sink or swim on your own, and since you are basically hostile it seems like you are encouraging that very thing.
  9. Well, these things go in cycles. Nations rise and fall and opinions change. We are losing it in trade, manufacturing, and technology too. China tried the Wall, didn't keep the Mongols out. A thousand years ago China was the most advanced technological country in the world. Then they tried to isolate their kingdom from the rest of the world; it caught up with them and passed them. Seems like China learned their lesson, now they are economically expanding through Africa, Asia, and South America. Within the next few years they will pass America. Let China lead, we will follow. It has never been all Americans that cared about any of those things you mentioned, now it is less than a majority. Let China take over the Middle East peace process. Let China solve the environmental problems. They may not do a lot with human rights though. China has plans in electronics, genetics,electric cars, and space exploration. We have a plan to cut corporate taxes. China is already buying massive amounts of real estate and manufacturing in the United States. America will just let it happen. They probably already own their share of congressmen. Sealing our borders won't save us. Turning our backs on other people won't make us more secure. Leaders face problems and solve them, not hide from them. Leaders use ethics and morals to guide their actions not fear and expediency.
  10. Looks like a human floating on his back to me, maybe some sort of a turtle
  11. Humans recognise, identify, and name all things in their worlds. Yes of course karma is a real force, like gravity, but for humans it only exists because we recognise it and its effects Eg karma does not apply to other animals but gravity does. Thank you for your advice, and coming from a nice person like yourself it means something to me as a genuine concern rather than a criticism., but i am what i am. I have been given similar advice over the years My parents taught me that words and emotions are meaningless, and that actions and behaviours are what counts. There is no point in expressing sorrow at another's grief, beyond simply stating (if you mean it) that you are sorry for them , but a lot of point in listening, offering help etc. . I am a loving and caring person, who is often moved to tears, but tears help no one, and neither does anger, grief, or any of the other negative emotions. And so i don' t show them much. I just act on them to help others where i can. Compared to my wife i am over emotional and demonstrative, and if i was any more so, it would annoy her intensely as she also finds a lot of such emotional response to be fake and useless and indeed sometimes deceptive because many people say things without meaning them or supporting the words with actions. (i don't think i have ever seen her cry in our 40 plus years of marriage ) We are both of Scottish descent, which may explain our somewhat dour or stoic nature, but it doesn't mean we do not care. We have spent our lives caring and doing for others, just without all the emotional drama which some seem to need. I would feel false, and hypocritical, writing mushy/emotional words, just as i would feel wrong writing words in anger or in spite. Nonetheless, i have given over a dozen eulogies for loved ones, (family, friends, colleagues, and relatives) because i was asked to do so, and was offered a job at a funeral home, because i could both maintain a neutral demeanour in the face of death, and strong emotions, and yet relate well to those who were grieving I admire your emotional nature, especially your joy and your positive nature, but it would be false for me to pretend to be like you. We must all be true to ourselves and it has worked well for me for 66 years I 'd get worn out living with a person who was in a state of heightened emotions all the time. and that includes myself. I love life, i love people, i have never been depressed in my life, and generally i live in a state of joy, fun, and optimism, but i contain this inside my mind and body .
  12. Well it is aliens. I have seen them. White light ball in the sky flying with speed of bullet and can slow down and make turns.
  13. I don’t have that book so I don’t what you are trying to say. You’re not trying to push your point I shot down in my last reply are you? You couldn’t even respond to it. Anyway, after reading the excerpt there on Amazon, it pretty much confirms part of what I’ve been saying. No, not really. Remember the situation here. We’re dealing with the outcome of the first WW and the Mandate. And the only nation in the territory reinstituted the Ottoman land laws. In other words, Israel has taken the responsibility to be custodian of the land. The land is there legally for the taking and that is what Israel is doing. That is correct but the converse in not true. Are you going to sit there and tell everybody here that poor Palestinians are going to pay good money to own the 12,000 km² of the Negev? Well, who stole it first? The Palestinians were robbing the Ottomans blind but the Ottomans had implemented a process that would have recovered that land. How do you know if it does or doesn’t? You don’t understand it. You can’t even answer the question put to you. This quote has never been confirmed as being stated by him.
  14. Damn it I ran out of likes. LIKE!!! jmccr8
  15. Surgeon admits marking his initials on patients' livers during transplant operations. Link
  16. Again? It's gonna be a looooong evening huh. I fail to see the drama here. 'Myth".., when I should have said "Modern Speculation". However I fail to see how this made me a straw man, and changed the meaning of your point. Please elaborate. Those parts? You're going to have to quote this part properly.., I am not sure what part of my post you are replying to.., and what reports u refer to. Oh, ok. Perhaps I am wrong. Can you please tell me what would be considered as "evidence" for UFOs being more than mis-ID's and hoaxes?
  17. No, but I've heard of fool doctors thinking I was dead. Same people perhaps?
  18. Again, who cares if he is biased? It's like saying people who don't like rape can't investigate rape cases or people who don't like Nazis can't investigate Nazi war crimes. He's the investigator, not the judge. If he is biased, wouldn't it make him work that much harder? And if he digs up lies and shows it to a judge and jury, wouldn't he just dig his own grave? That would motivate him to be honest.
  19. Oh, you whited sepulcher, all fair without, but within? Full of dead men's bones and all manner of corruption. Many things you may be, but you are no holy man, so arrogant and stiff-necked with pride. I do not see you as Christian, at all, lacking the essential qualities to make one so. You lack humility but I prophesy unto you that the day is coming when you will be humbled beyond measure, you who think yourself so exalted, such a paragon of virtue you see yourself to be. You will become nothing more than dust upon the wind and no man will know your name.
  20. Ahh, could you define good for me. jmccr8
  21. Leatherback Turtle ? Surely looks like it...
  22. So you didn't even look into it. Not helpful. I want to hear from professionals or people debunk some of this. I'm not on board either way.
  23. Today
  24. I have been chat to a illuminati member girl who seems to be the higher level of illuminati. She had boyfriend 30 years old. She is 12 years old. I had pics but I deleted it. She wanted me very much but because of my extreme high requirements I don't get her and once she told me to not play it royal. I know their bosses are royal alien race. Is this confirmed that they can read mind? I chat to her, her bodyguard and her boyfriend. The bodyguard said the he is one of mine. The boyfriend of her wanted to kill me but said that he love me as brother. And also told me every minute what I think and he was correct.
  25. Holy poo I lol'd hard at this.
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