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  2. Blasphemer! Thats outrageous? How dare you to mock 42.
  3. You can add Warmists, too. They're a pretty weird bunch.
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of Flat Earthers.
  5. You reduced your God to 1. Congrats. Can't wait for 0....
  6. Not possible, Coca Cola wasn't available yet then ... ~
  7. We also have another thread about this:
  8. Heh, I would love simple answers... Smegging God ruins everything....
  9. We are the one to make the final sacrifice. We need to sacrifice the sin of devotion to our will and begin to become like the Father through devotion to the business of "the doing of the Father's will" instead. That's what Jesus did, and that's what we need to 'do' too.
  10. Perhaps they were actually all just toy animals that Father Christmas brought Jesus? It was Christmas, after all .....
  11. I watched that episode. It has to be left to Northerners to say it as it is and stick it to the Remoan politicians. By the way, that QT episode - which came from Barnsley - was the last one in which viewers were able to send comments in via texts on the BBC Red Button, which they have been able to do since 1999. Seems like another way to silence voters. Reading the live texts was one of the joys of watching QT.
  12. Therer is no other way to know what you think of as being God. Others have different concepts of what God is/means.
  13. Like I've already said, I wish the EU well with this policy. I'll happy support the formation of it, as long as the UK is not part of it. Im also pleased with the ROI stance on it. Its a means to an end for me, i want to see defence spending in the UK increase. The policies above will force the UK govt to act accordingly. win win for me.
  14. What can be 'known' of God can only be determined by a person's sincerity of 'wanting' to know in the first place. Generally, the more you look for this knowledge on the outside, like in books and religious traditions, the more confused you'll probably be, unless there is an honest devotion to the business of truth discovery. The place to start looking for God isn't on the outside. It's on the inside. That's where he is most of all, there to reveal himself, and to reveal who you are in relation to him. There really is no other way to 'know' God.
  15. I'm surprised old Ken stayed awake long enough to vote. But considering that it was only a narrow victory for the Remoaners - 309-305 - I think the vote should be taken again.
  16. To ease his paranoia when useing a laptop with a built in webcam, Austin always wears this mask.
  17. I caught this on thursday night it was priceless to see the look on the faces of the moaners and Appeasing cuckoos.
  18. I`m seriously worried about the National Health Services Festive Stomach Pump Brigade. Will all of those brave men and women be able to handle the onslaught of trollied and booze poisoned punters?
  19. No pics... Bow hunting alone in the Sierra's outside of Reno,Nevada. (1990's) Scouted out an area with a nice spring. Went to sleep in the back of my 72 blazer, with the top off. Woke up to bear prints all around my tailgate, and camp area. 2 weeks later..... Same area. Went for a walk in the late afternoon, not hunting at this time. (did not want to hit a deer, and not find it) Walked about 3 miles from camp. Saw a very shiny object on a tree. Walked over to it to see: "Use extreme caution. University Nevada Reno Bear catch and release area!" Guns are(were?) not allowed when bow hunting in Nevada. Anyway, boring, but 2 quick stories since I do not post much anymore. Have more, maybe post later on.
  20. I agree with the first 4
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