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  2. 2008-2009 for me. First time I've seen this thread
  3. Jailed Russian hacker: I hacked Democrats 'under the command' of Russian intelligence agents Interesting.
  4. Nah. It was his upper body. Maybe he'll do enough time to not be able to enjoy his millions.
  5. So you're telling me the oldest known surviving film is as long what now are the most commonly shared films - in the form of gifs? They were really on target with people's attention spans.
  6. So... that was the 10 December Disclosure??? Golly gosh, it was at least twice as good as I expected.... Yes, Grant Cameron. and Steven Greer. and Jaime Maussan. and Jose Escamilla. and a whole pile of other fraudsters very well-known to us. See how easy it is to make claims? Thing is, I can back up the fraudulent nature of their claims -just by pointing at old threads. Maybe you should try the search function? No, they didn't. They make this garbage up and try to make money out of it. Just ask anyone who's gone to a Greer contact-with-aliens night - did anything other than satellites, aircraft and the odd meteor appear? Of course not. BTW, what did you think of Greer's 'Woodland Moth' debacle? Oh how we laughed... So you concede you can't prove *any* secrets are being hidden on this topic. We've heard this for decades. Your newness to the topic isn't our problem.... What team are you talking about? Cite please. What, the Entire US Navy had only one UFO in 2004? Don't be ridiculous, many minor sightings would count as UFO's - don't you know what the letters stand for? If there is one that was IDENTIFIED as non terrestrial, could you point THAT one out? Thanks. So whose side are you on, again? It's you who is saying it is nothing... This thread is a trainwreck. But don't get me wrong, I think it's great that it exists and I will be promoting it widely, as its existence is a lesson to others who will probably think twice before laughing hysterically at delonge's scamming. As for it being a distraction from something else... I just shake my head - why does a scammer need (or deserve) excuses? And finally, WHEN will you be posting that video from the "top 5%"? Make it the very best, would you mind? Then we'll talk about your level of expertise.
  7. Trump almost derailed the whole effort against ISIS, by attacking Assad's forces over a (most likely false-flag) attack. Putin seems to have been wise enough not to reply to the childish provocation of a president who needed to prove himself at home. They have stayed on course along with the Syrian Army to clear the areas surrounding Raqqa, such as Deir Ezzor, which helped the Kurds to advance on the Caliphate...
  8. You neither have to believe me, nor take any notice of me, but according to the rules of the forum, and of civil behaviour, you first; should address the issues not the person; and second, you should not make pejorative comments, or use ridicule or sarcasm, rather than address the debate. This may not be as much fun for you, but it is the correct form of behaviour in any form of debate. .
  9. Basically yes although i see it in more psychological and moral/ ethical terms. If you do good you get a good reputation and in a community this has value Plus you get to feel good about yourself and this also has value in happiness, a clear conscience, and self confidence and success.
  10. Today
  11. I got round to checking the average female wage fopr 1959 which was about 4 pounds a week The contents of the purse was about 15-20 pounds or 4 - 5 weeks wages for this woman. Or more if she earned less than the average wage In australia at the time, which as a clerical worker, she probably did. the MINIMUM wage a person can be paid is now about $700 a week So in, today's terms, the money in the purse was worth about 2800 to 3500 dollars or more And had an equivalent spendig ability i began with a guess of 500 dollars a week, because that seemed a likely wage for a young clerical worker today,, but it was much too low .
  12. Good info. Talking about stuff that happens at our backs, today a man discovered that the wifi access code from a Starbucks shop in Buenos Aires Argentina has a javascript code which once executed use customers' hardware to mine bitcoins.
  13. This isn't proof that Assange and Trump Jr. discussed the hacked emails from the Democratic campaign. I was referring to that. I looked at the tweet, and I found nothing that showed that the two met. I probably misunderstood your initial post, so it seems like we're discussing two different things. I need a scorecard with all of these allegations and names. I usually rush through these posts and type whatever comes to mind. This stuff is complicated, as well as convoluted. I'll consider a diagram for this thread.
  14. Cabal/Establishment backed Clinton who won in the semi-finals. Putin backed Trump who won in the finals. And American People backed Bernie Sanders, who's not tied to a foreign power like Russia/Putin, a narcissist ego to please with every action, or a transnational Cabal who has him in his pocket. System was rigged. Bernie and the public got cheated. But lets not forget who the real Make America Great platform was and an American superhero is - not the fake slogan hiding Make Trump Great Orangutan - but freaking Bernie Sanders. Related to this is this story below in interview with Project Camelot on the so called "White Hats" the Counter to the Men in Black? dish out some of the shady tactics focusing on Trading Programs, including drug/opium trading, economic hitmen, money laundering, "Pure Heart" etc. How Black Ops are financed from this guy's investigations. How big players Bush/Clinton/Vatican/European Bloodline/Romney are involved (indirectly) being on board with the Cabal. How Trump is battling the Cabal. He leaked documents to support some of the bold claims on message boards (I have not looked into yet). The only thing this guy doesn't bring up Trump's ties with Putin/Russia. From what he says makes me conclude that Trump has in effect aligned with Putin/Russia to battle the Cabal which nearly every big political player is on board with (Bushes/Clintons/Romney/etc). According to this "white hat" there seems to be "trading programs" designed to both generate money for some of these operations by way of very shady business practices, while simultaneously enticing big political players to invest into the dealings ($100 million minimum investment with promise of really big returns) so they have them in their back pocket. At least how I understood it. So this 1. generates money for the operations 2. entangles big players (especially political) into it from the investment side, to further dictate policies favorable to them and whatever end game they have in mind. 3. possibly targets certain populations which are deemed less favorably Any of you members research this? These accusations/leaks are all new to me and I'm going to mentally digest it and monitor the issue. Would be good to see some real documents that were leaked if anyone is serious about getting to the bottom of this. In the video above the guy being interviewed provides a web address.
  15. I'm referring to the CNN claim, on Wikileaks, that they erroneously reported. It's yet more bogus nonsense that likely has no basis in reality. Get back to me when they prove that Assange and Trump Jr. discussed the hacked emails from the Democratic campaign. I was talking about that.
  16. There is just so much to wade through. I'll probably eventually pare it down to just the pertinent points. At least I will give it all due attention and maybe a little more unlike you that just respond with clichés and sound bites. I’ll just start with two quick replies You do realize that UN resolutions are non-binding. And without an enforcement body, they (and international laws) are mere opinion. You do realize that the important resolutions where it applies to both Israel and the Palestinians, the Palestinians violate them as well. I guess when one has studied the situation as long as I have, giving the tabular facts gets boring. What’s of more interest are the causes and outcomes. I prefer ripping long held misconceptions. Yes, the majority of Jews after WW2 were immigrants and they had legal places to go to. Saying that the Palestinians were indigenous is pretty kind to what they actually were. Squatters build houses on land they do not own. They are squatter houses. They have been squatters for hundreds of years. They never have been responsible in their actions to legitimately purchase the land. They just played the game that their family would out last the family of the rightful owners and hoped that they would be left alone. They allowed someone else to pay their way. In 1909, about 200,000 hectares were purchased in the Jezreel Valley. The new Jewish owners had not only the law but the will and the means to clear the land of squatters. This is probably the beginning of Palestinian violence in the modern era. It must be pretty embarrassing to be bettered by Jews.
  17. A;ready posted here: Do not post the same topic more than once.
  18. A;ready posted here: Do not post the same topic more than once.
  19. A witch hunt is a witch hunt, and Graham and McCain both show that one's political part is irrelevant. Anyway, that sounds like a good charity, one of the small ones that needs more attention. As for Mueller knowing the whole Russian thing is BS, he doesn't have to say a thing. It's just common sense.
  20. And now a message from the far, far Right: Bill O’Reilly Doubles Down on Secret Tape: Woman Offered $200K To Make Sexual Harassment Claims Against Trump! (AUDIO) Source
  21. I just had a brief mental picture of this piece of film about to be projected for the first time in over a century... and it jams in the projector and catches fire.
  22. BTW, I thought Wheeling was in West Virginia (thousands of miles from ho-o-o-o-ome..). (sorry)
  23. I think it is your opinion, I will respect that. I don't think it is "truth". It seems that the country was moving before he showed up. He did well in Syria and got credit for it. He sold arms to Saudi Arabia and got credit for it. He may or may not do well with China, but so far has got some creds for that. He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, a campaign promise of his, and got recognized for that. Not everybody likes it, but some people do. I am hoping he will still do something with infrastructure that would get the country moving, that would be good for our kids. He has kicked plenty of butt, and I can see how many folks would like that, but has he done much to help working people? Are there any facts in this whole mess or just opinions?
  24. That was one tight corset.
  25. A term used by kooks when they don't like their ridiculous reasoning being questioned.
  26. It's the use of the term "Gravity" that is the problem, not the prefix. Do try to at least think about the topic... I may as well say that my legs have musculo-gravitic properties - seeing they can easily overcome gravity when I stand or jump... It's just daft, if not deliberately misleading...
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