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  2. Myself for good or bad at this point in my life.
  3. Yes and considering that in those days the majority of the population lived in small villages or farms throughout the known world at that time that animals would give more of a personal identity for them. They were said to have been there for a census that I haven't seen recorded so whether it was a real event or a literary device is yet to be seen. jmccr8
  4. The wonder of the god construct is it is adaptable based on need. Some people can’t trust themselves and need help until they can, I think for them the idea of god serves as a role model.
  5. I'm saying the Algonquians didn't eat people at all out of fear of becoming one, which is the fear of becoming sick with prions. They considered the practice a sin and looked upon the Iroquoian tribes as barbaric and mind sick for doing it.
  6. We haven't (yet) started asking jury members or judges if they're the opposite party of the person they are judging. Why? Because it doesn't matter. Cases are judged on their merits. They weigh the evidence and then they see if any laws were actually broken. They can't indict people who didn't break any laws just because they don't like them. The assumption in advance that someone will bend the law to indict a person who doesn't deserve indicting...just because they had a different political opinion...well, that's an assumption.
  7. The Quran uses a lot of folk tales that were in circulation around the time of its creation and, like the Bible/Thora draws from older myth. It fills in a lot of blanks and includes a lot of things that many people would expect from mythic stories. For example in the Quran's version of Cain and Able, Eve's first reaction to learning about Able's death is to ask something along the lines of "What is death? What does 'being dead' mean?" But I have never encountered any indication that the version with Mary giving birth under the palmtree is the "original" version of the tale. If you look at the historical sources it seems pretty clear that Yeshua was originally viewed as an ordinary prophet who was born form the sexual union of a man and a woman and that the whole "virgin birth" aspect came later when early christians tried to make Jesus more special.
  8. Alright, but I'm curious of your trust (faith) in God. I can't reconcile trust in anything other than faith trust in a person. As a religionist, a Buddhist, if your faith trust isn't in the person of God, what is it that you have living faith, or personal trust in?
  9. Apparently, the mother called the father from hospitals during her pregnancy making claims that she was sick. Since the other two kids were ok, I'm really thinking this was a personal thing against Christopher's father and not true Munchausen.
  10. How about sleepers like this
  11. Hi Will, I am not answering for Sherapy but am going to say that if I trust myself and have faith in myself then it is a given that god is with me. If I abandon myself then god as I see god does not exist for me. jmccr8
  12. Yes indeed. This woman got a lot of money and attention and dad wasn't even allowed to see him. She kept telling the courts that he didn't know how to take care of his son.
  13. We’re probably going to have to go out separate ways here but I’ll give two more cents. If the government has no authority to interfere with the counsel that would mean the counsel is above all three branches of government and would be an unstoppable unaccountable force. Besides, both the AG and congress are parts of the government so that negates the whole point. Even if it didn’t go well and was an admission of guilt the fact that such a power exists would give the president dictatorial powers. Im telling you man, Congress has all of the authority here. The AG could certainly pick apart the special counsel for crimes he discovers about its members but congress could keep replacing them keeping it active until they disband it altogether.
  14. Back onto the Russia probe, we now really need to find out what the "insurance policy" is that Strzok was talking about in his emails to his FBI lawyer mistress. Here's what the concern is about: We know Clinton paid Fusion GPS (in the spring of 2016) to commission Christopher Steele to contact Russian agents to provide the information that would become the 'Trump dossier' that Steele personally compiled. Steele himself has stated that the dossier was given to the FBI in July of 2016. Fusion GPS was paid $1.02 million while Steele received $168,000 for the dossier...what happened to the rest of the money? Now it appears it was Peter Strzok who analyzed that dossier and promoted it as being valid intelligence. There's some strong suspicion that this was then used to obtain FISA warrants allowing the FBI to spy on members of the Trump campaign due to their supposedly being in cahoots with the Russians. This all stinks to high heaven. If this is how it went down then I highly suspect there will be massive repercussions.
  15. There are no requirements to give up your faith in any god if that is what serves you. For some the idea of god gets a lot of mileage, for some it doesn’t. It is personal preference, need, etc. I don’t know if you have a cell phone but which smart phone is better iPhone or Galaxy? Each would like to have you believe theirs is the best ( dogmatize) but in truth, it is personal preference and there are those that see the plus and minuses of both and the one they choose boils down to aesthetics.
  16. In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital fired some workers for betting on when patients would die
  17. I've read about people with this condition before. To not feel pain sounds ideal but in reality it's not good at all, pain lets us know when something is wrong.
  18. I wouldn't go the age route..... Iowa (and the US) has a big problem with people scamming the elderly: The big two here and contractors and telephone scammers. It seems that wisdom does not always come with age. In fact the University of Iowa did a study and found interesting things about age and scams:
  19. I joke about Steve Mnuchin, but I don't actually believe he's a Reptilian. He does look uncomfortable in his own skin, though, so at least he's a better candidate.
  20. If you're a Buddhist, do you have living faith in God? Do you trust him (faith), one person to another? Just curious.
  21. You're ranting again. Al Gore is not a scientist and has never made a climate-related discovery nor published a peer-reviewed paper on any aspect of climate. He's a politician. The Nobel committee gave him the prize in the hopes that doing so would lend credence to his cause. You're part of the evidence on how well that worked. I'm not defending him simply because he's irrelevant. Doug
  22. I assume he needs to notify them because, as you said, they began the whole process. After the Prosecutor has been appointed the government has no authority to interfere with the Counsel. At least as far as I'm aware. Well, yeah. Have you not heard of The Saturday Night Massacre? However, prematurely ending Special Counsels that are investigating yourself or own government never goes well (it's basically an admission of guilt). And it likely would only ensure that the investigation would be delayed, to be reinstated at another time. It'd be undeniable obstruction of justice and a clear crime.
  23. What the heck is with all the anti-Reptilian sentiment, though? Especially by someone who considers themselves a gnostic. If I'm not mistaken at least some gnostics think the serpent was the good guy. Am I mixing up my myths?
  24. Do you have any photos of these marks? How long do they last? Have you shown them to oe discussed them with a doctor? I wouldn’t worry about curtains moving, slight breezes could do that. Heat or a/c turning on or even from the wind outside coming through areas of the window itself. What kinds of sounds do you hear? As far as the presence you feel while in bed I would suggest looking into hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations. Seems likely that this is what’s going on since you seem to have other sleep related issues.
  25. Good question: I would say the question for me, taking front and center these days is Am I at peace?
  26. I'm curious - what is tater tot casserole? I know what a tater tot is.
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