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  2. I don't mind saying my age because it's nothing but a number.
  3. Immediately reminds me of the Anime Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I'm pretty sure it isn't that. That show was veeeeeeeery 'Egytiany'.
  4. Re-reading my words there, I expect debate.
  5. LOL I like to flatter. I have a very close friend at the museum who I work with in our Egyptian exhibit. It's very hard to tell her age because she dies her hair black and has excellent, smooth skin. Being a tactless brute I've asked her age more than once, and her standard reply is "Ageless."
  6. I don't remember that but it looks Egyptiany, so it's something I should know about. What's it from?
  7. Oh, good grief. Power trip? What power? Because she runs a Facebook page? I'm just one Mod among a great many on the internet, and she's just one Admin among countless on Facebook. That's actually kind of sad.
  8. Uh oh, make sure you get him/her to a vet because it sounds like an antibiotic may be needed.
  9. Lol she's napping right now
  10. Woohoo!! I got called young!! LOL
  11. I think my dog may have a urinary track infection...
  12. Ah man, the above linens joke reminded me of this cartoon from the 90's.
  13. You're safe. All of the demonic qualities skipped you and went right to your small demon.
  14. Just saying what I think. I left a Facebook brides to be group when one admin (who's gone to weddings of members only to block them after the wedding) kept getting meaner on her power trip.
  15. You and me both.
  16. Young lady, you are making me very hungry!
  17. But with the finest toilet linens, right?
  18. During the Obama years this would have sat on the tables for a year and a half, and then either suddenly declared an emergency demanding an instant vote regardless of who had even read it or not, or everyone would have had to have been backed into a corner formed by an imminent vacation and their prospects for votes next year... Golly, what a difference a totally new POTUS makes in DC, eh? (for those of you who are unsure, that was something called sarcasm)
  19. I think the blood drinking version of vampires is a more recent take on the vampire myth. Though there's something that tends towards it being a perversion of the Catholic mass. And sexual, which probably adds to it. Lotta smutty vampire stories going back to Dracula.
  20. Flattery will get you everywhere!
  21. I can appreciate, though not agree with that. Knowledge, like faith, comes from life's lessons and shouldn't be demeaned by another.
  22. That used to be the case, back in the bad old days. But I developed a machine with a bunch of mechanical arms that do the work for me. I just stand there, all serene, and let the arms wrap me up.
  23. What vampirism is demonic? That's it I'm screwed, since I have 2 teeth that naturally look like fangs
  24. I always wondered why vampirism was demonic while symbolically drinking blood is okay.
  25. You would have to strand them in the path of the flames to get them to even consider the idea that they might possibly have had the wrong idea... and that would only last until they got out of the immediate danger. As soon as they got back together with their drinking buddies, the would go right back to plotting how the press release should read, and how to block off more 'public' land from human access, seal off more roads that fire fighters could have used to fight the blazes, embelish policies that leave more fuel to feed the fires... and blame everyone else for everything that they screwed up. Just like always.
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