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  2. Is this really surprising given the west encroachment ever eastwards or Trump's claimed plans to bolster nuclear stockpiles and loosen rules of use. "Among the new elements under consideration are a low-yield warhead for a ballistic missile intended primarily to deter Russia’s use of a small nuclear weapon in a war over the Baltic states; a sea-launched cruise missile; a change in language governing conditions in which the US would use nuclear weapons; and investments aimed at reducing the time it would take the US to prepare a nuclear test."
  3. Putin was alive in 1941?
  4. Accomplished multi-instrumentalist Vivian Stanshall was slightly ...ahem.... eccentric.
  5. Sad for him, death by fire is horrible. Our body made in carbon is a combustible by itself, but need quite a lot to ignite. We have a high level of moisture.
  6. Why you handsome sonuvagun!
  7. Some light reading for you. Well, at least you're consistent, I'll give you that.
  8. You should see her when its time to take the trash outside. She almost leaves a vapour trail as she blurs her self outside of the pub. When her form does regain composure again there is always a bottle shaped brown paper bag at hand!
  9. Ok, add to the list: malignant narcissist.
  10. I had releationship with girl in skype for one year. It was 2013 year. She was from Indonesia, little older than me. We both are Christians. We was 24 hours per day 7 days in week in video in skype. Was doing everything together. She never cheated on me and was doing everything I wanted. Then one night I was very nervous and stressed like something is wrong and like all the time video was opened to her room. She was in the next room to work. And the image in skype get freezed with her soul on the screen in front of her laptop. I don't know who made this fake image but this forced me to leave her I was extremely scared. Nobody seen this on my screen only me, other persons see that she is sleeping. After this I was very scared and don't talk to her again. Before I see this image on the screen I seen some ligths many colours around me put something in my belly and I stop become stressed and then this image appeared. I see this lights second time, the first time I saw them when I was crying and was thinking that I will die I was not able to walk of my pain, it was close to death but my priest saved my life. I saw this lights in my head and my priest called me by phone, then the lights leaved me. The image was brutal, nothing you can imagine or ever seen. Who can made this image, hackers or skype? After that I talked to her again and she was alive and even show in skype again but I don't wanted to talk to her again, I never feel her energy again. Like before that was not her energy, now I feel her a different person. I was like in paradise every second when before this image show in skype. I was sick in bed for some time and her energy put me in some fantasy, better than heaven like unlimited times. Now she is even crazy, she thinking she is married to Vladimir Putin. How I did not notice that she is not OK with head before that, and why her energy was like that? Again who can made this image and why I can't feel her energy again.
  11. don't know what you mean by that. well you've answered your own question. Native!
  12. Have a cuppa and settle down, big boy. I'm in no way trying to imply that Russia doesn't have a right to self-defense. I'm talking about the overall change in thinking. Ponder it soberly. If his military is thinking in terms of going to small, low-yield NUKES to attack troop formations and armor then what ELSE are they considering? It's a valid question. Putin has every right to do what he feels is best for his nation, up to the point where he might endanger the planet. At that point, he becomes scary-dude. Also, that "buildup" was tiny and was just to send a message - after Crimea was absorbed and eastern Ukraine invaded by his little green men - that he should probably not expect to continue such adventurism without risking war. There are no massed formations of troops or armor near his borders. It's the sanctions that he's p***ed about. I'd be surprised if you didn't understand the terrible potential of this new doctrine. He's assuming that he can punch us in the mouth, hard and fast, and we'll go down without a fight and accept the loss of hundreds or thousands of dead troops rather than risk our country. If the guy sitting in the big chair were still Obama, he might well be right. I can assure you that ANY president who reacted in that way would be quickly removed, one way or another. As to the idea that America wants to invade Russia...really?
  13. More like number two--but that's just one man's opinion.
  14. Banned for finding another use for the disaster that was once a so-called loaf of bread. Jeez MissJatti, whats the story jackanory with the food colouring????
  15. If there is harm, loss or injury to a person or their property, then in my book, thats criminal. But it wouldn't be my opinion that mattered. Otherwise we should be treated like adults and allowed to make our own mistakes and learn from these. Why would God want to intervene in our free will? I dont know, why don't you ask Him if you are really interested? But maybe you are right? Perhaps God wouldn't interfere in such matters. That is the beauty of this idea. God is in charge. The Awakened Ones would only transmit what was told to them. At the end of the day, humanity would still have the free will to commit crimes, but they would also know that they would be caught.
  16. That's, like, how the right to self-determination works. Unless you happen to have transferred your civilian population into a war-zone (occupied territory), which is a breach of the Geneva Convention. By applying that same logic, I assume you also believe that the USA is Native American?
  17. I disagree. But am open to being wrong. i really, really really REALLY want to stop arguing about what people assume I have done (without posting examples, just making accusations) and actually discuss a thread topic fro once.Can we please just do that from now on?
  18. Banned until you cough up that pie & chips money which I lent you last week.
  19. Right...they are just as useless as the average person except the average person doesn't have the platform or the money to make a difference...those fools have both and waste them endlessly.
  20. OK, when was their last exercise in tactical nukes? Nukes? Where? When? Yeah, stick you tongue into Putins bumhole, that will solve conflict. Hmmm, how that worked for USSR back in 1941?
  21. Whats the best way to strangle a ghost then?
  22. never said that Jerusalem had to be majority populated by Jews to be a Jewish. i agree with you that Jerusalem has never been continuously majority Jewish but Jewish from foundation and central to the Jewish identity and religion. i think that qualifies Jerusalem as Jewish.
  23. That's the thing about a military occupation that has left the civilian and resistance population nowhere to go: the only places they have are homes and businesses. Basically any building (of which there are less and less. Does Israel still ban cement from entering Gaza? I know they used to). In Gaza, Hamas fighters are among civilians. There is nowhere else for them to go Symbolic rockets are the way they now choose to do so, since Hamas renounced suicide bombing in 2005. But the funny thing about those rockets is that if you actually look at their range, they barely make it out of the pre '67 borders. So, technically, those in the range of the rockets are in an active war-zone. But, I agree, it is still technically a war crime. It should also be noted that this doesn't somehow make Israel's bombing of civilian population centres legal. It is still very much a breach of the Geneva Conventions and, as such, a war crime itself. Sure? I provided evidence from Israel's most prominent human rights group. It was IDF policy to use human shields. This is an undeniable fact.
  24. Just throwing this in....If anyone knows anything about Marian visitations, she always appears as a woman resembling the populace of the person she's appearing to...for example the Lady of Guadeloupe appeared as a native and spoke in the language of the Aztecs. Who's to say Jesus has only one look.
  25. Likely the one who's "gullible" thinks YOU are the one that's "gullible" and so on. I sometimes make fun of them, other times point out why they are wrong and provide what I think is the right solution/answer. I'm 2/3 into what I call the "rabbit hole" but some are completely in and believe everything, so we have many various issues and many people of a wide range of beliefs. Then of course the extreme skeptics, who themselves can be very irrational and as diluted, more than the gullible people in their little boxes. The examples you provide are click bait titles from channels started by people in order to earn money because for the most part we don't have socialist states. You have to earn income to pay for basic living expenses like food, shelter, travel etc. Many people are losing jobs and many are resorting to doing whatever they need to do, etc. You can call them scammers, some are but more likely they don't have jobs and have families or themselves to support, maybe they were laid off. This is capitalism - one side effect is a lot of garbage product and gimmicks along with the good products. From these things you mentioned, I do think ET have and are visiting Earth (as do these people Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman*, Thomas F. Valone, PhD, PE, physicist and licensed professional engineer, Robert M. Wood PhD, Dr. Steven Greer MD.), but maybe that particular video is BS - the thing is idk until I click on it and inspect further- so they kind of deceive you (there could be a video of an ET visiting Earth etc). This is a normality in advertising on the internet due to what I explained above. I also believe in disclosure is happening on various fronts and some of that we discuss here. The key figure in this domain I think is Dr. Steven Greer (organized the 2001 Press Conference - when you hear someone call him a "proven fraud", that's a lie or faulty research - I've looked into those claims not convincing at all) These are bogus claims. If you notice many of the videos are clips take from his talks and posted on youtube, for example. In this case people are taking his material and cutting it up, as they themselves have nothing original to offer. This happens also with big channels like Rogan Experience and every other channel. The bottom line is people are doing these things to maximize chance of revenue. Inequality (in the U.S. at least) is so high, more and more people are resorting to these type of cheap methods online. People watch mostly I think out of the entertainment value and curiosity. But each channel and video should stand on it's own. The problem here is that what you think is gullible might think you are gullible for your beliefs, etc so it's kind of pointless other than to discuss further on a forum like this one. Just don't make so many threads all at once, people don't like that. You were doing so good then I saw you got over zealous here. *"The evidence is overwhelming that earth has been visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft..." - Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman So you are going tell these physists and medical doctors they are gullible and need to take one of your courses?
  26. What is net neutrality? This term has been kicking around for several years, but most people struggle to define it. When net neutrality is enforced, as it is right now, all internet service providers must allow equal access to apps and content, regardless of the source. If it were not enforced, your internet service provider could make it harder for you to access parts of the internet at its own discretion. What will the internet look like without net neutrality? Without the assurance of net neutrality, large internet companies could favor their own business interests. Telecom giants and Silicon Valley titans are likely to lobby lawmakers in the coming days and weeks, but for now, net neutrality could affect everything from internet speed to overall access. Slower speeds The elimination of net neutrality means that internet providers can carve up service into fast and slow lanes, charging more for higher speeds. Comcast could demand fees from Netflix, for example, in exchange for preferential treatment. (In response to the FCC plan, Netflix took to Twitter to show “strong support” for net neutrality.) If content companies don’t want to pay, internet service providers could make them so slow that they’re unwatchable or even block access to competitors’ sites.
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