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  2. The word that is used can also be translated as "murder" or essentially, "to lie in wait" (premeditation). There is a clear difference between committing murder and defending one's family or life. Those who choose to parse the meaning of God's words so that they can find excuses to ignore them are wasting their time. Believe and obey or just ignore and do as you will. IOW, just make a choice...
  3. This is Beautifully said Friend.. Wonderful.... However, I want you to Know, this World and what we have right Here, right Now, is an Amazing wonder.. I definitely recieve teachings of Life in Nature, and I give back, with reverence to the Sun, moon, stars and Nature.. The Real Gods.. Life is in the Mind.. and you are what your thoughts think, what your heart feels and what your Mind Sets.. Be of cheer and hope...xx..
  4. So you choose not to believe the comfortable lie of mainstream science, but you do choose to believe the comfortable lie of the afterlife due to the overwhelming evidence?
  5. Life is never inconsequential--life feeds on life--and every type of lifeform makes demands and contributions toward that end. It is the way of nature, neither good nor bad.
  6. Why would we attack our allies? Don't the British people deserve support. If they remain calm and defiant is that not admirable? Also, Prime Minister May was the first to come to America and officially congratulate President Trump. I would rather follow the "We won't tell you how to run your country and you don't tell us how to run ours" philosophy.
  7. Peace to You... Purpose is Action.. We need action in Life or we become Enertians, we watch others Participate in Life.. The Most asked question to Self is .. What is My purpose?? For Me, My Purpose is to Stop the Systematic Control on the Minds and in the Hearts, of Humanity.. This is Easy, because I know, who I am and I know I can Make Change.. So I Go do.. To get it Done!!...PURPOSE!!...
  8. This may come as somewhat of a shock but you are not the first to arrive at this thought. Welcome. It is still an accomplishment to arrive. Your existence is part of the information contained in the universe. No matter what has happened or will happen, you are data that cannot be erased. Might not be as good as Valhalla, but we take what we can get.
  9. it is not about followers or pilgrims here, wrong you understand
  10. And Iran, despite what the Trump crowd is going to say, has propped up both the Iraqi and Syrian Army with their Shi'a militiamen who did a lot of the heavy lifting. Some of their top army generals have died on the battlefronts. They deserve no less than full credit for ISIS' defeat.
  11. Because some people need to feel special.
  12. Very good point. It is bad for us when life becomes so inconsequential, our life is diminished also.
  13. I give him an ever so slight benefit of doubt--and myself more than a single grain of salt. Still, Plate Tectonics was once fringe science, too. At least he thinks outside the box, although, in his case, he's completely out of the park, too.
  14. You have an Amazing Mind.. And you are absolutely Right... We must wear One face within all Truly Be Thy Self.. In our Minds and hearts, through societal ruling, we behave as if we are different Characters, we have a different Mask, for different Situations.. The word Freewill is just a Word until the Action is done.. Then its Just ..WILL.. Free is a Mindset.. Be Alive, Be Happy, Be anything that Expresses in You, the Human Expression... In Life Creation...xx
  15. I have no feelings of resentment like you describe. How does wanting elites and corporations to pay their fair share equate to having a victim mentality? When normal, working class folks pay their way, why shouldn't rich people? That 25% means a lot more to a working class family than 40% does to a filthy rich person with a family. It can often mean the difference between a working class family eating and not, clothing their family or not, or heating their house or not. It has practically no effect on someone rich enough to be in that tax bracket - while paying it contributes immensely to the society in which they live.
  16. Yep, that's pretty much it. I think my biases here are probably pretty obvious, but what struck me with this book was how he either dismissed or didn't even consider many of the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that an animal might get cues as to the imminent arrival of their owner.. And that's assuming we accept that his methodology of determining what is a valid sign of the animal's 'prediction' or detection, as distinct from the normal (growing) levels of anxiety shown as that arrival gets later and later. It seems to me to be a common thing in claims of telepathy and the like. Call me a cynic, but instead of looking for simple testable scenarios, the wannabe-famous claimants instead look for scenarios that are unbelievably complex, and involve lots of subjectivity - thus virtually guaranteeing 'success'. Every single thing that might have a slight bias, is of course going to be interpreted as a positive sign... Anyway, once we get into the meat of the book, actually look at the methods used, and I point out what was either wrong or completely ignored, or subject to bias through subjective interpretation... well, you folks can be the judge.. Hopefully the next instalment will be in just a few hours, once I get home and re-read the preface, intro and chapter one..
  17. He got a boost in popularity after Tedx had him give a talk and the main Ted organization came down on Tedx for not not holding to the standards and soiling the brand. They took his video down and now marked it as the video they don't want you to see.
  18. Awful cocky for a three post pilgrim.
  19. Today
  20. sorry, as I had guessed initially YOU ARE AN IDIOT!
  21. The same "her" MSN that barely even reported policy in the run up to the election, instead opting to fill the airwaves with the email scandal or Trump? Your story doesn't really check out when you consider that their unbiased reporting (by that I mean not ignoring the story as Fox does when it's inconvenient) was a significant part of the reason she lost the election. If what you claim were true, it would barely have been reported. This can also be applied to Comey's actions right before the election, to tear apart accusations of his bias.
  22. I think you could do great things expandmymind... I do.. known u a long time... Just go do it. You are an intelligent individual.
  23. I didn't know the old boy was still in business. Sheldrake has been around for decades. He's an honest-to-god scientist who believes something exists, rather akin to the Force, called Morphic Resonance, a concept under who's umbrella he gathers an assortment of mystical and pseudoscientific phenomena, from telepathy to ancestral memory. I use to find his works entertaining, if requiring a modicum of suspension of disbelief, back in the days when I enjoyed firing up one and--figuratively speaking--rolling my eyes up into my skull and drooling over weirdness. Ah, the care-free days of youth! He does have the virtue of making more sense than the likes of Von Daeniken--but that's not too difficult.
  24. Because I'm sick of the victim mentallity.. you have all the possibilities out there available for you.. yet it's the same old story of other people have it better and are pushing me down.. you are a young man still... Use that energy to do something you like to do and become the best at it.
  25. Goodnight sorry have been bus with planes and airports today
  26. That "worldview" got beaten out of a lot of us over the last 8 years. It had a lot to do with the IRS being weaponized, American citizens, even congress critters, being illegally surveilled and the apparatus of the CIA and FBI being used for political purposes against the opposition party. Nothing but innuendo will attend Mueller's final report - whenever he deigns to share it. The Trump haters will call for his Impeachment, his supporters will deny there's any THERE, there and the media/progressive syndicate will continue banging the drum. The problem with the drum-banging is that people are tuning it out more every day.
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