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  2. I've been a pariah all my life. I'm used to this s**t.
  3. You're perched between the 'in between'. as am I. God's not going to answer us in an internet post.
  4. What is going to happen, then? When will it happen, exactly?
  5. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer filed a police report on Wednesday, alerting authorities of a false document accusing him of sexual harassment. The document, which The New York Times said resembled a court filing, alleged Schumer sexually harassed a female former staff member on Capitol Hill, but Schumer's spokesman, Matt House, said the document was forged and the allegations are false. cont...
  6. Why? I couldn't find it.
  7. Doesn't really have anything to do wit what I said, but whatever. It's clear where we both stand on this. I care and you don't. Done.
  8. With a superiority complex like that, he's French or Australian. Folks, the US naturalizes nearly a million Legal immigrants a year these days. Seriously, what's the beef?
  9. It was funny. What's not funny about trying to get **** out of your ears? Probably one of the worst places for it to land
  10. You're too young to remember the 'old days'. Plus you've no real world experience yet. No job. No home of your own. No real bills if any. Once you get out into the real world and truly see how things work. I hope you learn something from it.
  11. Do you see where you've perched yourself here?
  12. A 'good article on Fortune?'... Of course Fortune would paint it in a positive light. It's in the name. Not exactly in favor of how things affect the little guy.
  13. Apologies if I misunderstood..I totally agree with you.I wish for so much better for them..Its such a waste..Kiaora to you.
  14. Nothing fueled by this much pent up frustration and anger stops at the balance point without overshooting. There might be some false accusations. There will probably be a lot more memories surfacing of incidents that are a lot less cut and dried than Cosby and Moore. It is definitely changing the public awareness of what is acceptable, I am not sure that was so clear 20 years ago.
  15. The thing is, we don't really know the man, we only read what he writes. The same applies to all of us, really. We are text acquaintances who don't actually have any experience interacting as living, breathing human beings with one-another. I think--if we actually met the man--we would be captivated by his personality and be charmed by his conversation. Limited as we are to his written word, sanitized of the warmth of tone and inflection and common civility, it's easy to edit too much of our own prejudices and preconceptions into his posts.
  16. Agreed. But I'll submit to you that unless an objective thing is seen or experienced subjectively, it won't mean a thing. It has to be personally processed. A thing can be objectively shared. But it's only through the subjective analysis of it, or experience with it, that there can be meaning.
  17. Does this imply that if a tick that is fully immersed in amber is found, we might be able to extract it's host's DNA?
  18. Make America 'Great' Again, right? Back in the 'good ol days' when everything sucked ass. Who needs to think towards the future and improve mankind doing so? F that. Let's live in the dark ages and retard human civilization for a millennia once more.
  19. I don’t know that fat people were a rare thing but I don’t think things will be as dire as it’s being made out to be if this repeal stands. There’s a good article on Fortune that lays it out pretty well.
  20. This is awesome.
  21. @Fila - I hope to see more of your content later on, cause so far I'm loving it. Anyway, to the topic - I think the best thing to do with the gullible believers is to debunk them yourself, rather than leave them to the 'skeptics'. Because 'skeptics' like to paint with a broad brush and say all believers in the paranormal etc. are gullible, when we aren't. Not all of us anyway. Besides, there are plenty supposed 'skeptics' who can be just as gullible as any paranormal believer. Rather gullible to believe absolutely everything that comes out of the mouths of the mainstream scientific establishment. Granted, I will give them that there seems to be far more gullible people on our side then theirs, but in order to show ourselves to be truly credible, we have to take it upon ourselves to go out and debunk any false claims that are made in support of our position. It's imperative that we do so as to show that we aren't all gullible as they claim us to be.
  22. I'm seriously worried if Santa has updated his antivirus software.
  23. Although I think you missunderstood my point on the influence of Gangsta Rap and Hollywood "straight outa Compton, influence on our youth all I can say is a ruddy great Kapai to this. It is a waste of talented and beautiful people. The culture of a Nation like this one should be celebrated, as the bold beautiful and inclusive culture that it is. The Maori idea of Whanau is superbly intricate and intertwined, the young people should not escape to gangs for something which is already thiers by birth right, whanau. I wish we had a golden wand that could help these great kids make great decisions.
  24. All I'm hearing in the sound of young men cry out in fear of losing their free pron. (Intention misspelled that)
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