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  2. A UFO is something to the observer that is unidentifiable and flying around. It is a definition and there is nothing ambiguous about it. Whatsoever. Nor do I know anybody hating that definition. It is only ambiguous to those that want to make something out of nothing. Thus, I cannot even begin to fathom why one would want to change that definition. At all. Cheers, Badeskov
  3. I would question any Republican under those circumstances. It could be that some people like to play the role of Satan's spokesman.
  4. Then why are they spending roughly 1 million a month?
  5. That's a fair point. She likely lost to Trump for the same reason that Moore lost to Jones. She and he were horrible candidates who were odious to scores of objective citizens. Their losses aren't that shocking.
  6. Yes. Considering that the Brexit Referendum was only a narrow victory - 52% to 48% - I think the vote should be taken again. Especially since the British public have had the benefit of a more informed debate on the issue since 2016. How utterly stupid it is to commit future generations of the UK to the consequences of a knee-jerk protest vote taken by the disaffected rather than the well-informed. If you are going to abide by the 'will of the people', do it when you know that it is well-informed and can be relied on with pride, not when led by nationalist opportunists fanning xenophobic populism. Where are your leaders? It is the man-in-the-street populist, whose uncritical opinion is formed by social media, who drives the Brexit agenda. And he, and his, will pay the piper in the end. It is so sad to watch this train crash unfold in slow motion. And the privileged ones who promote and engineer it - the hypocritical and career politicians like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Gove, Fox and Reese-Mogg - ride off into the sunset with their fat EU and Westminster pensions, having sucked the very life out of the gullible UK voter and his posterity with their self-serving cant. Who wins? I'll let you guess. Not the man-in-the-street, for sure.
  7. This is remarkable footage, to say the least. Totally professional test mission. Very impressive! Note: I am accepting donations to buy a future ticket that I might be the first dolphin in space...
  8. The House Intelligence Committee has several interviews scheduled Monday to kick off a packed week of witnesses in the panel's Russia probe. The committee is interviewing British music publicist Rob Goldstone, who arranged the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former head of the Democratic National Committee, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Source: CNN
  9. Yea true. I would more be UFO spotting.
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  11. I was mostly refering to Black Monks idea that Star Trek somehow had anything to do with real world physics. The thing about interstellar spacecrafts are that they will be going extremely quickly and thus it will be almost impossible to do quick maneuvering. I assume you know how much more difficult it is turning a car quickly when you are going fast. Now imagine doing it in something a million times faster. The laws of physics, in this case intertia, are a very harsh mistress indeed ! The best bet for protecting a fast interstellar spacecraft in the future is probably some kind of armour for smaller objects, combined with lasers for larger objects. We can probably make magnetic fields to protect a crew from radiation, but that would do nothing to protect against dust particles and micro meteorites.
  12. XenoFish


  13. You should start a thread about this, Bee. In fact, you could broaden and widen it to address extreme political partisanship. You could address the crazy tribalism that occurs among people who refuse to leave their political reservations even if reality dictates that they should do so. We all have biases, but there are biases and there are *biases*. I could list a dozen or so conservative and/or Republican scandals and scoundrels with no hesitation and no reservations (intentional pun). Some "Indians" in the Hillary tribe could not criticize her if she sacrificed ten dogs to a moon god. I need to use ludicrous examples since she gets a free pass for regular malfeasance. It's always us; it's never her.
  14. I've worked at the local ghost town (Quesnel Forks) off and on since '95. We use the froe to cut 40" cedar shakes for the roofs. I'm the long haired guy, second from the right. Half or so the logs are original, it was a giant set of pick up sticks before that.
  15. It's"Woe to you! What is murder?" "she could not stop wailing. Since then, women wail brokenheartedly when a loved one dies" I've always wondered what men should do.
  16. Fila, just cut to the chase, and I repeat - post the proverbial 'good' footage. The stuff that is worthy of intensive analysis. Otherwise all this waffle is a huge waste of time.
  17. It definitely felt like it. What I found interesting was that it all revolved around Scarlet. Do you think someone’s energy/subconscious can overwhelm/be stronger than others?
  18. Well, I didn't vote for Trump. Or Hillary.
  19. I didn’t say lying to the polls was nefarious. Pollsters skewing polls is. There’s multiple factors involved all the way through but the bottom line is that the pollsters were wrong no matter how you slice it. And for what it’s worth I’ve been having a conversation with you all day and it has taken zero restraint to not call you any names. It never even crossed my mind and you never even had to mention that. That’s a big difference between me and you.
  20. Yeah I think it’s entirely possible that she is, even if in this instance it didn’t involve any spirits. This was about 8 years ago now, and a few things have happened since then that made me think that spirits were around her. I’ve had friends who have wanted to do ouija since then but I refuse.
  21. Do you not see how this is NOT an analogy to UFO's? In that case you also have evidence of the crime itself, so in order for you to fake it, you'd have to not only fake the entire crime scene, but also fake the video. Plus, it is easier to CGI something otherworldly in the sky, than to add someone recognisable into a security video...
  22. A guy I work with Abraham, does all the old fashion woodwork. His family owned the former sawmill at Parvin. He cuts shingles out a "mined" bog log with a froe. Made a dugout canoe with a adze (I use a Husky 460), and makes parts for old houses and barns.
  23. So, if they are endangered for 9000 years, maybe it's just their time to go?
  24. Overdueleaf

    call me fru fru, but i don't care. I picked up a chocolate raspberry coffee and it is amazing!

  25. well the menu for the week is nothing extravagant... tonight: breakfast Mon: Fried tilapia, hushpuppies, broccoli cheddar rice, broccoli Tues: BBQ pork bites, tater tots, baked corn (hold over from last week) Weds: Tacos, rice and beans Thursday: Hamburgers and fries Friday: requested by my youngest son, chicken strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, mac n cheese
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