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  2. He was imprisoned and died in Durham following the Battle of Dunbar in 1650, but a Scottish soldier has now been brought back to life in new images. Scientists have recreated the face of the soldier using digital reconstruction technology. Researchers hope that the reconstruction will help shed light on where the soldier came from, his health, and any illnesses he suffered from during his life.
  3. You got that right! That stuff ruined my mother's brain along with other trash they proscribed her. Diet is a big part too. A disrupted microbiom will give you both panic attacks and depression. My neurologist who doesn't take insurance or pill kickbacks has me eating good cheeses and yogurt on top of the meditation. He stressed no processed foods or artificial foods which I don't eat anyway.
  4. maybe its safer to say that aspects of cryptocurrencies are here to stay. i can see a future for blockchain ledgers and banking controlled cryptocurrencies valued on something more than hype.
  5. Physical health can be sound, where as mental health may not be.
  6. Ditto...and imo....for example "folder guy" ..... I couldn't imagine getting him fired and having his family suffer for something I was able to handle by simple measures.
  7. Illuminati is invented story and invented society which sole purpose is to make people look the other way.
  8. I feel in perfect health condition no matter I feel like in deep sleep. If she is fake why when I had varicose veins on the genitals, she made operation and they disappeared?
  9. your analogy sucks but you're right about Jerusalem. it's always been Jewish and should be the united capital of Israel.
  10. If they're not filmed on a potato. The person doing the filming always has the jitters. "Oh look. Strange lights." Let's shake the camera and never get the thing focused.
  11. They'd have to put the whole butt-pinching country of Italy in
  12. First off I want to suggest that you seek professional psychiatric help. Even if it's someone to talk too. I'm not saying it's a case of This, but seriously, seek help.
  13. Is it just me or are these two statements somewhat contradictory. Beginning to wonder where this thread is headed.
  14. Since one year I have some spirit in me. Who can fully control my body, thinking and feelings. Seems to be muslim, no matter I am christian and said that she is alien being in human form that are on earth and we are connected in brain by some alien machine. Said that I will become cyborg. If I ask her why she is muslim and not christian she said because christians worship saints and muslim angels and she is fallen angel and cyborg. If I think for her it feels like fallen spirit from hell who serve Satan, but alive human. I asked why it takes too long to become cyborg and she said because operation is very hard and painful. I also feel like in hell since years and doctors said that I don't have any sickness. I don't believe in demons because of this spirit. She is strongly religious and always prays. She can block my thinking and everything. Any idea if she lie for something?
  15. I do.., sorry man. I just got sidetracked with some things... I thought I understood what "various points" means.., but I don't. Can you help explain it to me? I did not know. Satellites track planes? Visually? Or with GPS tracking units onboard? I also assumed there wasn't 100% radar coverage for planes. "The inability of 26 nations to find a 250-tonne Boeing 777 has shocked an increasingly connected world and exposed flaws in the use of radar, which fades over oceans and deserts. "It's not very accurate. The world's moved a bit further along," said Don Thoma, president of Aireon, a venture launched by US-based mobile satellite communications company Iridium and the Canadian air traffic control authority in 2012 to offer space-based tracking of planes. We track our cars, we track our kids' cell phones, but we can't track airplanes when they are over oceans or other remote areas." SOURCE:
  16. They are not compatible - that's the problem. We keep improving technology and accuracy. We need to adjust past data to make it reflect what would have been recorded had we used the same technology and at the same location, as current data is recorded, in order to make a homogeneous dataset. Edit: I suppose alternatively we could adjust current data to show what older equipment would have recorded? Either way, it is, of course, the trend that counts.
  17. That is convenient. I agree that no human is perfect, but if you consider humans an imperfect creation; what of all of the animals and the rest of life on Earth?
  18. Then why did a lot of angels rebel against a perfect god, being that they themselves were perfect. Perfection wouldn't need change as it is complete.
  19. Depends. Some seasons allow night hunting but those are generally closed during regular deer seasons. I am out quite frequently between midnight and 4am for coyote, fox, or raccoon. They are all closed at night during deer season (In Pa).
  20. I believe God is real and perfect. Also angels are perfect.
  21. @raketata, if God is real, do you assume that God is perfect? Are angels perfect?
  22. obviously not as much as you.
  23. Obviously you dont. As I`ve said already: The determination should include various points. So, only vids from multiple angles do not match my requirements. As I`ve said already: The determination should include various points. The MH370 issue isnt of relevance here because its only one case out of billions of tracked movements of flying objects every year.
  24. what a nasty slap in the face this last week has been for the brexiteers, eh bee... nice to think that the Tory party hasn't completely been brainwashed into believing that May's complete capitulation with the Irish border, EU citizen rights and the brexit divorce bill is anything but a farce. and to think all it took was a 72 hour ultimatum from the EU. poor Farage must be having kittens.
  25. So the government should use its power to suppress opposing opinions. Classy as ever aztek.
  26. Anti Islam speech rooted in propaganda against Islam. You were labeling certain Muslims as sub humans ( namely, the Palestinians ). Everyone should proudly wear colors they chose to wear. More generally speaking, problem these days is that many people have rainbow set of suits in their wardrobes. Defending the author of this book is continuation of your support for Anti Islam ideas. Bio from his official site : '' I love Muslims and i love to see as many of them convert to Christianity as possible ''. So, he states that he loves Muslims but he also points out, in same sentence, that he doesn't respect them at all. There are other quotes of his which prove my point. It is exactly because of critically examining of every aspect of his work that i got this conclusion. To disregard his bio would be to disregard critical thinking and common sense. Dog is always running to catch cat. That is nature of things. Now you are getting to the point. Richardson references non existing parts of Quran and narrated parts of Hadiths. That is simple fact. There are less than 10 hadiths regarding the subject and only three of them with clear reference to era of Imam Mahdi. There is no reference in Quran at all, especially not as explicitly as Richardson states. His story is bogus and I've already mentioned that story which he covers in his book has already happened ( check Biblical tribes in respect of Ezekiel 38/39 ). If you believe that Bible can be abused to fabricate any claim we Muslims believe in Qur'an being unique in terms of being impossible to change it's message. I am sick of non Muslims teaching Muslims about Islam. You are actually presenting Richardson as some authority in Islam even tho his central message was refuted by works of Muslim thinkers from as early as 700CE. This is authors demagogy by my opinion. Do not believe that such messages could became popular in groups other than anti Islamic ones. Excuse me i have to go out and refuel my Vimana to travel and pay my respect to the Ruling 9 princes of the Universe. It would be interesting but it would not be scholarly. Same thing as with Joel Richardson and his fairy tale.
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