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  3. False. Men on the Moon, highest standard of living in the world and continuing to improve. The music, the freedom.... and yeah, what about all those big changes and social programs you Leftists always love to brag about? Are you admitting it was all a flop, now? Even so, mass media became cheap and available to almost everyone, it was easier to travel (internationally too) than ever before, and technology was starting to leap forwards in ways never dreamed of before. Feel free to be obsessed with everything negative, especially when it comes to America, but don't expect the rest of us to wallow in this sort of darkness.
  4. It sounds like Munchausen's by proxy. What a bizarre syndrome that is. There was a great example of it in M Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense. Remember the scene where a girl's ghost under a bed grabs the kid's ankle? She had been killed by her mom who was suffering from Munchausen's.
  5. No tourist money for YOU this year! Actually, any Christian that would go to that part of the world for any reason at all needs to get their head examined.
  6. DebDandelion

    I have to laugh at humanity. 

    So you accept all and treat all the same for you...NOT you..won't discriminate.... come you give your housemaid/ gardener their own set of utensils and your kids shouldn't use it? 

    Think about this. 

    If all are equal and people coming to visit use 'your' utensils why shouldn't everyone? Why differentiate? 

  7. So... basically, the argument is that every national border that was altered by warfare must be re-draw. Meaning that every Nation that exists on the face of Planet Earth is illegitimate, from east to west and top to bottom, none of them should be what they are today, eh? Oh, I see; leaving the UN as the only legitimate Government, and the Overlords of us all. Gotcha. Actually, I would rather be gunned down in the streets than ruled by people like you. Not take a chance on it, not risk it, I'd rather be dead, period. You on the Left think your Terrorist-Front heroes are tough guys? I fought over there, in Iraq, and I am telling you to guess again. A bunch of babies is what they are, hiding behind kids in hospitals taking pot-shots and anyone that looks like an easy target, that's what they are, and ISIS HQ was in the basement of a hospital at Raqqa. Hamas is the same brand of crap, and ISIS showed us all what happens when those kinds of freaks get to run the show. Teaching kids to behead people, burning those kids alive if they hesitate, chucking gays off buildings, that's who you think is the righteous side in all of this, right? Guess again.
  8. Newsweek source: I found the title very odd and went to check other sources. It seems that this is NOT fake news or a hoax. He is really angry over Trump's policies and really did cancel Christmas festivities. The Hill:
  9. Telekinesis for example is accepted as a real ability in some parts of Russia. You can actually go to the Institute of Biosensory Psychology there and get a certificate in Telekinesis. Link to website : Many esteemed universities have studied paranormal abilities like psychokinesis/hydrokinesis/aerokinesis etc And found there to be undeniable evidence these abilities are possible. Some simple googling and reading is all it takes to find proof of this. Some of these universities have been studying it for over 50 years and are still going. Here's a quick link with 13 different esteemed universities of paranormal studies There has been released files from CIA and other secret agencies (freedom of information act) That cover in detail their interest in people with super natural abilities. There's also documents detailing encounters with these people proving that these abilities are real. My thoughts on what I think is happening.. So animal/human also plants..have a bio magnetic field of some type. It can be called many things and cant be explained in one way. Its a very real thing that IS proved by science. This field can also be called your Aura, Chi, Energy, Soul and many more. You have one. This is my main point. google it for more info Now this field can be manipulated by emotions, intent, stomach sensations, brain activity, thought (intent), breathing, vision(ever get the feeling someone is watching you?....) and many other inputs You ever walk into a room where there has been a fight between your friends? Or been to a place where bad things have happened an gotten a "vibe" or you've been around someone that gives you a bad "vibe" Alot of the time, this is your "bio magnetic field" interacting with other peoples/animals/enviroments. Science still has very limited understanding of how this field works. I know from riding horse's for example if you feel nervous the horse picks up on this and wont follow your lead. Riding horses requires some type of bonding outside of the physical realm. A lot of people like to think you merge your field with the horses making you both in sync. There is a argument for pheromones coming into play, when it comes to signals our brain receives as well though... Animals seem to tap into their fields easier because they don't have the same level of self awareness our brains have. Also coupled with social priorities and all the other bull**** kinda clouds our connection to our field. Also physical and emotional trauma can create huge blockages in our fields in my opinion. Things like meditation, fasting, psychedelics ,sleep deprivation ,breathing excercises can change the way our brain interacts with this field. I recommend Meditation and Breathing excercises to start lol the others arnt always educational. But can be a much faster way of making progress when learning because it changes the perpetual thinking rail your brain has been riding on for so long. The best way to imagine what it can feel like..would be... suddenly having a huge tail and you have to learn to use it for the first time. This field surrounds the body when neutral for the most part. When you start getting better control and are able to identify it clearer you can start connecting/tapping into other fields manipulating them. Certain things like water are positively charged, Ive found from experience charged particles have their own magnetic field. I found it to be the easiest because we are mostly made of water and already have a familiarity with it... The fact that the elements required in making a human being can be traced back to fallen stars in outta space.. Means were not just a living thing IN the universe.. were atomically connected to it. Which would make sense why we have the ability to manipulate the very fabric around us.. I understand theres alot of fakes and magic tricks to sift through, but closing off your mind to such a possibility is just arrogance and ego. Just those 2 emotional trains of thought are responsible for so much pain and suffering on this planet. Much love to you all, we are in this together Anyway I'll leave you with one more video Attack away..
  10. Damn man, you actually sound like a bit of a legend. A dying breed of men. Being a mechanic would do my head in so much, they just seem so complicated. That life sounds so amazing, That's the way I want to live too. I imagined the whole thing in my head as I was reading (what we see in yr movies). America sounds like a great place to live hey.
  11. I can tell from your post that you are a young person (mid-teens to mid-twenties at most) and young people are more prone to suggestion. I think you are both seeing what you want in the other and filling in the gaps or fudging the details to suit your emotional codependency. We've all been there as young people. My advice is to let it go, due to the distance, and pursue someone in your area for the increased likelihood of a meaningful relationship. If it truly is "meant to be", your paths may cross again when you both mature a bit and distance is no longer an issue.
  12. No, just the way that @Fila has posted multiple competing threads on the same or similar subjects, felt spammy to me. They have posted threads supporting different sides of the argument and I haven’t chosen whether I agree, or disagree, or something in the middle yet. Hence why I’m asking their opinion. I want to know their motive, if any. And I said it annoyed me because I found it annoying. Of course yes just my personal opinion, whether right or wrong. But I wanted to be frank as it will save mine and @Fila‘s time.
  13. I will try to be more literal from now on. I do use terms quite loosely. For me, de-bunking includes checking credibility (in my interpretation of the word.) I.e. "That UFO case was de-bunked due to a lack of witness credibility". I need to see proof of something being correct or incorrect. Nothing you say will change that. There are ding-dong wacko's out there.., don't get me wrong. I agree. However you are being very angry and emotional.., and irrational with your thinking. There are real scientists doing what little they can to try and get data from very random events, For examples:, I will find more for you as I slowly get back into the UFO scene.
  14. I suppose you could use an idiot sheet. Don't think that would get banned.
  15. They didn't say when any of that would happen either. I have been of two minds about this, but I am fine with it now. If people want to pay more for better service than we have now, what is wrong with that? Conflating that to say we are all going to get worse service does not make sense. You are saying that all providers will automatically want to screw us all for their jollies. Sorry, but I don't hate everyone around me to assume the worst of them all. Geo-limitations are already all around us, thanks in part to Google's blind obedience to Beijing. Net neutrality didn't do a thing about it. And relax, if anything does go wrong, I am sure an army of hate-Trumpers will sound the alarm. The problem is, they will probably do so even if nothing real happens.... thus defeating the purpose of Watchdog groups. You guys might want to look to that.
  16. My emphasis. In this entire post, all you mentioned were PC's and a microscope. The microscope is useless for modern (digital) media. Video tracking is done via software, and it will work on reasonably modest PC's, if slowly. That's photogrammetry. Has little to do with 'authenticity' and is more about identifying possible ranges of values after assuming the footage is actually authentic... Again, it requires no special equipment, just done via brainpower and maybe a little help from software.. That's pretty rare - you should ask them to post their work publicly, or if they have, cite it. But again, no special equipment...? So they were doing ufo-investigation in this media studies lab? I find that 'surprising'... But again, you've not mentioned any special equipment... Uhuh. So all they had was a PC running software and a nice monitor, plus a microscope which is of no use whatsoever for modern digital media. I give up. Oh really? Did they explain how that worked, or just tell you that they were unbiased? Or would you agree that research can ONLY be shown as unbiased if they show you every step, and explain and justify every step? That is usually done by showing how they have used these techniques before on known objects/scenarios. You know, using sciency-type methodology. I shall choose not to take that comment too personally ... Actually, as above, the most important part (and what forensic analysis MEANS..) is that they are completely public and their analyses are open to scrutiny and critique. They must justify what they do and show how it was done in suitable language so it can be understood, verified and repeated by others. In forensic analysis of imagery in the legal system, judges and juries are not trained in these topics, so they will (and should) ask hard questions, as will defenders/prosecutors, to ensure that the content/conclusions are not biased. I guessed you haven't because you didn't mention it yet it's the very obvious answer to the question you posed. Posed rather sarcastically, I might add... Why didn't you mention it, rather than ask a silly question? The reason I keep 'accusing' you of stuff, is that you do the stuff I'm accusing you of... Well, maybe as you get more experienced you might re-visit and be able to identify it.... But so far you've not named anything beyond a decent PC or two and the (useless-for-digital-media) microscope. Me, if I had a genuine interest in this stuff, I would have asked what at least some of the equipment was. You do keep saying this is a university, and a media lab in a uni should be filled with people who are eager to talk about/explain/demonstrate what they are using. I used to manage a research centre owned by a University, so this is not a topic I am unfamiliar with. Anyway, getting back on topic., your suggestion that I or anyone here has a bias either way is IRRELEVANT, IF we can produce a valid analysis. If I get a request to help analyse an image for a genuine enquiry, I'll be happy to do my stuff and do what I described above - namely explain why and how I came to whatever conclusions I make, and also go through how anyone else can make the same checks, plus also cite how the techniques have been verified and/or give examples of it being used on known imagery. It is always up to the investigator/analyst to be able to *prove* that they have used unbiased methodology. To do so they need to describe what they've done and why, in a form that a reasonably intelligent person can understand and verify. And state any assumptions, error ranges, etc - you (should) know the drift.. Indeed, that's what I try to do here. I'l let others decide if I do that successfully.. but I can tell you I get asked quite frequently.... So instead of poisoning-the-well and spouting ad-hominems, maybe you should check the mirror before telling others they are biased. Feel free to look up any of my analyses and criticise them...
  17. AnchorSteam

    "You'll live, only the best get killed. " 

    -General Charles de Gaulle

  18. Today
  19. Finding the cause of the Thomas fire may take some time. Two people, including a firefighter have died as a result of the monster. Here's what causes the Santa Ana winds. Been around for many, many years.
  20. I suppose, in it's own way, God may answer you in an internet forum. It just depends how you take it.
  21. Too early for Vikings, but they would have joined that group if they had been there. True barbarians wear plaid kilts.
  22. 7th paragraph. Quite funny actually.
  23. I learned to control my temper in a gyppo sawmill. I got mad at a stubborn bolt and threw our biggest wrench on the floor. It bounced into the log pond. I had to put on a rubberized suit and go in and feel around with my feet until I found it. The suit leaked, I was wet and freezing cold and I still had to fix the log lift before I could eat dinner. Good lesson.
  24. I'm sure glad this poor little guy is in protective custody now. That poor father! I hope he can get custody of the boy. The news video at the top is just heartbreaking. Where did all the money come from? Mom really endangered this child's well-being.
  25. You just never know. On a cold clear morning in the eastern Oregon high desert, out of the frosty blue She said to me, "How would you believe yourself if I ever did speak to you?" Wasn't exactly the answer I was looking for, but hey it sure was true. If I had been more gullible or had an open mind, we might have had a heckuva conversation. It took all the logic I could muster to write it off as the wind in the junipers and sagebrush. For an instant there, I was on the knife's edge, almost a believer. It was an awesome feeling, I can see why some people sink themselves into gods, spirits, UFOs, ESP, and Scientology. Generates nearly as much endorphin as sex. After a decade or so, there is still a little chunk of me that smiles at the memory of that bright morning and clings to that dawn like the keepsake from a vanished lover. .
  26. The West alledged that Assad wouldn't fight ISIS, in fact supported it against the so-called ''moderate rebels''. (Link) Rubio says US can’t defeat ISIS until Syria's Assad is removed (Link) The West Must Realize It Cannot Beat ISIS Without Also Beating Assad (Link) Removing Assad is the best way to defeat Isil in Syria (LInk) Morell: 'You cannot ultimately defeat ISIS without getting rid of Assad' ect. You clearly haven't read the papers in the last few years.. The Assad governement acts as a rampart against radical Islamism. The regime brings order and stability to territories it controls, while rooting out the Salafist elements posing a threat. When the Syrian Army started gaining ground with Russia's help, ISIS' influence diminished.
  27. Poor kid hope his life improves greatly now.
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