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  2. No one should have to. This thread has nothing to do with what you or anyone else does or doesn't believe. I cant believe how disrespectful people are here. Every thread that's even the least bit interesting turns into a mud slinging contest that has nothing to do with the intention of the thread. Let me let you in on something, nothing everything is about you, or what you believe. Sometimes people like to share common stories, and shouldn't have to deal with their threads being high jacked. There are 20 other threads in this section where you guys have made your beliefs well known. Why do you have to ruin everyone of them?
  4. Inappropriate and unsolicited bodily and physical contact ... someone's in trouble now ... ~
  5. DiNardo may still face the death penalty if he doesn't keep co-operating with the investigation. Takes a case a long time to go through the process, doesn't it?
  6. Hello everyone.
  7. One of the earliest known examples of knitting (formed on two sticks by pulling loops through loops) were a pair of cotton socks found in Egypt from the first millennium A.D. Many of them have knit into them khufic (a decorative Arabic script) blessings, symbols to ward off evil, or both.
  8. Energy isn't a 'thing' in itself. It's just a property of regular matter. Now if you wanna ask can we use energy (like light as you suggest) to synthesize proteins and other nutrients that we need to feed ourselves through some artificial means, then yeah I'd say so. Plants do that s**t all the time. Though that artificially gets into nanotechnology and bioengineering on the microscopic scale, so it' a ways off from now.
  9. To the bold. This is why most of us do not like when people play the quantum physics card as an explanation. It's some crazy stuff and so few understand it, that doesn't make it an excuse for magical thinking. Damn you Deepak Chopra.
  10. they sure deserve it. maybe an irs audit should teach them a lesson. an audit every year for 10 years
  11. It's the same thing that drive microtransactions. Hell, truth is we're programmed from birth to death.
  12. Pandora here we come ... ~ Reminds me somewhat of : ` [00.01:47] ~ New Glowing Millipede Found; Shows How Bioluminescence Evolved May 4, 2015 - Some California millipedes first evolved bioluminescence to cope with harsh desert living, according to scientists who may have cracked the mystery of glowing millipedes. ... In California's Sierra Nevada Mountains (map) live a group of blind millipedes that glow in the dark—and now ... ~
  13. when we drop our gaurd opinions held close exposed meet the real you
  14. To be fair, I don't think anyone necessarily does in regards to quantum physics. Some confusing s**t it be.
  15. It is nothing more than a thought-experiment. Nothing was harmed in any way. No cat, no-thing. Nada, zip, ziltch, what are you not understanding. You're one of those type who only see through a very thin lens aren't you. Just because you "think something bad/naughty" doesn't make it real. Actions do. No one is stuffing a real cat in a nuclear casket with a poisonous gas canister in it. Is that something so alien for you to understand. And the thought-experiment itself was designed to show the absurdity of quantum effects on a macro (our) level.
  16. Is there any way to turn energy directly into food? The best I can think of is artificial light for plants. I'm not sure how efficient that is. Was just thinking we could feed world hunger if we converted energy directly into food rather then drive heavy cars around.
  17. To be honest no-one knows what these adjustments are about. NASA GISS keeps making them (always resulting in recent years appearing hotter) about every two years using unpublished algorithms so no-one knows what exactly is going on or can reproduce the same results. We simply get the yearly NASA press release that this year is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd hottest year EVHA!!!
  18. Aquila King

    That moment when you realize you've memorized just about every line in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

  19. This is glorious:
  20. Just slightly disturbing.........
  21. Hello front ... not full frontal of course ... just befitting the decorum of the Forum ... did you bring any donuts ? ~
  22. Aquila King


  23. Will USA Today be "silenced" because of this story? USA Today calls Trump unfit to clean Obama’s toilets in scathing editorial Source
  24. Fair enough, you're welcome to your opinion. My intent isn't rudeness so I'm sorry if you took it that way. Who was banging on about rudeness again? Pot meet kettle. While I can't generalise and can only speak for myself I think it's safe to say the feeling is mutual. Finally we can agree on something...well the bold parts at least.
  25. That is one of the reasons why I stay away from Crackbook. I had a artwork page but since I don't carve anymore there is no sense in it so it sits abandon.
  26. In the early hours of this morning about 4am I woke up and on or floating near the wall(about 8ft from the bed)was a rainbow coloured orb we have really heavy blackout curtains so the room is pitch black so no light gets in and if it could we have nowt that would reflect light in the bedroom, the odd thing was I lifted my hand up to cover the thing and it "broke up" moved my hand and it reformed I sat mesmerised and watched it sway about for around 5 mins, just as I was about to get out and investigate it just disintegrated and disappeared I guess the whole thing lasted about 5/10 mins it was fascinating I hope I get a repeat performance.
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