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  2. No envy here sir, nor anger. Carry on, you do make an interesting study. The things i have said to you are intended for your benefit, but i find myself lacking-apologies. As far as who you really are, we have no clue. You could be a 13 year old genius school girl running her own social experiment as Mr. Walker.. I could be a 13 year old homeless, street and book smart runaway doing the same thing. Honesty doesnt seem to count for much, maybe earnesty does... Best wishes.
  3. If it wasn't/isn't part of our nature there is nothing to move away from. Murder, rape and, pedeofilic acts are not part of our animal instinct because the are conscious acts. We have a justice system and mental health agencies to address aborhent behaviour because they are outside of social norms and those norms have existed for hundreds of thousands of years. This would be understood by you if you actually absorbed the words you say you read. I have referred you to the " Decoding Neanderthals" thread several times because your understanding is flawed. jmccr8
  4. No i did not. Try and prove this. I do not make those sorts of remarks and i do not feel them. I do make honest statistical and informed comments about the behaviour of some people and grouos of peole which i can back up with statistics There are women who abandon or kill their kids and do not love them. There are men who rape abuse etc. Indigenous societies in australia DO have far greater rates of domestic violence, child abuse, etc That is not demeaning or belittling peole or groups it is a call to action to do something about it, rather than ignore it as too politically sensitive You are not qualified either intellectually/educationally or emotionally to judge me, and while i will respond to factual comments i will not respond to personal ones, except to call you out on them For example, you have just made a defamatory comment about me, and would LOVE to see any evidence for it. I suspect that, as usual it is a construct of your own mind rather than anything i actually said, like this latest example involving a belief that i think rape murder or paedophilia is somehow acceptable in humans Where did that idea come from, if not your head? ..
  5. Think about this sentence. Then try to use the kind of approach to your science as you are doing to mine. Play.
  6. I won't mock anyone on their choices in life/lifestyle... But eating once a day is something impossible for me,as was intermittent fasting i tried for 2 weeks at Yams recommendation... We have evolved and come from many different backgrounds with many different traits through the years,and what "smaller" humans required many years ago isn't the same in modern times... "Diet" is what one lives by and does daily without second thought,if it works for you and you maintain health and happiness through it do it... There is no 1 right way for everyone!
  7. You still dont get it, do you? I am encouraging us all to move AWAY from the biological imperatives of our primate ancestry and into a world where we shape and control our responses and behaviours through our mind, using our intelligence and will. ' I want every man to take responsibility for their behaviour at all times and never hurt, abuse, threaten, rape or demean, a woman (but also for men to learn how to get on better with other men as well) i want women to learn how to love their children so they do not hurt them, abandon them, or even kill them. I want children to learn not to be so selfish and how to put others as equal to themselves, so they become sharing and cooperative rather than possessive and competitive. I want humans to live by our minds and consciences not the responses of our bodies and biologies.
  8. No kidding? D'oh! LOL Pass me another one
  9. Time to get a dashcam (front and rear preferred)! You can convince yourself of all types of weird things while in different stages of driving.
  10. LOL yes of course the best teachers are the best students, but come on! Try teaching something you know nothing about, to a group of 20 30 teenagers. A teacher must HAVE knowledge to teach even if a good strategy is to pretend you do not, and then "discover " the answers together with your students But, if you cannot either answer a student's question or provide them with the resources to answer it, then you are not doing your job as a teacher. Ah, I see what you mean. I can say anything about my achievements as long as i use the right tone .LOL i never was much for manipulative word games either. If I use examples from my own life to make a point, or justify a point of view, then i need to explain how and why my life connects to my word view, my values and moralities if you think that is making a donkey of myself fair enough i wish others would be as honest about themselves as i try to be about myself. I do not accept that many posters her are either open or honest about themselves and their agendas and drivers. Although many may simply be choosing to only show a small part of themselves I try to be open and honest, so that people can understand me. That might make me seem a donkey because it is an unusual social strategy Never saw that movie, but,,as i've said before, i dont make false claims. In part that is why i don't see myself as being proud or arrogant etc. What i tell you of my life is all real, even though i appreciate that this allows many to ridicule me because they find a lot of it to be unbelievable. I would agree that pretending to be better than you are, more educated or lying about your abilities skills and achievements would be dishonest, egotistical and arrogant, but also counter productive. But simply being honest about them is not being arrogant. I think some feel jealous or angry because they compare their life to mine unfavourably but that is not anything i can prevent We all shape our own lives, and are responsible for our success and failures.
  11. Had the second odd incident that makes me wonder the nature of things and my sanity. On my way to work, a few days ago while i was speeding as always my mustang during the rush hour at 5.20 pm on the busiest 403 highway in Mississauga, on the middle lane as you enter the hhwy. from erin mils, saw a super slow car. Although traffic was still moving at 70-80 km /hour this toyota was doing less than 60km hour with lots of free space ahead. I Went immediately on the speed lane passing the car and looked at the driver . He was somewhat very alert like he was afraid to drive. Another snail i said in my mind. As i saw that traffic was becoming slow i entered the express 2+ speed lane and hit the gas more to 120-130 hour. I drove approx 10 km and as i almost exited 403 closer to the merger with 401 i saw the very same car again driving slowly in the middle lane. I couln't believe my eyes , the driver was the same dude and so were his driving style, alert, facing ahead concentrated. weird or what? How can i see the same car driving half my speed in 2different points; one left behind and the second ahead of me. there are no other lanes or shortcuts he could have taken and i was doing twice the speed he was driving.
  12. We didn't use "confidence points" last year... Maybe you joined the wrong group? God damn,hate i missed that lmao!!!
  13. Welcome to UM, Here’s a free cheap program if you want to resize multiple photos at once so you can post them: Having said that, you should also search the forums for ‘orb’ threads because there are many and they are all pretty much clearly dust/insects/lens flares etc.
  14. I screwed up my confidence picks last year and then developed a horse crap attitude there after. Off topic: I got into a "Twitter war" with a VERY well-known BIG NAME NHRA drag racer today. He posted that he went to a Justin Timberlake concert and said it was fantastic!! I made fun of him and he took exception. Then I taunted him going into the tank so his team mate would win the funny car championship so John Force wouldn't in 2014. Man I really got to him!
  15. The majority (but not 100%) of orbs in photos are from camera flashes interacting with dust particles. This has actually increased with the advent of digital cameras since the lens and flash tend to be closer together on them.
  16. Okay then maybe you are better suited to live with primates by all means please do. jmccr8
  17. Fish, I'm going to take a chance that it will help you and that you won't mock me for doing it, but I'll post something from the UB that pertains directly to your topic that may help you get to where you want to go. It has to do with how humans are designed to eat only one meal a day. And also, the implication is, what's best is to eat a non-meat and a non-cooked diet. This info has greatly helped me to get a handle on making it a habit to eat properly, as designed. I must admit, I'm not there yet but I know that I need to get there. I'll say this though, when I have managed to get in the groove of it for at least a little while before I couldn't resist a double cheeseburger and milk shake, the feeling of better health was very pronounced. I noticed that it affected my mood positively too. Fruits, nuts and cereals. That's the key. No cooking.
  18. Maybe you should actually do some reading, especially what you say in responses. Whether I pinpoint comments or not is of no real value anymore as you avoid direct points and try to redirect the discussion and us disclaimers about other people's reading skills, lack of comprehension or misunderstanding. Fortunately for you at this time I am using my phone and cannot break posts down to address the many points to my satisfaction. But on the broadband I have no regrets for what I have said and been far more reserved in how I have expressed my response to you. Do you remember why I started discussing with you all those months ago? Let me refresh your memory, you made very degrading, bigoted and sweeping comments about several"KINDS" of groups of people. I have shown great restrain in discussing things with you because I pity your lack of knowledge and have tried several means of engaging you productivity and with as much civility as possible. You walked all over that offer blindly so I have given up a couple of months ago after politely telling you how this was going to end up, maybe I should have made the point with a pencil For you there is no turning back because you are exactly asI stated in my last post and every time you step outside of the subject norm I will be there like your own personal demon and no I'm not an alien and there won't be a pillar of light. jmccr8
  19. Hell it still ain't over...we got 5 regular season weeks and 9 games a week = 45 games and then championship weekend... I'm prone to get "cocky" I was running away with "bowl season" last year till the final 5 days and got "cute"...i always say i won't,but i can't resist correctly picking a huge upset eta Oh and there's a first time for everything lmao
  20. Magic fingers ... effortless ... smooth as nectarine juice ... ~ [00.03:13] ~ THere's also a movie ... ... saw more than a few links streaming the full movie here and there too ..
  21. This post here... Its wrong walker. The best teachers are the best students.. Being humble is not deception by omission, in fact you can be perfectly humble while stating you are the president of something really great. Or you can be a donkey about it. You seem to choose the latter. Remember that movie "Coming to America"? Remember how the servant was extremely prideful and arrogant, eventually leading him to make false claims? And how the prince, the real power, was never quick to speak of his wealth, or titles etc....
  22. The basic drivers of all primates are identical and evolved in a common evolutionary process. Humans, however, also evolved self aware consciousness, giving us an understanding of self and others, including the nature of ourselves. So while a human may feel the fear or anger a great tape feels, it can also use the power of its mind to control, redirect or relearn such a response into a more evolved and productive response A human can also do at least two other things. Accurately predict the outcome of a behaviour and KNOW what it means to hurt or kill another person like ourselves because we know what we are like and how we fear pain death etc, This then allows us to use our mind to override our primate behavioural imperatives and NOT to rape when we feel the urge, NOT to kill when nature drives us to do so, and NOT to hurt another to benefit ourselves. As soon as a species becomes aware like this, and CAN control its biological imperatives, then it also has a duty and a responsibility to ACT on that knowledge . Then, because we have that responsibility and recognise it , we construct rules and laws to guide ALL of us to behave correctly You really do not understand the influence of human self awareness on the development of human moralities and ethics. Mutual grooming and other bonding activities remain BIOLOGICAL imperatives driven by biology not consciousness Only when a species begins to think in abstract conceptual terms, can it develop things like human love, compassion, empathy etc and a the same time it begins to regulate what is acceptable and unacceptable, species behaviour, based on abstracts like empathy and compassion NOT on biological imperatives and drivers Ethics and moralities do not exist until a species becomes aware of them as abstract concepts, and then initiate behaviours based on those concepts. If other primates were like humans, then we would have to hold them accountable to the same ethical and moral standards to which we hold ourselves accountable The ONLY difference between a human (including neanderthal humans) and other primates is the level of our self consciousness ,and our abilty to construct and hold onto abstract and symbolic concepts like love combined with a more sophisticated understanding of things like cause and effect self and other and of linear time. (which allows us to predict and extrapolate consequences some distance apart from behaviours ).
  23. You're too kind to "cut me a huss" as they used to say in the "hood" I've never been kicked in the ass with a size 16. Whew...
  24. Yeah and i can't drive my ass to Texas and raise hell anymore..."glitch" It's ok Z,i wasn't going to make you change your pic anyways...As i told Lotus back during our bet the only way in most threads i keep up with people i respond to and ones to ignore is by their pics Bowl season is going to be a different animal this season however... You have REALLY upped your game this year,you "throw" that one will be gifted a foot to the backside capiche
  25. I shall be last standing. Goodnight
  26. I suspect that that was not food aggression, but mating aggression instead. The shark was not trying to eat the girl. Instead it was trying to mate with her kayak.
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