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  2. What parable? I spoke of the gifting of souls to flesh and their effect on subsequent human evolution. Since they had to be given to flesh by an external source, their origins are, obviously, elsewhere.
  3. Build a Ouija board factory there and they'll be flying off the shelves.
  4. This is insanity...WHY? What benefit could come from NOT keeping the ballots? WHAT THE HELL On a slightly different note how do you get tweets to embed?
  5. The best good deeds are those unspoken.
  6. Its funny as a kid I didn't give a crap about our history. Today I cant get enough of it. We still have a lot of those old buildings today. Just a mile from my house is Knox Head quarters. A mile in a different direction we have sands ring homestead. Oldest house still standing in the area, heck maybe the country, though they eventually had to put a modern roof on it. I really try to stress to my boys to soak it all in and appreciate the rich history here.
  7. Not an archaeologist so forgive my ignorance but was there every any consideration that this could have been a boat paddle? They sure like a slightly smaller version of the things sitting in my canoe right now.
  8. Did you guys see this? A judge ordered that the ballots not be destroyed, in case of voter fraud - similar to what likely happened in Virgina Georgia recently - but they tried to have it overturned! "You shall not impinge our right to steal this election!". Luckily the Alabama Supreme Court backed them up. It's madness that destroying election data isn't illegal in the first place!
  9. Yep...and then she took the money. Here's what Representative Jim Jordan said to FBI Director Christopher Wray during questioning last week: These guys are scroo'd six ways from Sunday.
  10. For me, accepting what is and working from the reality as it presented itself has been the road to inner peace. I don’t/couldn’t shy away/ deny the hardship, abuse, turmoil or anguish I have faced head on and in doing so it has been my saving grace. I respect my emotional nature as an integral part of myself and a bad day is a bad day, a good day is a good day; I call it what it is, I accept what is going on, I look for open doors and I “do” what needs to be done even when it is hard or grueling, or I want to bury my head in denial. My understandings are not an abstraction or out of a book I have read, or some self help garble it is as the result of having experiences that I have had a choice to either let break me or inspire me. I am what changed to be what I wished to see ( Ghandi) but the caveat is it is up to others to take from it what they want and that may be nothing at all. I don’t get to decide what inspires others. I think pessimism has a place too. There are situations that are just awful and in the awfulness one might discover resilience, strength, peace, compassion, empathy and most of all rediscover hope. It certainly has for me many times. “Some” of most together people I know kept getting back up no matter what life threw at them, they weren’t all rainbows and butterflies about things either. Lol, They called a spade a spade and admitted that life sucks at times, yet they saw an opportunity for growth in the challenge too. Some dude that returned a purse and tells the tale to get warm fuzzies is all fine and dandy, it has its place, we all need to celebrate our thoughtful deeds, but it isn't the stuff resilience, or wisdom or insight is gleaned from, or a guarantee of anything, for me, the people I am moved by really were dealt a crappy hand, made mistakes and took responsibility for their share, persevered, grew, and applied their insights to “be the change they wanted to see.” I want to hear what they have to say too, thank you.
  11. Its truly like a stereotype portrayed in a SNL skit has come to life
  12. Anyone else here p***ed at Darrel? What a dumb ass. Though I suspect Eugene was gonna figure out something no matter what.
  13. I love the energy in the west and couldn't imagine living anywhere else but I am truly jealous of the history you get to live with!
  14. This might actually be a good sign when you think that the Democrats will likely have a higher turnout to oppose Moore than they would normally, and Alabaman's might refuse to support him in protest. "I'm not anti-Semitic. See? My lawyer is a Jew. Everyone knows Jews make the best lawyers. We also have one as our accountant. No one better with money, I say" - tactic of every racism denier ever. "Some of my best friends are <insert minority of choice here>", is another favourite.
  15. Yikes I know turnout on special elections is always low but this has to be the most talked about special election in history, its not like folks don't know its happening.
  16. Yea I was hooked. Was sad to see it end. It was centered around the New Windsor camp. Really brought the area's history to life.
  17. Wow, pretty boy looked terrible and I like it...I liked it a lot! (Even though I had him in a couple of FF leagues)
  18. Now that's really cool!!!!
  19. I feel ya on that. I got hooked on Washington's spy's. Most of the last season took place in my home town. It was awesome imagining the things that's happened in the same area I grew up in.
  20. Money is good. I like money.
  21. For me a lot of the time these situations really come down to examining the worse case scenario. I know firsthand that the oil companies give serious lip service to the environmental aspects of their industry and that they have serious precautions and restrictions in place so I understand it from that point of view , but , what happens if the worse case scenario were to happen? What happens if a massive earthquake strikes and destroys the oil field? What happens if there is a terrorist attack? Can the land recover? Can the wildlife recover? Will the nation have the will to force an oil company to clean up any mess they do make in one of the most isolated places on earth? To me the risks outweigh the benefits, today. I add the qualifier today because I do believe that a true national or global emergency could change the outcome of that risk benefit analysis, but it would have to be a truly extraordinary situation. I landed on the worse case scenario argument during the beginning of the heinous Pebble Mine debate and while it has its flaws I think its workable in a common sense way in the 21st century.
  23. Testimony is a form of evidence. I think you mean it's not proof - proof being verified, conclusive evidence - but no one had said it is proof. For testimony to be considered proof you'd have to have a jury decide. But it is still evidence.
  24. My money is on ZZ to win it all again.
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