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  2. Welcome to UM, Maybe it was a very brief nose bleed which you didn’t notice? A few drops then clot? One inch diameter is a reasonable amount. And I know it’s probably unlikely and is a bit personal(trying to say this as carefully as possible), but is it possible that your girlfriend was on her period and somehow had an ‘accident’ and was too embarrassed to tell you? Sorry to hear about your stepdad even considering the circumstances. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with his death, there will be some logical explanation whether obvious or not. Edit: And just to confirm, the title is ‘Random blood spots’ but then you say it was ‘about one inch in diameter’. Was there more than one spot? Any kind of pattern or distribution? Any pets in the house(if so then probably make sure they’re okay or take them to the vet)?
  3. From Lost Highways, which was pretty creepy.
  4. What do you mean Docy? That it is surrounded by other old sites or what? This is a map showing the various sites near GT
  5. I think this is where you and I differ. As I've said, I don't know whether Scott killed Laci or not. I'll freely admit that he did a number of things he wouldn't have been expected to, and that he didn't do a number of things we might expect him to. Your question is a fair one. How many does it take? For me, to find a man guilty of murder and condemn him to death, it takes more than a few. There are a number of behaviors that indicate guilt, but there's also quite a number that point towards Scott's innocence. And importantly, though I know you don't want to hear it again, there is a complete absence of reliable inculpatory evidence. So the same question exists on the other side. How many pieces of evidence is enough? The state was able to prove that Laci and Conner were found several months later in/near the same body of water(an ocean bay) that Scott freely admitted going to on the 24th. What else is there? Give me one indication that a murder took place in their house. One drop of bodily fluid on the tarp, in the truck, the warehouse, the boat, etc. One single credible witness who saw Scott loading/unloading/transporting what could've possibly been a dead body, anywhere within 90 miles from his home; in his neighborhood, at the warehouse, on the highway, at the marina, in the bay, anywhere. One person who saw Scott releasing his dog. One person who ever saw more than one anchor. Just give me one single piece of evidence that the scenario outlined by the prosecution actually took place and our conversation is over; I'll acknowledge that Scott is exactly where he belongs. It doesn't exist. At what point do we demand the state prove a man guilty beyond doubt rather than just "he didn't act right"? I think you're incorrect on this point. If I recall correctly, it was brought out in testimony that there was a specific search for the mortiser instructions. I'll look it up to be sure, but I think you're mistaken. You just told me a few posts ago that Scott's fishing gear was non-functional. Now you're saying he had "steely attention" on this same fishing gear because it was part of his alibi. You can't have it both ways. I wouldn't call Peggy a "ruse", per se. She was found through the normal course of investigation. Had Scott said "Go talk to Peggy", that would be different and you'd have a valid point. I think you're more familiar with the phone records than I am. I honestly can't say whether Laci visiting the warehouse would've been likely or not. I doubt that Laci climbed into the boat, and the Defense never claimed she did. There was one stray hair, which probably belonged to her, found on the boat. That doesn't indicate she herself was actually on the boat. OK, but here again, how was Scott to know the marina was going to be slow? This is a busy marina. How could he possibly expect to not be seen? You have to concede that a dead body weighted with several anchors would be quite conspicuous in a 14-foot boat. Add the umbrellas and he's even more conspicuous. As I said before, had Scott planned this weeks in advance, he was taking unnecessarily huge risks. Rather than bright or clever, he would've been an absolute fool to try to pull this caper off. That doesn't mean he couldn't do it, it's possible I suppose, but let's keep in mind, Scott didn't have to prove that he couldn't do it. The state had the burden to prove that he did. But we do know it was tied, within 2cm of Conner's neck. That's in the testimony and clearly shown in the evidence photos. Wecht raised a valid question: How could such a loop of twine, well smaller than the circumference of Conner's head, be tied within 2 cm of his neck without human intervention? Are we to believe that this twine, despite astronomical odds, not only found it's way around Conner's head, but that his head shrunk to accommodate it?
  6. I appreciate the sincere comments here. If readers don't mind, I'd like to clear something up. Roughly speaking, the Viking Age was over by AD 1100. The time of the Kensington Runestone was 1362, if one chooses to believe the stone's self-dating. We have in-between, a quarter of a millennium--about the length of time the US has been a nation. Several persons here are confusing the proposed medieval happenings in MN with the Viking Age. This is common, and the problem is exacerbated by looking at Big Ole standing proud and 28-feet tall a stone's throw away from the KRS museum in Alexandria, MN. In short, I have my own theory that the stoneholes out west towards the SD border probably predate the stoneholes at Runestone Hill. Someone wondered why we're zeroing-in on this area. Again, I believe it is because visiting Scandinavians realized from multiple explorations that the area by the Code-stone is special because of the completion of a huge waterway circle at that location. This is what makes the spot special. Travel was by water back then, mostly, so it was wonderful for them to realize that one could come west from Vinland by water and then continue on up towards Hudson Bay to complete an oceanic journey. Special note: many prospective medieval Scandinavian evidences show up where this hooking together, or merging of dwindled-down waterways takes place. My best guess is that the Code-stone I found is from around AD 1250, give or take fifty years. My reason for this is thinking that it likely took many years for exploration expeditions to move down the MN River to the Chippewa River, the navigable waterway nearest to Runestone Hill. Briefly, I think it is likely that the dozen or more stoneholes surrounding Runestone Hill were made many years before the placing of the memorial runestone. I think it logical to suppose that the KRS party left the runestone at Runestone Hill because they figured that Scandinavians would some day come back to that spot. Why is that? I'm not sure, but I think Runestone Hill was a point of inland mapping, having to do with camping at a pre-existing natural defensive position. I have photos of a site I visited a few years ago, which is also off the Chippewa River about the same "safe" distance as Runestone Hill is, and also on the east side of the river. This apparent medieval rock sconce defensive position (with stoneholes in the area) is about a day's actual journey south of Runestone Hill. So, I tend to think Runestone Hill was likewise a known and appreciated defensive position to camp while exploring. Some here have questioned what a scant impact finding out Scandinavians came here so early would have on history. Well, for starters, our history books would need to be rewritten. Suppose whatever is buried on the ridge is identifiable as being from medieval times...representing a land-claim, as I think is likely. Suppose whatever is unearthed pre-dates the adventures of Christopher Columbus by, say three hundred years...1192...well out of the Viking Age, but well within the period of the Crusades. Suppose the Catholic Church may have been involved with this prospective land-claim. This would not be insignificant. In fact, it would be awesome. Well, hopefully, time will tell. The exact spot to dig is already pin-pointed. What will be found? By the way, at the site, there are no other "hits" by my metal detectors. The only place I get a strong hit is the same place indicated by the stonehole encoding. I accept this as being very exciting--especially given all the other associated evidences in the region. I expect that time will tell what was purposely buried there so very long ago. I realize this sounds fantastical, but under the circumstances, that doesn't diminish the possibilities....
  7. Let me look into those questions a bit more tomorrow morning. I appreciate the response . Makes for some good insight
  8. Lol oh no, now I have a meter? Let’s see, it looks like the Tim-meter is very convincingly on 99.9% regular helium balloon buoyancy activity, 0.01% paranormal. I’m happy with that! I’m a little disheartened that we don’t know the colour. Can someone get hold of the author to confirm? And in all seriousness, a neutrally buoyant helium balloon can be moved quite dramatically by seemingly nonexistent movements of air, thermal variations, static electricity etc. so IMHO, that’s all it is.
  9. The thought has occurred to me that, since the light that we get from stars and galaxies that are millions of light years away show us what they looked like millions of years ago, I wonder what they actually looks like today.
  10. Proves you're being deceptive. Hand waving by bringing up quantum physics doesn't make woo BS anymore credible. Probably works better on people who don't know anything about the subject, might want to consider that in future.
  11. There seems to be an epidemic of abrogation of parental responsibility going on. I see it everyday where I work. I've never encountered so many children who haven't been taught how to behave in public and so many parents who seem indifferent to it. Children taught from a young age to behave usually behave when the grow older, requiring no draconian or physical discipline. A lot of them are children from broken homes and I wonder if it's because of parents trying to out-do each other spoiling them to curry favor. What happened to this child is unconscionable--calling a third party in to do their job which they, apparently, had neglected the child's whole life. I see all three equally responsible.
  12. Or none - depends on your religious point of view. There's a tribe in the south Pacific that worships a model of a WWII aircraft - right or wrong, that's their god. You have to accept that there are other than Judeo Christian beliefs out there and those beliefs are just as important to their followers as yours is to you. All gods are human inventions anyway - if there were no humans to invent them, there would be no gods.
  13. stark branches remain scraping what's left of the sky for murders of crows
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