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  2. Sometimes I think the internet consist of 80% idiots, 15% average people, and only 5% intelligent folk.
  3. Sounds like you first need to clear and clean your browser.
  4. Hey...i was quite impressed by these new age buzzwords: Ok paraG, can you give us a run down on what this actually means? Note i was impressed by it, but it does not mean it makes any sense what so ever.
  5. Thanks Will, I will check that out.. But still, I would like to see each new generation write its own gospel. Like how much has changed since 1955? The next generation could build upon all the latest wisdom and gnosis of the previous generation. A living tradition that moulds itself to that particular moment in time and space. No disrespect Will, but there are some serious issues about today, war and poverty and a general ignorance abound. (not you personally). But still - when the Spirit arrives en masse, all the greedy nonsense in the world will be washed away once and for all. With computers and tablets and smart phones everywhere today, then maybe its more likely a YouTube video rather than a book that will change things! Who knows?
  6. That's done for 2 reasons. 1: It allows the top 2 teams to be rewarded with a bye week. Otherwise what does #3 and #4 have to play for later in the season. 2: It keep the bottom teams active.
  7. RM You might want to check out fractal geometry, pioneered by the late Benoit Mandelbrot, and still an active research area. It bothered him, too, that simple (not "perfect," whatever that means, just simple) forms were usually rough approximations to reality, rather than precise descriptions of real shapes. So, he ramped up the math so that it could deal with real shapes - simply, just not as simply as the less faithful approximations. From a historical perspective, Mandelbrot continued a trend in science and math launched by Kepler, Copernicus and that gang. Ancients thought planetary orbits were circular. Turned out they aren't. To exquisite approximation, they're another conic section instead: ellipses. Except Mercury, it's more a rosette pattern. Einstein nailed down why. With a certain level of preparation, his math is simple, too, just not as simple as the conic sections. You didn't mention who the philosopher was, what he said verbatim, and in what context. I'm thinking those might have been important to the discussion. And scientists generally would disagree with that, in your view?
  8. ..these fields are minuscule…Plus, remember the inverse square law: the intensity of an energy wave radiating from a source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from that source…The brain’s magnetic field of 10–15 teslas quickly dissipates from the skull and is promptly swamped by other magneticsources, not to mention the earth’s magnetic field of 10–5 teslas, which overpowers it by 10 orders of magnitude! Source No matter the degree of magical thinking people want to engage in there is no proof of telepathy, telekinesis, or any other "psychic power." It's peoples wishful thinking. Something to make the them feel special.
  9. Well I'll be ready next season. I had easily the worst draft this season and it'll not happen again, I'll tell you that.
  10. How do you know this ? Again its our failure to have any conception of timespans that create problems.. Things dont materialize over night. We have to think in terms of billions of years
  11. Dapper.......DAPPER?? Are you evoking the spirit of CAM on THESE Pages??? Hell as long as #22 gets me points I good with it.
  12. Let’s not bring Hillary into this. We’re discussing people who are accountable to the law, not above it.
  13. Do we have to wait till March to get an "image" ? Surely where you are...through your own admission...does not matter. Can you send me something tonight?
  14. I knew when I posted "a couple" my feet would be held to the fire.
  15. How can this feller do anything but make you feel happy?
  16. This is a really important point - and I hope I will satisfactorily address it as we start looking at Sheldrake's evidence. You are dead right - and as a skeptic I'll happily agree I am indeed much more concerned with false alarms... I suspect that is because my experience with failed alarms is generally the failure was with good reason... but perhaps I am cherry picking... The dear readers will have to make their own judgement as I proceed.. and I'm OK with that. I don't expect to change the status quo - believers believe and skeptics always want more/better evidence. My aim here is to ask the question - is this book of Sheldrake's worthy of a place on the Non-Fiction shelf?
  17. Only thing i like more than a Seahawks loss is a Patriots loss Meanwhile my Panthers and Saints are looking pretty dapper ...i feel smug,do i sound smug to you guys?
  18. Impressed because they have been shown that the claimant actually does have a gift? I would like to see the results of the findings from these scientists studies. I am impressed by good magicians and illusionists, but i still know they are tricks.
  19. No. Regardless of your fantasies. All our thoughts are short lived electrical impulses that do not extend past our gray matter and nervous system. Quit using new age buzzwords to sound 'smart'.
  20. After theoretical physicists have been looking at formulae too long they begin to think reality is the formulae. Maths is a descriptive tool more perfect than the things its trying to describe. You cannot have mathematical perfection in a material universe.
  21. I'd like to personally test this, to see if it is true. I'm betting I could crack them. *evil laugh*
  22. You didn't want freedom of movement? You'd rather have borders and walls and inconvenience? I'm all for freedom of movement. I'm not particularly bothered about immigrants either really.
  23. Mathematics is one of the Universal languages of God. I’m not sure how philosophy or science would have ownership or exclusivity over math. Especially Science, it’s so opinionated and constantly miscalculated to fit that opinion. God Bless!
  24. "I did not send or receive anything that was classified on my personal server"
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