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  2. If Jack was stuck on a roof would you help Jack off? jmccr8
  3. None. To be blunt.
  4. Is that not Bill Clinton or does the caption directly under the photo just not mention him. Lol.
  5. It's a flashy video and entertaining, but one would not view it as an academic study. It was produced for a popular audience to garner ratings. I didn't watch every bit of it and skipped around some, so I didn't see the part you mentioned about the drawing of the lion over the Sphinx. That's an old idea and has been played with quite a bit, up to and including the implausible idea of Robert Temple that the Sphinx started as Anubis. It was the part about the rock wall and old tomb I most wanted to see, and I was kind of disappointed by the leaps Reeder was trying to make. I like him for the most part, although I find him easier to read than listen to (his dialect his hard for me to understand sometimes). The salient point is, he's not an Egyptologist and seems to be making something force-fit. The fact is, those tombs dug into the quarry walls largely post-date the pyramids. They were dug in by later dynasties of people who were using the quarry walls and escarpments for their own tombs. This is well understood. I have no idea where Reeder is getting the idea of a "Sunken Palace." I see no clear evidence for reworked architecture or masonry. I see quarry walls and the cuttings one finds in them. He's trying to make it seem like a palace facade (a common architecture motif from Dynasty 1 on), but what he's looking at is the remnants of quarry work.
  6. I don't mind his educating me by sharing whatever conjectures he has (and discussing them) here. I have no interest in playing "chase down the information" the OP should be supplying directly here. This is a discussion thread not an advert area for YouTube channels or opinion sections of magazines.
  7. After 8 years of Obama's administration, how can we not be the "example" of all that?
  8. Did anyone watch part 3 of his videos (The one with the esoteric 10 uses of medieval stone holes)? I am mildly interested in his conjecture for their purpose but n ot enough to waste mobile data on YouTube. I hope Bob does realize by now that he is in the discussion forum not blogging section of this site. But if anyone could bullet point the ten purposes (evidence with attribution would be nice but as the OP seems intent on not returning) of the stone holes to save me bandwidth...
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  10. Well if you just focused on the discussion about the unity of reading and experience to gain knowledge vs just reading instead of going off on a tangent I would be fine with that but you keep opening that door, and every time you do I will be there to greet you. And yes our understanding of real and actual is significantly different so that is quite the understatement. By the way, did you notice that there are others that see things differently than you as well? Of course and that shows that we are different and responsible for what we do which is why murder, rapists, and pedophiles are held responsible for deliberate acts of premeditation and we don't see the acts as animal instinct because they are aware of what they are doing and planned on doing it. Comparing this with animals is NOT RELEVANT. We are not birds, fish or animals and I never said that there was a reaction before there was a cause, I said that we are aware of our environment and that animal instinct is adaptive, when I walk down the street I know where people are, how fast they are moving and in what direction and if they are male or female by the sound of their shoes and steps without having to focus on them. The same goes for cars driving down the street and I will know if they have driven past me more than once. I didn't have to train myself it is my nature to be aware of my surroundings.And yes there are some similarities in living in the city as there are always risks in life, different yes but still within the range that requires survival instinct. You may disagree but if you are aware then you don't have to plot contingency plans for what-ifs, the reaction is what it is and sometimes stopping to think about it is what gets you killed or hurt. Like spending a bunch of time telling a guy what will happen when you push a pencil into his brain through his eye, that's tv crap and if somebody tried that with me I'm pretty sure my knee would have been knocking his nuts by the time he pointed it at me and I wouldn't have even had to think about it I have more than once why do you think I am calling you on these things It's really a simple concept, I will post pictures of things I have built and you build things that you have read about but have no physical experience with taking some pics that have you in them through different stages of certified references from credible sources and show me that they are the same quality of work that I have posted to prove that you can do things by just reading books. jmccr8
  11. The United States remains the last bastion of Freedom on this, God's Grey Earth! If the United States of America ever ceases to exist...the entire world...your little Sector as well Manfred...will plunge into Darkness and Tyranny so far, so fast... Yes the United States of America stands for Freedom and Democracy. ...yeah all that stuff...all that stuff know, like the right to speak your thoughts about your own government without fear that the government will knock down your door and take you away somewhere you do not even want to be in your wildest nightmares...that know, like the Freedom to worship Jesus, or Buddah, or Muhammad or a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich... Just because we have had ineffective Leftist, Communist leadership for the last two terms doesn't mean that the United States has diminished...we remain a sleeping Giant...squabbling with each other as we slumber in our...Freedom. Rue the day someone tries to take that Freedom away from us Man! I guess you don't Love your country....most of us do!
  12. This is a class act. All five living former Presidents appeared before a concert to raise money for the victims of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Regardless of political party, this is the way things should be when our country faces the tragedies these storms caused. I applaud them all. The elder George Bush made his appearance in a wheelchair, as his health has been declining due to Parkinson's Disease.
  13. I got the pictures for you, Piney. ^_~
  14. LightAngel



  15. got the menu together for next week chicken tortellini soup (carried over from last week) lasagna,salad, cheesy garlic bread brats with sauerkraut, sauteed peppers and onions, fries and onion rings BBQ pork bites,homemade cheesy taters, broccoli tater tot casserole, california blend veggies
  16. Yeah everything with more than 4 legs is granted an audience with Dr. Foot
  17. My video on gravity hypothesizes what space is:
  18. As far as I know there are 3 different truth seekers active on this forum. I say the more the merrier! I'm not not sure Jehova and his angelic mafia appreciate that though!
  19. I fast forwarded the vid to see that part. It was what appeared to be a tomb cut in rock, the face of which had later been repurposed in the 4th Dynasty and afterward. The statement was made that maybe it was a sunken palace. I certainly saw no such thing in the vid, but the excuse is (apparently) quarrying. Looked to me more like the rock face of a quarry that had been cut into the bedrock below the tomb, making the tomb appear high up (maybe ten meters) on a rock face. There was a wall attached to the rock that had been built later. The tomb wasn't "discovered" by Reader. He presented an old tomb that predated the sphinx, that's all. It's not like it wasn't already known. I've read Reader's ideas. I don't have a quarrel with the guy. He asserts the sphinx is a few hundred years older than the consensus date. He could be right. But it still doesn't explain the angle on the southern wall of the enclosure. The vid also had a guy drawing a lion over the sphinx, trying to see if the explanation of the too-long body is the fissure just in front of the rear haunches. His drawing showed that - put to scale - a lion's body matching the head size would have that fissure right up next to the rump of the statue. This I already knew, and I've always thought it was obvious that the fissure can (and probably does) explain the too long body. Yet this guy just said he's sure the AEs could have patched that up. That's all I watched. Probably there were other, less ignoble, parts. Harte
  20. It's important with discoveries like these to look at scientific articles rather that sensationalist journalism. So, what is the paper actually arguing? Here's the abstract with certain parts highlighted: So basically, the authors are contending that one of the two teeth has some similarities with hominin teeth, and wonder if there may be a relation. That's it. No claims that these are hominins or that they're definitively related to hominins. Now, let's consider what we already know about human evolution. Hominins are defined by bipedalism--we can't classify remains as a hominin unless they show definitive evidence for bipedalism, which usually requires postcranial remains (though sometimes an argument can be made based on the foramen magnum of intact skulls). Genetics tells us that humans are very closely related to chimpanzees and bonobos, and that we share a common ancestor with them, who logically would have lived in Africa. Estimates from the genetic clock (which isn't very accurate, but is still worth mentioning) put the most recent common ancestor between us and chimps somewhere around 5-7 million years ago. So if these teeth come from a human ancestor, then it must have migrated into Africa and was the ancestor to both chimps and humans. Of course, the most likely explanation for these teeth is convergent evolution--this ape happened to develop some features that developed independently in hominins later on.
  21. Right now I am wearing a T-shirt that is older than you are.
  22. Looks like while I was gone, the beast with a thousand tongues emerged from it's den atop Uluru.
  23. Lol I hand out the real stuff lol. Jacks anyone
  24. Ah yes it may seem that way but it is an imaginary brick wall. jmccr8
  25. But it's Saturday night! Why's everyone so listless? We should be partying. Ruby, come on, hand out the Fosters.
  26. As a 23 year old I always find it kind of amusing when older people say things like today's youth are crazy and society is falling apart. But I'm sure when I get old I'll feel the same way about the youngsters
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