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  2. I live where I live and yes oil is a big part and no Suncor would never touch me as I would be a bug in there ear. I wish I had shares in the company but no. The Pipeline I want to happen through Canada and the US. However tree huggers that drive suv's and bus's and trains and plains don't like it. There is nothing perfect about this but if you want to cut off fossil fuel you better be ready for the out come. I have had many ties to many in the oil industry and they are more than willing to make it better as they are being pushed to do so but the cost for you to live out weighs a solar panel or a wind mill that can not fill the gap at this time. We need to improve what we have and stop wishing more a magic cure.
  3. Wisconsin, Miami, Alabama and UCF all remain unbeaten. Auburn, Miss St., TCU, Texas and Northwestern all win.
  4. I love horror movie based on true story. Annable still become my favorite movie. Anyway.. I wonder if that happen to me in my life..
  5. tcgram

    Watching my back yard flood down the side of my house and down the front hill into the street....this is the second time I have witnessed something like this in the 23 yrs. I've lived here......:huh:

  6. do you know who FIRST claimed to be abducted? If you know that, then you will know why every abduction STORY since then follows the same basic story as the first alleged abductee's
  7. so will Truthseeker now DENY the President told the world about alien microbes? He cant all this nonsense about NASA and govt secrets is over...
  8. I believe every people have their own experience on this. Anyway in Java Island, Indonesia, There are many story about ghost.. you can see the example on the picture attached. Believe it or not, many people see this flying fire-ball.
  9. Did you read my posts? Did you read that what I'm saying is that the pyramids were coneived as a defense against a future deluge that the pre-dynastic AEs believed would destroy their kingdom but which, long afterwards, may have been repurposed as tombs? Clearly by the dynastic period the AE religion had evolved. That's a fact. But WHY did it evolve? What was once (originally), imv, a perfunctory purpose of the pyramids to reboot the kingdom would have become sanctified to the point whereby these pyramids that ensured the rebirth of the kingdom would now be utilised to ensure the rebirth of the king himself. But when you read the 'myth' of Isis and Osiris from the Pyramid Texts, you perceive a different purpose for these structures. See my post here. That they MAY have (somewhat stupidly) have been repurposed as the actual, physical tomb by some later, dynastic AE kings would not be surprising and, imv, is why you are reading this from the PTs. Or maybe you won't. Because maybe, perhaps or even perhaps-maybe - you just don't want to? So "NO". There is no "obviously not" about it. That "obviosuly not" comes entirely from your own worldview (shaped and formed from a multitude of orthodox books) as to the purpose of these first pyramids which has NO AE text explicitly saying they were ORIGINALLY conceived as tombs of kings. But I do, actually, understand why you would come to such a belief. The mainstream view is all pervasive but you know what - it lacks an awful lot of questions. Whereas I like to question. Everything. Perhaps try thinking outside the sarcophagus? SC
  10. In any case A) CO2 levels are back on the rise B ) Why is 2017 on track to be the 2nd warmest year on record?
  11. I've had flying dreams that felt incredibly real. I even decided where to go, and which roofs to patter across, hoping to startle the sleeping people. Hehehe.
  12. toast

    Computer says no. :lol:


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  13. Yes I have, very much so. I have seen things I can not explain but I can't assume. Nor can I take personal assumptions as fact. I was abducted in 1986 do you believe me ? I wouldn't
  14. Similar perhaps, but not necessarily the same.
  15. again you havent a clue what you're talking about....the President of the USA addressed the WORLD....on TV....when they thought they found alien microbes
  16. I was talking about his looks. Yes I have a sense of humor and don't take things to seriously.
  17. This is street art. If the argument against it is distraction, then the approved or sanctioned art installation would distract as well.
  18. One can only hope.
  19. That was your question: I answered: windpower. It seems possible from a technical point of view but its maybe not possible from a political point of view. Anyway, it should be the key target of a country to force renewable energy plants for various reasons. First, for environmental reasons. If I remember correctly, you are from Canada and looking at the sand oil fields in Alberta I wouldnt say that this area looks healthy anymore. 2nd, for economical purposes. The amount of available oil gets reduced each day and we have to face rising prices in the future, resulting into increasing prices for oil generated electricity, which will not only impact your costs for some light and your aircon in your home but also for industrial products, transportation costs and services as well, means, your whole financial reality. Investing tax money to expand the harvest of energy by renewable energy sources is a big chance to keep at least the current wealth of a population, inter alia by the creation of thousands of new jobs in this industry. And, what the majority of people dont have on the radar yet, we western countries need additional jobs more that ever in the past because AI is knocking at our doors. I`m sorry but thats absolute BS and smells like a CT created by the PR department of Suncor Energy. BTW: do you hold oilsand shares?
  20. I guess you have not read up on all the abduction stories.
  21. At least they lost their licenses, if nothing else comes from this matter, and rightfully so.
  22. a compliment? well by saying that you just let everyone know where your mind is at... Giorgio is a clown, an idiot, total waste of space, and a liar just out to make money and your complimented by people suggesting you are him? man youre such a joker
  23. When you stare long enough, that foggy/blurry thing happens. People use it for scrying. I don't know why your nose got cold and you heard the weird sound, though. Possibly the heat didn't kick in yet, and because you were quiet enough, you heard your ears ringing.
  24. If you think the governments will let you know then you really have your head in the! But hey if that's what you think more power to you.
  25. How despicable of them...and to a WWII Veteran no less. Those may have been this gentleman's last moments in this world, but I feel strongly that his next moments were far, far better.
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