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Cookie Information

The following information is provided in compliance with new EU policies regarding the use of cookies on websites:

What is a cookie ?
A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer and that enables a web server to collect information from the browser.

What do we use cookies for ?
On Unexplained-Mysteries.com we use cookies as part of our discussion forum, gallery and blog software for the following purposes:

- To remember whether or not you are logged in when you visit the site
- To remember your login settings and preferences such as which forum skin you are using
- To store data used to tailor your forum experience such as marking topics that you have read

We also run third party advertisements which may collect or use cookie data pertaining to and during the ad serving process.

Consent to use cookies
By using the site and forums you agree to the above use of cookies on the site. While you have the option to disable or delete cookies stored by the site from your browser please be aware that if you do so parts of the site will not function correctly and your login session will not be saved.