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  • tcgram


    First time this year I've gotten to help mow the yard....I'm whooped!!   Good exercise, though.  


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  • XenoFish


    Zombie vampiric humanoid aliens from the 5th dimension. 

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  • Big Mirk

    Big Mirk

    Vote for me and I`ll see to it that the 3 & 5 second rule will be amended to something between 10 and 30.

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  • Vampiric Ruby

    Vampiric Ruby


    Purple Flowers enchance prosperity and attract contest winning ... Based on a European University intensive 10-year study.

    Source : Weekly World News 17 june 2003 Page 40

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  • Manfred von Dreidecker

    Manfred von Dreidecker

    Doors opening..


    Doors closing.


    Going up

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  • Redefining Success

    Redefining Success

    Recently purchased a second hand drone/quadcopter with camera. I'll let you know how i get on and if it gets consficated.

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  • Taun


    The much delayed report of this years Cthulhu Days Festival is out on my blog for those insane enough to read it...

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  • and then

    and then

    I owe some member here (I can't remember which) a debt of gratitude for recommending a Fantasy Series by Robert Jordan.  Eye of the World is book one.  I'm officially hooked. :) 

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  • seeder


    this does make me mad. I might just have swung at the warden for this, had I been there:

    ""Traffic warden ‘tries to ticket a car with an UNCONSCIOUS pensioner slumped inside it’ as concerned passers-by call 999"


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  • AnchorSteam

    AnchorSteam  »  Farmer77

    Is there a way to send PRIVATE messages here?

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