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  • Nonentity


    Yesterday I was at a benefit concert for storm victims put on by a local singing group. Whilst in the midst of said concert, I happened to notice the way people clap. I noticed that most people (myself included) seemed to clap right in front of their own faces and I wondered why. I made my own conscious effort to move my hands lower down, but I couldn't help but wonder if clapping in front of one's own face was a way to allow the performers to see that the audience members really were clapping thereby proving that they were enjoying the concert. As though the mere sound of the clapping wasn't enough.

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  • Ryu


    Love at first sight doesn't exist.

    Love takes time and love takes work, you should at least get to know the other person first.

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  • SecretSanta


    Waiting on the plumber.  Wonder when they'll get here...

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  • acute


    "The majority of Americans live between the coasts."

    Really? They don't live in the sea?

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  • tcgram


    Do you know what would be REALLY cool?!   If I had something exciting to write for my status, but I don't.     :P

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  • XenoFish


    When you realize that nothing in life matters, you've got three choices. End it all, rebel, or make the most of it.

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  • Manfred von Dreidecker

    Manfred von Dreidecker

    "But before he could reveal the truth he is brutally murdered". As opposed to? Murdered quite gently and considerately? 

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  • third_eye


    breiðöx and seaxes ...


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  • Manfred von Dreidecker

    Manfred von Dreidecker

    we should always be mindful of Hegel’s dictum about the owl of Minerva taking flight only at the setting of the sun.

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  • Likely Guy

    Likely Guy

    You know it's late when Aussies and Kiwis start liking your posts and quoting you.


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