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  • acute


    I went to an audition for a soft-porn Art-House movie, but they had reservations about stunt casting.
    It's always "stunt casting".

    I am so through with Tinseltown. It's so fickle and fake, I want nothing to do with it!

    Thank god for my Fast and Furious residuals.

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  • tcgram


    Gearing up for Vacation Bible School with my teenager....glad I'm not going to be one of them outside in the heat trying to corral 30+ teens......

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  • susieice


    Clouding up. Sitting here waiting for the afternoon rain to start again.

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  • King Giovanni

    King Giovanni

    Ich will die Ruhe stören!

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  • Eldorado


    Are orphans allowed to watch PG movies?

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  • acute


    There was a riot at a local prison today!  Maybe because the drugs I sold them were ground-up indigestion tablets.

    It would have been a profitable day, if they hadn't kept my drone!

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  • omerta



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  • Taun


    I went and saw the movie Dunkirk today...

    man was it LOUD!

    Good flick though...

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  • cluey


    i just love my parents personalized number plates on their cars....pma 01 and pma 02.....thats positive mental attitude.....1 and 2.....

    Edited by cluey

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  • ExpandMyMind


    When you think giving birth as a human is painful:




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