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  • sees


    Another sunny day here and the garden is full of growth!  What's not to love!?

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  • Kismit


    To all the Queenslanders coping with Cyclone Debbie i hope you are safe.

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  • Manfred von Dreidecker

    Manfred von Dreidecker

    yes, you're quite right

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  • Ruby04


    The pathology nurse wasn't very gentle with the blood test. He got it in first try, but it stung more then normal, burned and left 4 marks including the spot he drew blood from. As expected it bruised, joys of Anaemia and Insulin resistance. Next time is bigger test, including auto immune (possible Lupus) antibodies.  

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  • dlonewolf85


    Racism needs to die out...It has to start with you and me, subtle or apparent, racism exists because we allow it.

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  • Ruby04

    Ruby04  »  tcgram

    If it loads heres a link to the latest updates. if not this one will have info but select the state you want.

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  • seeder


    250 kmh winds as cyclone hits Australia.... keep safe all our Australian the locals there

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  • Cat_From_Hell


    My house is freaking me out: A book just threw itself off my bookshelf, Weirdly it was a book I was thinking of just the other day.

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  • Eldorado


    He knew she was there by the joy and fear that overwhelmed his heart.

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  • tcgram

    tcgram  »  Rinna

    How are you doing?   Hope all is well your way. :)  

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