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  • Overdueleaf


    I have acquired a new name at work... Rudolph.

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  • A rather obscure Bassoon

    A rather obscure Bassoon

    Another Apocalypse I survived,onward to the next one.


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  • XenoFish



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  • JVG


    The coyotes are active tonight on the mountain behind are house. I hope everyone's pets are in!!!

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  • acute


    Donna Summer and her daughter.


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  • rashore


    It's not the end of the world as we all know it.. But tonight's end of the world as they know it is happening to a lot of people.

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  • Noteverythingisaconspiracy


    If I ever see you doing that again........


    It would be the second time.

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  • The Russian Hare

    The Russian Hare


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  • LegionsRUs


    Sydney Amoris has had me on the porch dancing while sitting in swivel chair with her snuggling my shoulder to the Motown sound !!! She is really fond of Al Green ... What a wonderful feeling to hold her like this .. then she starts trying to sing.. that could almost make an old man weep with joy 

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  • Aquila King

    Aquila King

    Just wanna send out a formal apology for all the memes I've been postin' lately. Had a number of complaints of annoyance.

    I do so outta laziness and a poor sense of humor, so, I'm sorry.

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