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  • Ruby04

    Ruby04  »  acute

    No word of the day yet and I already had a couple beers for you

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  • Hammerclaw


    Now you're Scarran me.76b0a178dda8b90db187e40cb5588185.jpg

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  • Manfred von Dreidecker

    Manfred von Dreidecker

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear, have you heard Eminem & Beyoncé's latest collaboration? There's Eminem ranting on in his usual fashion ("everyone hates me, oh why oh why won't they leave me alone", and there's Beyoncé wandering in from time to time to warble tunelessly in the fashion of her multi granny winning album "lemonade".

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  • Kismit

    Kismit  »  Daughter of the Nine Moons


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  • Aquila King

    Aquila King


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  • Overdueleaf


    12 hour count down. I thought we had a name decided on..but I guess he may arrive nameless and may be referred to as baby boy ( last name here) for the first few days. Just finished putting the changing table together. The last thing we need is something called a poopy, baby's mom is breastfeeding and apparently these things are wonderful for that

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  • Piney


    After 3 years back on my Japo-Lenape diet and outdoor regime I'm finally starting to feel better and somewhat healing. You don't need crappy pills with a lot of side effects. You just have to eat right, spend lots of time outdoors and exercise.....and use a doctor that isn't involved with insurance companies. 

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  • cluey


    looking forward tp the end of school party we are having the food,cider,entertainment,.....ready......decided to place single red balloons around our property and in the house,lol.......can't's party time.....

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  • XenoFish



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  • lightly


    We're on our way from Michigan to another warm,,wonderful,(windy sometimes) winter in the Southern Cal. Desert!  

    Tonight in Oklahoma ,    OK?

    Wish us well, Love lightly.

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