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coldethyl → thekeyboardkid

Thanks for stopping by! And welcome! *leaves candy*
Mar 03 2007 12:46 AM
143's Photo


It was nice to have you in chat tonight! Come more often pleeze :D
Mar 03 2007 12:26 AM
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Alara → ConservativePessimist

Of course it's me you pansy. And you bet I'm evil!
*gives CP the middle finger salute*
Mar 02 2007 11:52 PM
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Cheebs → black dahlia 83

got it *writes down you were never in my profile*
Mar 02 2007 11:51 PM
black dahlia 83's Photo

black dahlia 83 → Cheebs

*creeps through quietly*
I wasnt here okay....:)
Mar 02 2007 11:49 PM
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Cheebs → black dahlia 83

gawd.......you stopped by yesterday and didnt leave a word...are you stalking me=p
Mar 02 2007 11:45 PM
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distortedpandy → Ciraxis

oh nothing.
Mar 02 2007 11:39 PM
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Celumnaz → distortedpandy

*ducks in, throws some cotton balls, ducks out*
Mar 02 2007 11:35 PM
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Celumnaz → coldethyl

got no friends cause they read the papers... they can't be seen with me.
and I'm feelin real shot down, and I'm... gettin mean!
Mar 02 2007 11:30 PM
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bornagainuhmanduh → Saint

I love your haiku!!
Mar 02 2007 11:17 PM
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bornagainuhmanduh → kaknelson

Love the haiku's!! :)
Mar 02 2007 11:15 PM
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heathyr → AtlantisRises

im good. lol just a lil tired
Mar 02 2007 11:13 PM
_Spawn_'s Photo

_Spawn_ → luminousphoenix

waaaaaah! I need yer help quick! that myspace thingie drives me completely insane! *bangs his head on his desk*
Mar 02 2007 10:38 PM
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Smeagol1 → _Nyx_

nouthing really hey do u got a myspace if u do send the linky thru pm not the url like www.myspace.com/blahblahb;l
Mar 02 2007 10:21 PM
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_Nyx_ → Smeagol1

*waves* yeah, it has been a while.. same old same old.. where've you been?
Mar 02 2007 10:14 PM