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dog soldier's Photo

dog soldier → Cheebs

The battle of life?
Apr 13 2007 10:13 PM
Aere Thalia's Photo

Aere Thalia → _Spawn_

Hey ya! Doing alright, and I want to punch an Anime/Manga author, you?
Apr 13 2007 09:57 PM
Aere Thalia's Photo

Aere Thalia → Cheebs

Yes, I do...I know...I know who you are...Bwahahahahaha
Apr 13 2007 09:56 PM
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Genocyde → candidpets

Welcome to UM
Apr 13 2007 09:50 PM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → KarmaSonamWangchug

*waves* thanks for stopping by :)
Apr 13 2007 09:06 PM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → Ciraxis

I did more sledding this winter than I have in the last 15 years :P I'm ready for spring now though :)
Apr 13 2007 09:05 PM
Genocyde's Photo

Genocyde → Cyper

Welcome to UM
Apr 13 2007 08:12 PM
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Pelican_Eel → Isis2200

hello :)
Niice to meet another bandminton player ;)
Apr 13 2007 08:11 PM
Genocyde's Photo

Genocyde → Kadence

Apr 13 2007 08:07 PM
airika's Photo

airika → Condescending

LMAO!..I AM quite persistant
*Gives herself to a group of starving tiger cubs, knowing she will be reincarnated back in adult form so she can help more people and starving animals, while singing "Time is on my side"*
Apr 13 2007 07:56 PM
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Kadence → Genocyde

hey i seen your myspace..your really cute
Apr 13 2007 07:51 PM
heinrich himmler's Photo

heinrich himmler → Daughter of the Nine Moons

I don't have to repeat what u said. I'm Heinrich Himmler XD
lolz nice 2 meet you.
Apr 13 2007 07:43 PM
airika's Photo

airika → Condescending

*Goes to the Helen Keller Institute, and teaches 300 blind children to read brail, gives her last dollar to a starving child on the corner, and volunteers at the Animal Sanctuary*............*Begins to sing The Elephant Song*
Apr 13 2007 07:35 PM
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Magikman → Thistle

oh man, I missed 'smack a subby' day. :( :P So today is 'kiss' a Thissy day. :wiggle :wiggle: :)
Apr 13 2007 07:20 PM
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Satwinder Virdee → kobie

hey hun i don't have one. but do u have a facebook account??
Apr 13 2007 07:15 PM