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She-ra's Photo

She-ra → feral koan

Hi Nell :) xo, Jody
Jul 16 2007 08:06 PM
Dire_Wolf's Photo

Dire_Wolf → November_Rain

Remember i'm always a click away.
Jul 16 2007 08:06 PM
Dire_Wolf's Photo

Dire_Wolf → SilverCougar

aw darn i missed you when you got on yesterday. well hope to hear from you.
Jul 16 2007 08:05 PM
Episteme's Photo

Episteme → InnerSpace

I'd make you some blueberry muffins but I'm terrible in the kitchen! Good thing I married a great cook! ;D
Jul 16 2007 07:57 PM
Episteme's Photo

Episteme → GreyWeather

*Makes Chokmah Famous* OMGz GhOstOrZ! ;D
Jul 16 2007 07:52 PM
Ciraxis's Photo

Ciraxis → Episteme

well know you've done it! you went and took me fishing, and now i've got to add you to my friends list!
Jul 16 2007 07:46 PM
Episteme's Photo

Episteme → Ciraxis

*Takes Ciraxis fishing* 8D
Jul 16 2007 07:45 PM
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Wallfly → coldethyl

Always a pleasure. Glad you enjoy my avvi too!
I think I'm feeling the power of Charlitology...
Jul 16 2007 07:39 PM
Fairy bye bye's Photo

Fairy bye bye → branbran

Im very well thanks, hope you are doing just great, take care :)
Jul 16 2007 07:37 PM
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Finsup22 → coldethyl

*pours koolaid in dixie cup* ;)
Jul 16 2007 07:17 PM
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RedFFWolf → Tannenisis

I'd like to say something originally nice, but joc pretty much sums it all up! ;)
Jul 16 2007 07:17 PM
EmpressStarXVII's Photo

EmpressStarXVII → truethat

I wish you hadn't left us :(. You're one of my favourite members on UM. Anyway, if you do get this, I wish you all the best of luck in life :D. You're an awesome awesome person.
Jul 16 2007 06:53 PM
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distortedpandy → Wallfly

You can add me. :P
Jul 16 2007 06:44 PM
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Wallfly → distortedpandy

I see your on MS - the crowning jewel of cyber-sin... all private n sh**.... whatever.
Jul 16 2007 06:42 PM
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Mr.United_Nations → distortedpandy

Jul 16 2007 06:27 PM