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TinaMarie's Photo

TinaMarie → Aztec Warrior

Hey Aztec warrior.whaddup!Yea i love Evanescence!Amy Lee is so awesome!
Apr 29 2007 09:35 PM
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my_psychosis → m. Moe

Thank you for the "Happy Birthday" "Smiles"
Apr 29 2007 09:30 PM
Barek Halfhand's Photo

Barek Halfhand → Radian

Apr 29 2007 09:25 PM
Lotus Flower's Photo

Lotus Flower → EmpressStarXVII

Happy Birthday EmpressStar!
All the best
Apr 29 2007 09:11 PM
The Skeptic Eric Raven's Photo

The Skeptic Eric Raven → Pinowawa1

I still hit pretty good. I used to compet a little in the old days.With work an kids, I only hit the gym 4 days a week.
Apr 29 2007 08:30 PM
rev r's Photo

rev r → Shadow_Hill

May the Force be with you.
Apr 29 2007 08:16 PM
brave_new_world's Photo

brave_new_world → feral koan

You're not doing to bad yourself. The only chick I have ever seen who gets into the perennial philosophy as much as I do.
Apr 29 2007 07:34 PM
Aere Thalia's Photo

Aere Thalia → Poetic Reven

*Eats Taramisu cake* Mmmm...;)
Apr 29 2007 07:29 PM
amybabes's Photo

amybabes → Saru

just to say i got your message about the language issue. also just to say in my defence that it wasn't actually me saying the worst stuff. i dont swear on hear and as i did say sorry to everyone before about it there was no need to send me that cos i already apologized. therefore i think there was no need to take this further but you did so sorry again.
Apr 29 2007 07:22 PM
brave_new_world's Photo

brave_new_world → Fenzo

So to bore you. I guess you'll have to change your opinion about things so you can disagree : )
Apr 29 2007 07:16 PM
The Skeptic Eric Raven's Photo

The Skeptic Eric Raven → Pinowawa1

Just noticed you are not posting as much as a true believer. What happened?
Apr 29 2007 05:36 PM
_Spawn_'s Photo

_Spawn_ → Caelum

just read the rest of yur story u pm'ed me, very well written buddy! U do have some talent
Apr 29 2007 05:31 PM
The Skeptic Eric Raven's Photo

The Skeptic Eric Raven → Ness of Psionix

I have plenty of hobbies. We are trying to show you to stopping wasting time.
Apr 29 2007 05:20 PM
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Aztec Warrior → Ciraxis

Hops in the Jeep with my Shimano FX2000, pole and a 12-pack. "We'll catch something". Let's go!
Apr 29 2007 05:04 PM
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Fairy bye bye → jing

Hiya, thanx for adding me as friend, hope you are well, take care :)
Apr 29 2007 04:39 PM