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Andromedan StarSeed's Photo

Andromedan StarSeed → kaknelson

Hows it going for you. I hope to see you on chat brings great berries and chesecake:)
Apr 21 2007 06:14 AM
cool breezer's Photo

cool breezer → Tiggs

Whats up man, no computer again, or are you secretly in chat?
Apr 21 2007 05:55 AM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → The Silver Thong

*waves* how you been?
Apr 21 2007 04:42 AM
rev r's Photo

rev r → Beckys_Mom

Hey what's this freak business ye be postin' on GW's comment area?
Don't make me come over there. ;)
Apr 21 2007 04:35 AM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → _Spawn_

lol.. the ugliness will subside in time I'm sure :P If not, you can always employ the paper-bag method.. lol
Apr 21 2007 04:33 AM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → Ohelemapit

Ouch.. surgery.. hope you're recovering well :) The kids are driving me nuts as usual :P
Apr 21 2007 04:31 AM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → coldethyl

Hope you have a great weekend! :)
Apr 21 2007 04:31 AM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → Dixiepixie

Thankies for the cigs and the Dew! Just what I needed! *hugs*
Apr 21 2007 04:30 AM
_Nyx_'s Photo

_Nyx_ → __Kratos__

*waves* Have a great weekend :)
Apr 21 2007 04:30 AM
Hawkmason's Photo

Hawkmason → texasgirlheather

ahhh you would make a great queen lol
could i be your jester?
Apr 21 2007 04:07 AM
texasgirlheather's Photo

texasgirlheather → Hawkmason

One profile at a time....
Apr 21 2007 04:06 AM
texasgirlheather's Photo

texasgirlheather → Hawkmason

I saw you sneaking around on my profile. You're busted. Actually I just came over and noticed that if I added one more comment, I would achieve domination of your profile and I couldn't resist the idea of that. I'M TAKING OVER THE WORLD BWAHAHAHAHA
Apr 21 2007 04:05 AM
bornagainuhmanduh's Photo

bornagainuhmanduh → feral koan

Hey lovely! *steals tea and scones that airika just bought* HA! I love that stuff!
Apr 21 2007 03:48 AM
bornagainuhmanduh's Photo

bornagainuhmanduh → Leonardo

Yes, and the last time you saw me I was groping a giant totem!
Apr 21 2007 03:43 AM
cool breezer's Photo

cool breezer → texasgirlheather

The way i seeit, most of my post dont even make sence.lol, thanks.
Apr 21 2007 03:33 AM