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NeonNinjette → kaknelson

Aww that's too bad. Oh well, maybe one day I'll try one of those sport games you speak of.
Apr 28 2007 07:31 AM
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naughty boy → Harmon-E Cherry

hello pretty!
wish to have a relation with u.if u like to have friendship with me,contact on
" yuvahanu@yahoo.com"
Apr 28 2007 07:27 AM
DigitalDreamer's Photo


Aw thanks owl^^
*hugs back*
Apr 28 2007 05:32 AM
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Owlscrying → DigitalDreamer

awesome name bro !!
Apr 28 2007 05:30 AM
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snuffypuffer → Lottie

Apr 28 2007 04:50 AM
snuffypuffer's Photo


Thankee chillun. Please help yerselves to the ice cream and cake I've provided. And be jazzed, of course.
Apr 28 2007 04:50 AM
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snuffypuffer → Kismit

Muchit is jazzy. Methinks you should use it often. Oftener, Yes!~
Apr 28 2007 04:48 AM
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MUM24/7 → Radian

Hi gorgeous girl....I'm not too bad thanks....I've noticed you around, beauty & brains...Lucky you.....LOL
Apr 28 2007 04:19 AM
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Fake Account Delete → reklaw666

cool name.
Apr 28 2007 03:32 AM
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Radian → MUM24/7

just being nosey..lol!
Hope you are well..:}
Apr 28 2007 03:09 AM
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brave_new_world → Radian

Apr 28 2007 03:06 AM
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brave_new_world → Radian

is that avatar a pic of you? It is hot.
Apr 28 2007 02:44 AM
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Andromedan StarSeed → kaknelson

Hiya hows it going for you I hope you feel better, I missed you on chat. I hope to see you there later on in chat room;)
Apr 28 2007 02:43 AM
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Preacherbill → napoleon883

Hey Nappy How did you know i had a thing for readheads?
Apr 28 2007 02:31 AM
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War Eagle → napoleon883

Hi ya Nap!
Wots happ'n good look'n?!
Apr 28 2007 02:22 AM