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my_psychosis → Barek Halfhand

Xanth (my fav) Apprentice Adept
May 12 2007 08:14 PM
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Alara → Mentalcase

Hey love:)
I haven't been on in a while. Should be back next week. I'd LOVE to chat. Soooo much has happened. I'm about to break up wth my bf etc. LONG story!
Love ya!
Mrs. MC the 3rd
May 12 2007 08:11 PM
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143 → Dixiepixie

Dixie the beautiful pixie, twinkles here and there...dances about and cartwheels throughout, she's a wonderful gal that dixie!
May 12 2007 07:54 PM
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DigitalDreamer → Rexy

Yo rexy its me andy,welsome to um
May 12 2007 07:45 PM
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Sea_maid13 → abby_96

I'm watching you...
May 12 2007 07:20 PM
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Themis → _Spawn_

I'm good :) Hope you are well too...
May 12 2007 07:13 PM
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MadMachine → crtDzyn

Basically, I mean I like your posts, yeah. xD And here I was thinking 4chan lingo had taken over the WHOLE internet... I'm relieved. -.-
May 12 2007 05:45 PM
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Dixiepixie → _Spawn_

*cartwheels* Howdy Your Highness!
May 12 2007 05:36 PM
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crtDzyn → MadMachine

my posts are made of win? umm, thanks! ...i guess? anyways, thanks for the add and stoppin by. appreciate the positive feedback, regardless of how oddly it was worded...
*passes blunt to madmachine*
May 12 2007 04:56 PM
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girty1600 → jesspy

Went to the store and bought a pop.
I got one for you too.
May 12 2007 04:54 PM
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Dixiepixie → tcgram

*cartwheels* Howdy!
May 12 2007 04:39 PM
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girty1600 → The Silver Thong

Hi hi hi.... Miss me and my antics?
May 12 2007 04:31 PM
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girty1600 → coldethyl

What? you can't say T W A T?
May 12 2007 04:28 PM
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girty1600 → coldethyl

At your service, anyone else posting as though they were a ****?
May 12 2007 04:27 PM
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airika → Xackek

LOL!...Hi, Waves back!
May 12 2007 03:40 PM