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kaknelson → Joke_Master_Mandy

Greetings there, nice quote.
May 03 2007 10:09 AM
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kaknelson → baby d

Greetings there Empress, when will you return to us like the resurrection of christ?
You have quite the fan base to entertain.
Come back.
Bless yah.
May 03 2007 10:07 AM
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kaknelson → 143

I never knew you were so into referee's?
Haha, I see Empress.
Bless yah anways.
May 03 2007 09:27 AM
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kobie → 143

i only at worl for slf day so i may not catchya beck boo!
May 03 2007 09:06 AM
when.i.am.queen.'s Photo

when.i.am.queen. → black dahlia 83

Hope your birthdays good!..
May 03 2007 08:28 AM
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Staari → Moonsquirrel

GASP!!! A SPY!!!
May 03 2007 07:52 AM
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Staari → Star_girl

Morning!! Hugs
May 03 2007 07:42 AM
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Staari → Mabon

May 03 2007 07:41 AM
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Themis → _Spawn_

*Stops by to leave a calling card* ;)
May 03 2007 06:46 AM
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mysti07 → cool breezer

hey i need help with something!
May 03 2007 05:53 AM
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InnerSpace → SeaMare

Just stopped by to say hi. Love reading your post. :)
May 03 2007 05:06 AM
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Harks → Mellie_moo

G'day, I thought I would pop in and introduce myself, and welcome you to UM. Anyway maybe catch up with you in chat, and you could tell me all the goss about Jess. *leaves welcome beer*
May 03 2007 04:37 AM
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glassvampire → Little Black Cat

I like your name and the pic looks like my demon kitty. Smile, :)
May 03 2007 04:34 AM
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Kismit → Michelle

Awww. Michelle, you are such a sweetie.
May 03 2007 04:30 AM
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Harks → jesspy

G'day jess, how have you been? I am well and so is Cruizer. I see your sis has been converted to the dark side and now a member of UM. Anyway take and I will talk soon.
May 03 2007 04:30 AM