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crtDzyn → kaknelson

hell yeah, reincarnated knows what he's talkin about... anyways, congrats on the win tonight. pulled it out in the double OT. we're holdin down the rangers over here. this is our year, no doubt.
*passes celebratory 8g blunt to kak*
Apr 28 2007 08:10 AM
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crtDzyn → Reincarnated

hell yeah man!! we're rockin it this season. 2-0 against the rangers, gonna be 3-0 on sunday! yeeeah sabres. if you leave a go sabres comment in my profile, then you're straight in my book.
Apr 28 2007 08:01 AM
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NeonNinjette → kaknelson

Aww that's too bad. Oh well, maybe one day I'll try one of those sport games you speak of.
Apr 28 2007 07:31 AM
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naughty boy → Harmon-E Cherry

hello pretty!
wish to have a relation with u.if u like to have friendship with me,contact on
" yuvahanu@yahoo.com"
Apr 28 2007 07:27 AM
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Aw thanks owl^^
*hugs back*
Apr 28 2007 05:32 AM
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Owlscrying → DigitalDreamer

awesome name bro !!
Apr 28 2007 05:30 AM
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snuffypuffer → Lottie

Apr 28 2007 04:50 AM
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Thankee chillun. Please help yerselves to the ice cream and cake I've provided. And be jazzed, of course.
Apr 28 2007 04:50 AM
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snuffypuffer → Kismit

Muchit is jazzy. Methinks you should use it often. Oftener, Yes!~
Apr 28 2007 04:48 AM
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MUM24/7 → Radian

Hi gorgeous girl....I'm not too bad thanks....I've noticed you around, beauty & brains...Lucky you.....LOL
Apr 28 2007 04:19 AM
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Fake Account Delete → reklaw666

cool name.
Apr 28 2007 03:32 AM
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Radian → MUM24/7

just being nosey..lol!
Hope you are well..:}
Apr 28 2007 03:09 AM
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brave_new_world → Radian

Apr 28 2007 03:06 AM
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brave_new_world → Radian

is that avatar a pic of you? It is hot.
Apr 28 2007 02:44 AM
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Andromedan StarSeed → kaknelson

Hiya hows it going for you I hope you feel better, I missed you on chat. I hope to see you there later on in chat room;)
Apr 28 2007 02:43 AM