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I wonder if November 22, 2033 will become a doomsday date?
Nov 13 2012 06:10 PM
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    The end of time from the Mayans is decided by the deity who is supposed to be the gatekeeper of time. Gosh. Maybe he felt like being mean to them and being like. Oh yeah, Im gonna end time right. Ima end it 12/21/2012. mhmm, put that on your big stone of hyroglyphed mumbo jumbo'ed, An now we Got some Hasina Person saying that trees will assault us in 2033. arrgh

    Jan 04 2013 02:33 PM
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    An that pretty much just leave the insanity to take over in 2037 :/
    Keep the peace and nature of mind?

    Jan 04 2013 02:36 PM
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    Cordially invites Hasina to an official DoomsDay Reunion Party, November 21, 2033...place of your own choosing...
    Jan 06 2013 02:14 AM