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Simbi Laveau

My poor little Cthulhu doesnt feel well. Im very worried.
Jan 27 2013 09:00 PM
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    How old is the cat? Losing weight? Tooth problems?
    Jan 27 2013 11:23 PM
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    Could he have fur balls? It can stop them up and they won't eat. I wish him well, real fast.
    Jan 28 2013 01:56 AM
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    Simbi Laveau
    Well he was so loud,I almost called him Godzilla,but he's more of a Cthulhu . My vet hates it though,because no one at her office can pronounce it . He woke up crying and pawing at the right side of his jaw. Out or nowhere. Growling and hissing at it. I had to cut his nails immediately ,so he wouodnt hurt himself. Then it seemed to hurt to eat . He's almost 6 mos,and his baby teeth are coming out ,but its just odd. It's almost like he has TMJ .The vet wondered if something was em...
    Jan 28 2013 03:48 AM