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i don;t feel the strength i am told that will come to me for not running back to an illusion on love.i actually think about death everyday because of what the situation has done to me mentally.so many things compiled to go against me and to harm me, why
Feb 06 2013 05:21 AM
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    the beauty of life i guess, it's not how you live and what you have done but more how you survived and pushed to live on another day when others can't. all the best.
    Feb 06 2013 08:34 AM
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    It's not happening now, it is already done with, why think of death when the death of the situation has already occurred. Think of life as a newborn, wide open with brand new opportunities as yet untapped all at your disposal. I do hope you feel better soon.
    Feb 06 2013 09:17 AM