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That cockatoo keeps biting me for no reason, and he screams his head off. I'm going to go insane...
Feb 06 2013 05:25 AM
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    Generally speaking parrots bond with
    one individual and defend their territory from intruders. The best idea in this situation would be for you to take over caring for the bird so that he realizes your position. You'd have to remain calm when doing this. As for the cats, the bird probably won't accept them...best to keep them apart. Good luck and don't let the bird annoy you...stand your ground calmly and quietly.
    Feb 06 2013 02:41 PM
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    and then
    ^ and if that doesn't work just remember that you can claim some form of PTSD after a while - no jury would convict for the crime - just sayin' :)
    Feb 06 2013 02:56 PM
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    Thank you for the advice
    Feb 06 2013 03:24 PM