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I started my period :/
Locked Status Feb 12 2013 11:20 AM
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    @ Ouija Ouija. It's all about attention. Have you seen some of the status' on here? Some of them contain some pretty personal info.
    Feb 12 2013 05:44 PM
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    @ Ouija Ouija, as to you being 'serious', then I'll put this to you: What possible reason could -you- have for being negative on a status to which you indicate could lack interest to anyone? I think overall what has gained the -most- attention in this status thread is your overall judgmental attitude and negativity and -that- is 'attention' in which you have managed to steal all for yourself.

    Feb 12 2013 06:13 PM
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    This is -MY- status and I'll use it as a way to express myself. No matter how a status is 'used' someone is gonna pay attention to it at some point and if they don't, I'll be known the wiser, unless they comment on it like you have, Ouija Ouija. Sorry all, locking this status thread, because of Mr. Party Pooper.

    Feb 12 2013 06:15 PM