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Missi NuNu

So glad the guy at Best Buy didn't fully load my computer so he didn't wonder why there was a half naked Asian chick as my desktop wallpaper.
Feb 16 2013 03:34 AM
  • Sean93's Photo
    And his response would be "Yeah...I'm gonna' need to keep this for a few hours...work stuff. You can come back tomorrow and pick it up"
    Feb 16 2013 04:03 AM
  • _Only's Photo
    The desktop would be mildly exciting. Seeing your reaction would be the exciting part. That's when the dots connect.
    Feb 16 2013 04:06 AM
  • Solipsi Rai's Photo
    Solipsi Rai
    At first, I was like this :-/

    then I LOL'D xD
    Feb 16 2013 12:03 PM